How To Test Subwoofer Without Amp

How To Test Subwoofer Without Amp?

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Today, in this article we will answer your question on how to test a subwoofer without an amp, and some other correlated questions regarding this topic. 

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What Is A Subwoofer?

A subwoofer is a loudspeaker that produces lower frequencies or bass. The main difference between a woofer and a subwoofer is the level of frequency. A woofer contains a higher level of frequency or bass than a subwoofer.

The frequency range for a consumer subwoofer is 20-200 HZ, for a professional live sound subwoofer is below 100 HZ and for THX-certified systems is below 80 HZ.

We are not using a subwoofer alone as it produces a low-frequency range of loudspeakers. Subwoofers are created with one or more woofers seated upon a loudspeaker girdle. 

It is also made of wood capable of repelling air pressure while preventing deformation. There are many types of the subwoofer, these are as follows:

  • Amplifier Power subwoofer is suitable for car enthusiasts.
  • An active-powered subwoofer is suitable for those who are interested to use it with or without an amplifier. 

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There are some applications of a subwoofer, these are as follows: 

  • It is used in case of an upgrade to your audio system. 
  • It not only extends the bass system of audio but also lowers distortion by lowering the acoustic demands of the main speaker. 
  • It helps to improve soundstage rendition by the additional low-frequency localization cues stereo.

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What Is An AMP (Amplifier)

What Tools You Need To Test The Subwoofer Without an Amp

An AMP is an electronic device that can enhance the power of the signal. It contains two electronic circuits that use electric power from the power supply to enhance the amplitude of a signal employed to its input terminals which helps to produce a higher amplitude signal to its output.

The volume of amplification generated by an amplifier is weighed by its gainsay the ratio of output voltage, current, and power to input.

It has a higher power gain than other speakers. There are some disadvantages to amplifiers apart from the advantages of it. The disadvantages are as follows: 

  • It has a huge propensity to become noisy with age, especially in a moist climate. 
  • It tends to reduce voltage gain at low as well as high frequencies. 
  • It gives poor resistance in the case of its circuit/component to alternating current and it is also unable to use the final stage of the amplifier. 
  • It is used as only a stereo amplifier. 
  • It requires a high level of voltage.

What Tools You Need To Test The Subwoofer Without an Amp

To perform the whole process perfectly, you have to maintain the step-by-step of the problem of how to test a subwoofer, there are some essential tools you will need to do this work. These are:

Ways of testing Subwoofer without Amp (Amplifier)

In this mechanical life, music plays an important role in human life. Music can help to flourish someone’s mood, get someone excited, and make someone calm and relaxed.

Music helps to feel all emotions we experienced in our life. It works as a better cure for depression, tension, and mental disorder.

The importance of music tremendously enhances when we are traveling because it makes traveling the very best. Now, most of vehicles are created with a music system.

Now, most people are very much interested in installing additional musical say subwoofers in their vehicles.

It is also very important to test whether it is a good quality or bad quality subwoofer before buying. For the best result, we should test it without an amplifier.

So someone needs to know about everything regarding the installation of a subwoofer. You don’t only need to know the installation process of a subwoofer but also need to know about the testing of subwoofers without an Amp (amplifiers). 

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So, the importance of a better subwoofer for a better tone of the music is inevitable.  The importance of the subwoofer is as follows:

Why Is Subwoofer Essential?

There are lots of advantages that containing a subwoofer in the audio system. These are as follows: 

  • Most speakers in audio are not suitable to produce all the frequencies an audio system sends to them. So a subwoofer helps to produce all sound that has chances of missing. 
  • For better music, the importance of a subwoofer knows no bounds. Few speakers can’t produce everything we need. If they do so, the extreme is stressed and fully realized. 
  • It is very highly effective and very convenient if someone uses it appropriately. It is also easy to destroy and it has good monitoring quality. 
  • It is much easier to sit and move around. It is more compact and lighter than the full range of speakers.

How To Test Subwoofer Without Amp (Step by Step guide)

How To Test Subwoofer Without Amp (Step by Step guide)

The testing process of a subwoofer without an amplifier is as follows: 

If someone faces any problem to testing a subwoofer then they look either new or go to a local mechanic shop but it is not essential in most cases to repair and test a subwoofer with a multimeter*, in this case, you need to know the ways of the testing subwoofer.

The information mentioned below will help someone to test a subwoofer without going to mechanics. The test of the subwoofer may take several steps these are as follows:

Step 1: 

First, we need a 9 Volt Battery. With the help of the battery, we can determine if the subwoofer is blown or not. 

Step 2:

After we need to monitor the cone of the woofer rises upwards when it is connected with the battery and rises downwards when disconnected from the battery. 

Step 3:

If the subwoofer is not at all moved, which indicates that the second subwoofer is probably blown. 

Step 4:

Test of a subwoofer without hooking it up without an AMP (amplifier), you need to see whether a subwoofer is blown or not. 

Step 5:

For testing subwoofers without AMP, I need to connect the wire of speakers to the terminal over the subwoofer because it does not care which way they are connected. 

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Step 6:

After connecting we need to hold the wire to the positive terminal on the battery and also we need another wire on the negative terminal over the 9-volt battery. 

Step 7: 

After doing that, we noticed that the cone of the subwoofer was moving up and down, and the subwoofer made slight noises

Thus, you will be able to finish the task of testing the subwoofer without an amp. 

Let’s Wrap Up!

It is not very tough to test a subwoofer without AMP (Amplifier) but the thing is you have to do it in the exact process. To do it in the best way, you should conduct the steps mentioned above. If you have anything more to know, please feel free to ask us below in the comment box.      

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