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3 Common Reasons air conditioner plug gets hot?

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It is an unwanted thing if the plug of your air conditioner gets hot. The overheating air conditioner can not fulfill your desire to make feel happy and cool. An air conditioner may stop to achieve this, therefore if so, burning out at this process. 

The air conditioner plug gets hot when either one or multiple components of the air conditioner may not perform exactly the same to be supposedly done.

The mechanism has to work additionally in compensating for the impaired components. This can lead to huge energy consumption resulting in overheating. 

If you are fortunate enough to face not more than a trip circuit breaker for this overheating. But if your luck does not favor it, then your air conditioner may break down tragically. So, to get rid of it, what possibly you should do

if your air conditioner plug gets hot? In this informative article, we will figure it out thoroughly.

Hot Plug Causes-

Firstly you have to understand that it is usual for an appliance plug to become warm. But it is unusual for that plug to get hot.

Besides this, you have to keep on mind that heat is generating to pass electrical current throughout an electrically resistive structure is named “ohmic heating.”

Additionally, If the plug is loose, the electricity from that specific plug has to cross through a sector with huge electrical resistance to resemble the circuit.

Moreover, providing sufficient power to operate your appliance, extra power must pass through the plug to reach out to the air conditioner.

Furthermore, most of the raised power converts to waste heat, and thus the plug becomes hot. Any electrical faults in the appliance may be responsible for it like an improper electrical connection or a short circuit.

Overall these will cause your device to draw additional power than necessary. Therefore it has implied getting hotter plugs.

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Reasons behind the plugs getting hotter-

Reasons behind the plugs get hotter-

1. Technical fault-

Two things may cause an excessive amount of power to be degraded in the plugs of the air conditioner. Either the resistance of the plugs has raised or the amount of current passing through the plugs has raised.

The electrical power degraded formula is equaling electrical flows squared that is multiplying with resistance. A raise of current or resistance with no altar in the other will create the power degraded to raise and thus cause the plugs to get hotter.

2. Bad Power Cord-

A partially broken plug will cause the wire to show a higher resistance. For this reason, more power is degraded through the power cord resulting in it getting hot.

You may need to replace the Bad Power Cord. This is my recommended power cord. Check it in a while from Amazon.  

3. Mechanical Problems-

Worn bearings of the air conditioner motor will cause it to drag an excessive amount of current. This will be another cause for getting hot from the plugs of your air conditioner.



A plug that is hot to the touch may result in some troubles. It can pose a fire or even hazards of electrical shock.

But the most dangerous, If your overheated plug is located flammable materials nearly like wood furniture, curtains, and paper, etc, then the plug may start up those materials catching a fire.

Nevertheless, overheated plugs will be damaging the insulating material of the plug’s cables. If the insulation is damaged, it exposes the metal conductors resulting in the electrical cord. This will cause a shock hazard.

What should you do to Fix Plug Hot Instantly?

A) Course of Action

If your air conditioner plugs get hot, the first course of action is switching off a circuit breaker and you should cut electricity only from that particular circuit.

You can also remove the fuse in which your appliance is plugged in. Have to wait for a couple of minutes for cooling down the plugs previous to pulling out it from the electrical outlet.

Do not plug the air conditioner into another outlet. If a loose outlet seems to induce a problem that is causing the plug to overheat, you should inform the electrician to inspect the outlet and replace it accordingly.

B) How to prevent my air conditioner plug gets hot

You can prevent overheating of your air conditioner with regular tune-ups and maintenance properly. There are some reasons behind why your air conditioner plugs overheating- 

1. Replace the air filter-

An unclean air filter may drag the unit which forces the air conditioner to run for longer than normal. You will prevent it easily by replacing the air filter once every month. This is only a common but effective task which you should follow. 

This is my recommended air filter. Check it in a while from Amazon.  

2. Keep the condenser coils clean-

The condenser coil is situated on the outside unit. And it helps to dispel the heat outside of the home. It is relevant that the condenser coil will do this function.

When the coil is unclean, it can work as an insulator resulting in heat inside. Meanwhile, the air conditioners can be performing conventionally to achieve the minimum temperature ambient on the thermostat.

It is a virulent process that will ultimately force the system to overheat.

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3. Check for low refrigerant-

The refrigerant is not run out apparently. If there is any leak, then you will have any low refrigerant or if it is defectively charged during installation.

Leaks are not fixed automatically, so it can only stick to ooze more refrigerant as time to time. Refrigerants are vital for the function of the air conditioner.

The unit has to work double to shift the rest of the refrigerant throughout the entire system. It is also a huge problem for the air conditioner. Therefore do not hesitate to take the help of the expert for repairing the leak.

4. Clean the fan blades-

The fan blades of the system are designed to perform as effectively as possible. An excessive amount of dirt and dust will add extra weight.

This makes it difficult for the movement of the blades. The motor will force to perform over-time for long hours daily. And it will soon be burnout. Hence, you should simply clean the fan’s blades with a fan to prevent any further problems.

5. Consider the unit’s age-

In the summer season, your unit would automatically have to perform tougher than usual. Air-condition units are designed to perform in the heat definitely, but this system must be gone through service for a long time.

And it will be susceptible to overheating. If you don’t maintain it properly, the entire system will be undergoing wear and tear in comparison with the current age.

A unit that is not in high shape will automatically have to face trouble adapting to the top standards.

Final Thoughts  

Overall, this is all about a brief description regarding what possibly you should do if your air conditioner plugs get hot. By reading this information, you will be able to make a quick decision and attempt a prompt response. That would be a safety measure for your modern life.

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