To make things easier to understand for our users, the team at will be referred to in the statement as “we”, “our website”, and “this website”.

The following statement is a detailed presentation on how gathers, stores, and then protects user data of both personal and non-personal kind. We will also explain how we use all this information we collect to improve our website.

Types of Information We Collect

Our website collects information both in the personally identifiable and in the non-personally identifiable category. Non-personal information includes cookies and other browsing-related data. When it comes to personal information, we cannot collect it without the explicit consent of the users.

They are showing an announcement that tells them we intend to collect their personally identifiable data. Then, they have the option to agree to it by clicking a button or expressing their consent explicitly in a similar way. Only after we get this approval are, we able to go on with the data collection.

The Non-Personal Type

We gather data on browsing and the internet experience of the users. This type suits the non-personal category, so we cannot use it to reveal the location or the identity of the users. For your better understanding, here are some examples of non-personal data:

  • The IP address, and other information coming from the Internet Service Provider;
  • A list of all the pages that users visit frequently before they come to our website and after they leave it;
  • Logs on their browsing patterns and on the general behavior of users on our website;
  • Other information related to the browser.

The Personal Type

We cannot collect any kind of personally identifiable information without the explicit consent of the users. Whenever they enter a page that asks them to provide their private information, they are also informed that we intend to collect their data. If they agree to it, they have to express their consent by pressing a button or other similar procedures. Only after we receive this approval can we go on with the data collection.

Also, we rarely collect extra sensitive information or data that might help us identify our users. For your better understanding, here are some examples of personal data:

  • First and last name;
  • Address;
  • Email;
  • Phone number;
  • Facebook or other social media handles;
  • Gender;
  • Information on location.

We collect this information to run statistical analyses or to improve our communication with the users. Our main goal is to shape our content according to our user and make it as relevant as possible for them. will never share the personal data it collects from users with third parties for the express purpose of gaining monetary benefits.

Using Personal Information

We gather all this information for statistical purposes, as a way to understand the behavior of users. By getting a broader picture on their likes and dislikes, we can work on improving their browsing experience.

We might allow some third parties to access the data we gather from our users. However, under no circumstances will it happen for direct financial gains. These third parties are companies that collaborate with us and provide different services for our website, including marketing, web hosting, SEO, and others. These companies might also allow a small number of their employees to access the data, but they are strictly prohibited from sharing the information outside of their company.

Other special situations might also force us to share both personal and non-personal data. To comply with laws, court orders, or warrants, we will have to allow institutions and authorities to access the information.

Caution: This privacy policy does not concern the cookies or other information that third party advertisers might collect when they display ads on our users’ pages. They have their own privacy policies and are responsible for all the data they collect.

Collecting Information

This is a detailed list of all the methods used to collect personal and non-personal information from our users.

Personal Information

Register Requests (Sign Ups)

This is the only method used to collect personal information from the users. As mentioned above, we cannot do it without the explicit consent of the users. We ask them for consent when we inform them of our intentions of collecting their data and offer them the alternative to give their explicit consent by pressing a button.

We ask users to register using accurate data as a way to check if they are real persons and to match an account to an identity. We collect this data to communicate with the users.

All the personal information provided by our users will remain confidential.

Non-Personal Information

Log Files

Our log files can record the number of clicks made by users on specific pages and the number of seconds spent on these specific pages. Also, they can identify the other pages that have brought users to our website, their internet client, and some other browser-specific information. We use log files for statistical purposes.

Identifying users is impossible through log files.


Cookies are, probably, the most common online tool. They are small code fragments found in the background of pages, where they gather all kinds of information related to browser history and navigation patterns. We use cookies for statistical purposes, just like we do with log files.

Identifying users is impossible through cookies.

Protecting Information functions according to a security system in three steps. These three steps are physical protection, managerial protection, and electronic protection. We have designed this system to protect the user data from attack and to make sure it stays confidential.

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