Can you put a 12v battery in a 6v car

Can you put a 12v battery in a 6v car?

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You can’t use a 12v battery at 6v because it’s a 12-volt battery. That is not how it works. A 6v battery’s three cells create slightly more than 2 volts, just as a 12v battery’s six cells produce slightly more than 2 volts. A lead-acid battery cell performs exactly that.

If you use a 12v battery in a 6-volt circuit, the light bulbs will all burn out.

The generator will not charge the battery because it only produces 6 volts.

In addition, the radio will not function properly, and the gauges may be destroyed. 6v batteries are available at tractor supply stores.

This article will find the steps to convert a 6v to 12v since you cannot put a 12v battery in a 6v car. This will help you make it easy to use the battery on your car.

You will also find some of the frequently asked questions and their answers. Read the answers to understand and follow the steps keenly. With that, you will know how to handle the batteries in your car.

Steps on how to convert a 6v to 12v battery

Steps on how to convert a 6v to 12v battery

Step 1; remove the stock wiring harness

# The stock wire harness must first be removed. It required removing a safety channel cover from underneath, unscrewing the dashboard, and gently detaching everything for this model BPRO.

This 6v harness consists primarily of 18-22awg wiring plus a few connections and switches. The good news is that the vehicle was designed from the start to accept 12v components.

# The battery tray is designed to accept a regular 12v battery. There is a cut-out for an additional motor/gearbox.

The dashboard has two locations for standard DPDT switches common in most 12v shifters.

Overall, it appears like they wanted to offer a 12v version of this, but it was only supplied with half of the gear.

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Step 2; Replacing Bench Test Harness Wiring

# If you don’t already have one, you can borrow one from a donor BPRO. In the course of your Power Wheels modifications, you’ve most likely accumulated a collection of salvaged parts from local junkyards.

Then you’ll have no trouble getting your hands on a wire harness. Also required is a set of identical gearboxes.

# Prepare the bench by securing everything. A battery input, a footswitch for the on/off accelerator, two double pole double throw switches, and two motor outputs are all that are needed for this project.

Connect the motors and battery, and then press the footswitch to start the engine up.

# Try fiddling with the shifter switching devices and making sure everything is properly placed if nothing seems to work.

If that doesn’t work, try replacing the switches with ones that have been known to work until you find the source of the problem. Once it has been successfully tested on the seat, it is time to transport it.

Step 3; fit the 12v harness to the chassis.

# Begin by routing the motor output into the rear compartments and then route the majority of the cables along the underside of the vehicle’s chassis.

Install the footswitch in the pedal region and connect the DPDT shifter cluster to the dash. Each shifter switch is securely mounted in the dashboard.

To accommodate a 12v switch, a small section of the footswitch region had to be removed. Fit the gearboxes and motors into their respective positions with care.

# Make sure you physically secure the battery in place.  Also, be sure to utilize an inline fuse holder with a 30A fuse straight after the + battery terminal.

Electrical fires can occur if a fuse is not used. Because the 6v charger will no longer function, add a generic trickle charger socket to them to charge it with a Schumacher or any other smart trickle charger.

Step 4; modify and also install a rear axle.

# The rear axle features two spacing bars on the side that were not equipped with a gearbox when the vehicle was manufactured.

Remove the outer notch by grinding or filing it away. The transmission will then be able to move on far enough so that everything will fit back together.

It is possible to apply a small amount of lithium grease to the axle to make contact with the body.

Step 5; complete assembling

# All that remains is for you to complete the car’s assembly as usual. It will be set for a test drive as soon as you push the wheels and trim pieces into position.

It performs significantly better when used at 12v than when operated at 6v.

Furthermore, now that it has a correct 12v wiring connection, it may be upgraded to 18v Lithium energy for even greater speed and thrill in the future.

Everything will burn out if you put a 12-volt battery in a 6- volts system and don’t update the light bulbs in the meantime. Because it only generates 6 volts, the engine will not recharge the batteries and will fail. Aside from that, the radio will not function correctly, and the indicators may be rendered useless.

A variety of 6-volt batteries can be found in tractor supply retailers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 12v charger be used to charge a 6v battery?

You can get the real capacity of your off-grid electrical system by charging 6-volt cells in series with a 12-volt charger. There are more cycles in a 6-volt AGM battery.

(When discharging down, discharge to a depth of 80 percent of the discharge depth. The average is 600-700. Only 150 mAh are found in a typical 12v AGM battery.


In conclusion, a 12-volt battery is used by the vast majority of road-going automobiles.

This includes popular vehicles such as automobiles, trucks, and SUVs, smaller vehicles such as motorbikes, and even larger vehicles such as recreational vehicles (RVs) and trailers (trailers).

Replacement batteries for automobiles and trucks account for the majority of 12-volt battery purchases. Presently, lead-acid batteries are available in at least three different configurations.

You now should know how to convert a 6v battery to a 12v battery. If you have followed all the steps and nothing works for you, repeat the steps for clarity.

If this does not help still, seek help from a professional. Follow what the expert does in case you will need to convert a battery in the future.

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