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Galaxy DX 959 Review (Complete Guide)

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You should definitely look for three key features, the 5-digit widescreen, SSB capability with a wider range, and full-size monitor if you are a qualified heavy-duty driver in need of a CB radio. So today we will write about in detail the Galaxy DX 959 Review for you.

In the midst of this CB, Galaxy still impresses its loyalists with features like the particularly big meter that you can’t forget. 
In addition, this is also a favorite among other CB users, such as GNF and configurable rogue beeps. But if you ask us about the Galaxy DX 959, more is needed.

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Let’s give you a brief overview of the features and specifications of the Galaxy DX 959.

Galaxy DX 959 Review : Specification

There is nothing much to explain about the specification :

  • Dimension: 9.2 (L) x 7.9 (W) x 2.4 (H) inches
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs.

Let’s give you brief details about its capabilities now. Further down, we’re going to explain them in depth.

Galaxy DX 959: Key Features


Features : 

  • Manual Roger Beep [very handy]
  • Manual Backlit Control
  • SWR Meter [built in]
  • Multi-Mode [AM & SSB capable]
  • Signal Strenght Indicator
  • Public Address Capability (PA)   [most important]

Now, let’s quickly explain all the main features and you can get the right idea. 

Galaxy DX 959 CB Radio Key Features

Manual Roger Beep [very handy]

A Roger Beep or Tone is more like a full stop for a sentence we write. When typing, you may want to keep things clear until you’ve completed your last paragraph. 

And just like that  Galaxy DX 959 comes with a roger beep feature that will let you know when the other person has finished talking.

Even, as an operator, you can change how noisy you like the tone to be; vibrations can be very distracting on certain occasions, and having the option to modify them makes this CB even easier.

SWR Meter [built in] 

Though there are some of us who prefer a stand-alone SWR meter, a built-in SWR meter is handy as well.

A standalone SWR meter needs an extra antenna, which you can not but have to maintain on a regular basis. But sometimes you would find some fault or incorrectness in a built-in SWR meter.

Manual Backlit Control:

When driving a powerful CB radio with Light Sensitivity, the driver’s efficiency and driving safety can improve. The Galaxy DX 959 features multilevel backlit power. You can adjust your backlight according to your environment.

Multi-Mode [AM & SSB capable]

Many of you may be puzzled as a consequence of this feature and may think of it as a pure inclusion of frequencies or channels.

Yet let us remind you that this isn’t just the thing you’re talking about. For multi-mode support, you’ll be able to accommodate both AM and SSB.

Signal Strength Indicator:

Where’s the benefit of digging the backlit view of your CB radio with your eyes for some kind of information? 
Galaxy DX 959 has made sure you’re not getting this kind of trouble.

A large display is provided to allow you to easily read the meter, and measure modulation, power, and SWR.

Here comes the most important feature of all 

Public Address Capability (PA)   [most important]

Let’s say that you’re going through a really noisy environment, like an industrial city. And you’re going to see it here on the spotter. An external speaker attachment will intensify the voice with PA systems. 

The speaker is sold outdoors. It is equipped with a microphone to gain control function to control the volume of the microphone. 

The Galaxy DX 959 PA system is very useful because it helps you to be noisy or quiet as you like. This helps a lot if you’re going to have to let the public know.

If you have reached this point you are already aware of  The Galaxy DX 959’s specification and feature details. Now, let’s meet you with its negatives and positives.

Galaxy DX 959 CB Radio Positives:

Galaxy DX 959 CB Radio Positives
  • Featured with great sound quality, lets you to experience loud and clear hearing.
  • The Dimmer Control Factor helps you to manually monitor the backlit view of this CB radio for illumination and protection of the customer.
  • Built-in SWR meter is a handy feature that allows you to keep eye on every detail.
  • The Audio quality is better than any other CB radios.

Galaxy DX 959 CB Radio Negatives: 

Nothing can be said of Galaxy Dx 959 as negative, yet we received something of opinion against this lovely machinery.

  • This CB  loses strength when used extensively so that you may encounter poor results.
  • You may find the control knobs difficult to operate, or it can be said that the knob’s quality may concern you.

Otherwise, we could not find anything wrong with the  Galaxy DX 959.

These are some common question that is asked about the Galaxy Dx 959 Cb Radio

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Range Of Galaxy Dx 959 Cb Radio?

The standard range is about 26.965 – 27.405 MHz

How many watts does a  DX 959  put out?

Galaxy 959 is a 4 watt CB radio

How much power does a Galaxy  CB radio use?

On average with some models hitting around 15-18 watts

Bottom Line

If you’re sure of the impressive list of features, go ahead without a hint of doubt with this great choice. For those who want long-range SSB communication on a fully-functioned radio, we would recommend Galaxy DX 959. 

Yes, the SSB design is the most impressive feature of this product and is distinct from other top-selling brands and products.

The jam is full of many other features, including backlit screens and SWR meters. 
Across almost all divisions relevant to any CB radio customer, Galaxy DX 959 is excellent.

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