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3 Best active crossover home audio in 2023

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There are different ways one can employ to enrich his home with professional audio quality.

Using active crossover is one of the best options that can allow you to spread your audio into more than two channels.

But, choosing the right crossover isn’t a walk in the park because of multiple devices on the market.

For this reason, we decided to come up with a handy guide plus reviews to help clear your doubts.

You don’t have to hold questions anymore; continue reading our report. We shall provide you with a total of the three best active crossover home audio in 2023.

Best active crossover reviews [improve your audio performance]

1. Lanzar Vibe (VIBEX6) 3-Way Electronic Audio Crossover

Lanzar Vibe (VIBEX6) 3-Way Electronic Audio Crossover

Key Features:

  • Audio crossover
  • Power LED indicator
  • Subwoofer-frequency control
  • 12dB Octave Slope

This crossover is a great option that I can suggest for you due to its stunning features. It’s resourceful to split your home audio and do some other tasks.

In short, it is versatile as you can use it for more than one task. Let’s dig deeper and see its unique features;

Features and benefits

Audio crossover: This crossover network comes with low-pass and hi-pass crossover. The Low-pass boasts 50Hz to 160 kHz for your subwoofer channel.

On the other hand, the hi-pass crossover possesses an excellent frequency response ranging from 32Hz to 800 kHz for both rear and front channels.

Power LED indicator: Here is another unique feature with Lanzar Vibe that lights up whenever you activate the power switch.

The indicator also implies that the unit is working. Additionally, this active crossover is equipped with excellent parallel input and subwoofer level control switch, mixed out/in the switch.

Subwoofer-frequency control: This device features a network series that offers you far-reaching control over your sound using either mono or stereo switch.

Therefore, the subwoofer runs between 50 Hz to160 Hz for low-pass crossover.

12dB Octave Slope: You should own an up-to-date amp to make the speakers operate to their level best.

For this reason, Lanzar Vibe comes with a reliable Octave slope crossover for completing the package.

X10 frequency: Lanzar comes with a reasonable dimension and X10 frequency splitter for only the front channel.

On the other hand, the bass frequency is achieved by 40Hz and 120 kHz, providing full control and range of the performance of your speaker.


  • Power Led indicator is handy
  • Easy to use
  • 3-way system
  • Excellent 12dB octave slope


  • Some people say the item is expensive

There are a lot of reasons to invest in this crossover; any homeowner who wishes to enjoy tremendous audio around his home should consider it.

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2. DS18 XM6LD 6-way Active Crossover

DS18 XM6LD 6-way Active Crossover

Key Features:

  • Superior frequency distribution
  • Sleek design
  • Next-gen performance
  • Highly flexible

Well, you can opt for this crossover if you plan to operate various home audio appliances.

DS18 XM6LD is a 6-way system, meaning that you can do a lot with such an active crossover.

If you are not impressed with the above option, I recommend this one for you since it has a futuristic design as well as features;

Features and benefits

Superior frequency distribution: This mechanism plays a vital role in determining how frequency is transferred to your home audio sounding.

Sleek design: The manufacturer equips this crossover with a clean and thoughtful layout. Such an appealing feature offers you an exciting listening experience.

Next-gen performance: Another impressive thing with this crossover is its heavy-duty nature.

The unit boasts enormous improvements to minimize distortion and enhance clarity.

Highly flexible: It has a lot of inputs to make work easier and accommodate several audio inputs. speak

For example, it has 6 channels, featuring 6, 4, 2, channel selectors. Besides, the device couples to a 6-way RCA output channel and operates at 12dB Oct.

Bass knob: This is another remarkable technology that you should expect from the XM6LD crossover.

The remote bass knob is provided to give you complete control over your bass levels based on the type of music you are listening to.


  • Band, low pass, high pass crossover 12dB/Oct
  • Next-gen performance
  • Impressive design
  • Excellent frequency distribution


  • It tends to be a bit complicated

This audio processor is meant to deliver the exact frequency distribution in your system.

This enhances peak frequency and clarity for acoustic arrangement.  Ignore it at your own risk!

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3. Nady CX-23SW 3-Way Stereo, Plus Subwoofer Crossover

Nady CX-23SW 3-Way Stereo, Plus Subwoofer Crossover

Key Features:

  • Compact design
  • 3-way system
  • Phase-inversion switches

The last option on our list is a slim active crossover that can fit almost any space. Despite being small, the tool boasts excellent performance to support your audio systems.

Let’s exploit more and see what makes it substantial;

Features and benefits

Compact design: You don’t have to worry about your little available space; even minimalists can buy this crossover. Nady CX-23SW is tiny, allowing you to even place it beneath your TV.

3-way system: Use this active crossover to separate stereo signals into three varying bands i.e., High, Low, and Mid. Besides, it couples a monoband which is responsible for your subwoofer.

The XLR connectors help you to connect the device directly to your three-way speakers.

Phase-inversion switches: This mechanism is crucial on the HIGH and MID bands for enhancing driver phase alterations. 

On the other hand, the low-cut subsonic filters offer minimized frequency-driver protection.


  • Excellent frequency response
  • Low-cut subsonic filters
  • Frequency knobs adjust bands
  • Three-way system
  • Space saver


  • Quite expensive

The XLR inputs in this crossover enhance the professional functionality that you might have been longing for.

The best of it, Nady CX-23SW is compact and one can install it in a 1U space.

Frequently Asked Questions Active Crossover

What is an active crossover for home audio?

These are units differentiated from passive crossovers since they separate sound signals before power amplification.

Is an active crossover better?

Yes, these crossovers are incredible options for any loudspeaker. They work in a way that they split frequencies, channeling them to the desired drive unit.

Wrap it up!

We have some basic units that operate with coaxial speakers having inbuilt small crossovers.

Installing the best active crossover will help pin down distortions and channel correct frequencies to specific drive inputs? Remember, doing so will improve the quality of your home audio.

Browse our article and get full information about the 3 best active crossover home audio in 2023.

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