How to Fix An Electric Blanket

How to Fix An Electric Blanket (So Simple Even You Can Do It)

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An electric blanket contains integrated electrical heating wires. Usually, they have a control unit that regulates the amount of heat the blanket provided. They’re able to warm aid in any cold weather. 

An electric blanket has wires that heat up the blanket when you turn the power on. The thermostat on the control pad will control the temperature on the blanket. Repair is necessary when the heating wire breaks or the connections are loosened. So we will discuss How to Fix An Electric Blanket?

You have to detect the actual cause before repairing the blanket. Based on the problem, this will be more economical and time-consuming than getting a new blanket.

How to Check An Electric Blanket

How to Check An Electric  Blanket

Whenever your electric blanket has stopped working, you can do  these steps:

Step: 1

Firstly, you have to unplug your blanket and check all of it. Also, a portion of the control unit or the bead will be pulled loose. This indicates that the blanket is not getting enough power and heating. To stay the connections together you have to redevelop all the connections. 

Step: 2

Check that no metal objects or pins are attached to the blanket. This can cause you shock when you turn the power on. If there are any metal objects close the blanket, eliminate the metal object, and fuse the arising hole.

Step: 3

You have to use a multimeter to check that the cable is not defecated or short-circuited.  Put one multimeter pin through to the plug and the other ending to the terminal of the cord. 

If you get zero on the multimeter during testing continuity, the cable is in excellent condition. But, while the reading is high, then the cord requires to be replaced.

Step: 4

In the case of blowing, you must put back the fuse in the control box of the blanket. Power surges can cause hot spots or overheating to blow the fuse. If the fuse blows, again and again, there are several devices on the circuit it is connected to. Put the blanket onto a wall outlet on another circuit.

Step: 5

In these steps, you have to open the control unit by a screwdriver to look for loose parts. If the blanket does not work for others, the thermostat is obviously defective. Screw up any loose connections inner the thermostat.

Step: 6

If you won’t find out the exact problem, replace the heating blanket. To buy a new one is cheaper instead of fixing the old one in many cases.

Why Electric Blankets Stop Working?

Electric blanket stop working

An electric blanket can stop working like other electric products. The main reason for this is longer usage of the blanket, i.e. for more than five years. With regular use, electric blankets normally wear off after five years of use.

Additional factors also cause an electric blanket to wear off. Such as electrical problems, wires interaction of liquid and cloth covering the wires, etc.

Electric blankets are used to bring extra warmth for sleep on cold winter days, are not only functional but also extremely safe. Your bed will always be warm and there is no need to warm it up.

Electric blanket allows you to sleep comfortably and safely if they’re used properly. This means an electric blanket does not stop working if you Proper maintain it. So, how to use your electric blankets?

At first, unpack it and lay this on your bed. Then, put your sheets on your electric blanket. This protects you from direct contact with this blanket.

Plug your blanket into the socket more than thirty minutes before sleeping. Unplug your blanket immediately after entering your bed. This electric blanket must not be plugged in the time of your sleep. 

That will keep your body warm during the whole night, you just have to run it for thirty minutes before going to bed.

You can also put the suitable heat temperature from the control panel on an electric blanket. They make you warm during the night by gathering the energy.

Electric Blanket Using Cautions

Electric Blanket Using Cautions

Never fold your electric blanket after using it. The folding may cause malfunction of electrical circuits. 

  • The heating cables and control cord must never be pinched. For this reason, electric blankets never be used in adjustable beds or sofa beds, not even in folding chairs. The cables will be pinched and damaged.
  • Using water is also forbidden on your bed. Your electric blanket unquestionably stays away from water. 
  • It is strongly suggested that sick or uncomfortable people do not use electric blankets. This will not only increase their problems but also cause vomiting.
  • Always keep your electric blanket in contact with sharp or penetrating products. Scratching or threading can cause loss of your electric blanket.
  • As you will not be able to have appropriate ventilation, so never use any cleaning chemicals to clean your electric blanket. These cleaning chemicals also can occur in damage to the heating mechanism. 
  • The heating mechanism will also damage if you iron your electric blanket.

In summary, you cannot do usual things with an electric blanket, but you can warm up extremely well. You should use the electric blanket according to the instructions. Use this at the mains voltage according to the specification. Always keep your blanket in a dry place. And also avoid habits that may cause accidents.

How to Fix An Electric Blanket

How to Fix An Electric Blanket

If winter is not your darling season, your best companion is definitely to be your electric blanket! But what happens if this suddenly stops working?

The repair of an electric blanket at home may not seem suitable for its electronic structure.  But this is possible in one way!

You have to follow these suggestions to repair your electric blanket.

At first, you have to unplug the blanket before starting anything. 

In addition, to prevent further damage to the electrical system, the blanket’s battery disconnects.

Also, Assure that every cable is disconnected and try to find out where the problem is. 

The problem is usually because of the fabric or cables that are torn away. When you get the cause, simply look for the disconnection. 

If it appears that it can be repaired, you just require to reconnect the disconnected cable. If you can’t handle it, you have to bring your blanket to a professional.

Maintenance and Cleaning Electric Blankets

For the maintenance and cleaning of an electric blanket, experts recommend you to soak your blanket for fifteen minutes in the cold detergent. After that wash your blanket with water by using mild soap for two minutes. Later, wash out with clean water and allow it to dry.

Another way is, run your machine by filling it with warm water for a few minutes and adding detergent.

Stop your machine after the process is complete. Set the blanket and allow it to warm up on your machine for fifteen minutes. After that, switch the machine on again for two minutes and clean it.

If you wish you can dry your blanket in the dryer. While drying, never ignore to operate at the lowest degree. Run for two minutes and then put your blanket in its damp state. If you don’t want a dryer, hang your blanket without any folding, and never use tongs.

Here are some additional tips for cleaning the electric blanket:

cleaning the electric blanket

Never bleach while cleaning. Also, don’t iron your electric blanket. Drying in a central heating environment will also damage the electrical wires. Never expose the electric battery with water.

Keep into consideration that repair is necessary when the heating wire breaks or the connections are loosened. You have to detect the actual reason before repairing your blanket. Sometimes, getting a new blanket is more economical and time savings than repairing the old ones. 

When your electric blanket is completely damaged or unable to be repaired, you need to get a new one. If you’re looking for the best electric blanket at reasonable prices, here are some recommended products for you.

Wrapping Up!

Undoubtedly, an electric blanket will be your best companion during winter. But, they can stop working like other electric products. You have to find out the actual reason before repairing the blanket. 

You can fix it yourself if the problem is not complicated. Sometimes, getting a new blanket is more economical and time savings than repairing an old one.

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