best soundbar for Westinghouse TV

Best soundbar for Westinghouse TV

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Finding a suitable soundbar that can match your Westinghouse Television sometimes is tricky but we have covered a lot in this article.

The market holds millions of products that can still work on your TV, meaning that if not careful; you can end up buying the wrong option.

I don’t know the soundbar type you are using for your TV, but we have carried out research on the best ones.

But the question remains how and where you can get the best one. For the care and love we have for you, you will get the best soundbar for Westinghouse TV in this article.

Apart from reviews, you will also get extra information about the factors to consider when purchasing a suitable Soundbar for your TV. Let’s get into the business!

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What to consider choose a soundbar for Westinghouse TV –Buying guide


This factor should lead you to the best soundbar for your Westinghouse TV.

What I mean is that you should be in a position to choose a suitable model that is compatible with your TV.

Failure to consider this factor may land you on the wrong option.

Sometimes you are advised to consider buying a soundbar and a TV from the same manufacturer, but thanks to technology because the market holds various multitasking soundbars.


You should understand that there are small and big soundbars on the market.

Mostly, small soundbars are suitable for small televisions and vice versa.

What I mean is that if you have a big Westinghouse TV, then you should opt for reasonable soundbars.


How massive is your pocket to buy a particular soundbar. There are cheap and other expensive items on the market, meaning that you should choose wisely.

Comparison table

product/featuresSamsung HW-N300 Signa S2 Bose Solo 5 VMAI soundbar
BrandSamsungPolk AudioBoseVMAI
ColorBlackBlackBlackJet Black
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth, USBHDMI, wirelessBluetoothRCA, Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB, HDMI
Weight5.90 lbs3.90 lbs3.70 lbs12.82 pounds
Speaker typeWirelesssoundbarSoundbarSubwoofer, 3D, Soundbar
Dimension28.1 x 6.9 x 6.7 inches3.22 x 35.43 x 2.15 inches3.4 x 21.5 x 2.8 inches34 x 2.5 x 2.7 inches

4 Best soundbar for Westinghouse TV in detailed reviews

1. Samsung HW-N300 TV Mate Soundbar

Let’s start with this soundbar from the Samsung manufacturer.

Many of us associate the Samsung brand as one of the best in producing high-quality electronics. SAMSUNG HW-N300 carries everything for easy pairing with your Television.

Maybe I should show you some of its features;

Features and benefits

Minimalist design: This should be the first consideration when buying a soundbar for your Westinghouse TV.

The manufacturer makes this model in a compact design for a large TV size. Despite its minimalist design, the sound you receive is clearer dialogue.

Wireless connection: Here is another impressive feature in SAMSUNG HW-N300 that allows you to connect it with your Westinghouse TV via Bluetooth.

Besides, there’s an HDMI port if you are in love with wirings.

Therefore, you should play your music from a close streaming service, but first, pair it with your smart electronics.

Wall mountable: With this device, you have two choices and that’s to mount it on the wall or place it beneath your TV.

Additionally, you can go on and top up the soundbar with other speakers wirelessly if your pocket allows for.

Wide range tweeter: On the other hand, the manufacturer coupled this SAMSUNG HW-N300 receiver with an incredible wide-range tweeter, responsible for dispersing the sound evenly.

Two-way operation: SAMSUNG HW-N300 comes in a unique design, that you don’t require extra remotes.

I say so because it is compatible with any Universal Samsung Television Remote.


  • Clearer dialogue
  • Supports wireless operation
  • Two-way operation
  • Compatible with Samsung TV Universal App


  • Tent to be pricey

The two-way operation in this Soundbar makes it stand out in the market. This means that you can use your old Samsung TV remote to operate the device.

On top of that, you can use the Samsung Audio Remote application to operate SAMSUNG HW-N400; download it from the app store.

2. Polk Audio Signa S2 Soundbar

You can opt for this soundbar if you are out of space. There are a lot of features to like in this POLK model for maximum performance and convenience. Let’s not beat the bush;

Features and benefits

Next-Gen Technology: After buying this Signa S2, you will benefit from Dolby Digital Decoding and voice-adjust technology to minimize voice delays.

Besides, the sound clarity will be maximized for an impressive experience.

Superior full-range drivers: Manufacturers always struggle to equip their devices with stunning features and in this model are the full-range drivers.

The existence of these drivers makes sure the soundbar enhances you with rich and impressive sound quality.

You will feel as if you own a huge home-theater experience and sometimes you can pair it with any HD and 4K Televisions.

Several plug-in options: This soundbar boasts more than one plug-in option for every audio source.

The cables to facilitate this connectivity are the Optical input, Aux, and HDMI ARC. Don’t worry about where to get the cables that accompany the soundbar.

Wireless technology: The manufacturer also enhanced the device with inbuilt Bluetooth technology for streaming audio from your mobile phone directly.

Besides, you are also allowed to stream music from various apps like Spotify.

Minimalist design: With its 2-inch design, you can mount it almost anywhere. You have the choice of placing it in your TV’s front and will not interfere with the bottom screen.

Additionally, you can mount it on the wall to save some space.


  • Supports wireless connection
  • Dolby technology
  • Compact design
  • Attractive finish


  • Some folks complain about its longevity

Wireless connection and minimalist design are what make this Polk Audio Signa S2 superior compared to its counterparts in the market.

3. Bose Solo 5 Soundbar for Westinghouse TV

Give a trial to this soundbar which comes as independent, but produces great sound.

The voice of your Westinghouse will be highly supplemented for better sound quality.

It comes with several features that I am sure you will like. They include;

Features and benefits

Dialogue mode: Apart from matching your soundbar with the Westinghouse, a dialogue mode will simplify each word for easy understanding.

It doesn’t matter whether your volume is high or low; the sound is clearer.

On top of that, the manufacturer coupled the Bose Solo 5 with extensive and rich bass.

Several pointing positions: Here is another fact that you should consider when buying a suitable Westinghouse TV soundbar.

For this reason, you can go on and mount the Bose Solo 5 on the wall or place it on the TV shelf.

Easy installation: Setting up this soundbar is a breeze as you won’t spend much of your time.

However, there are some necessities that you are likely to miss in the model; just buy them separately.

Two audio inputs: Everything will just run smoothly if you link your Westinghouse TV to the Bose Solo 5 soundbar via either coaxial or optical audio inputs.


  • Wall-mountable
  • Includes remote control
  • Dialogue mode
  • Delivers deep bass
  • Doesn’t require extra speakers


  • Some lads complain about its bass

Some of the essentials you should expect from Bose Solo 5 include the Remote control that allows you to operate both the Soundbar and the TV.

Cables are also available like a power cord and a user manual for guidance during the installation.

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4. VMAI TV soundbar

VMAI TV soundbar

This soundbar sounds a bit unique, but it is suitable for those folks in love with premium materials. It grabs the last position on our list because it pairs well with subwoofers.

Features and benefits

Immersive audio experience: The manufacturer makes this device with 120W power output and 2.1 channels for maximum performance.

The sound you get here is rich and impressive, supplementing your TV’S audio.

Great bass: Since there is a subwoofer, expect robust surround sound and powerful bass. Remember, its sound can extend up to 100 dB, sounding similarly like a home theater.

Bluetooth technology: The brand also couples VMAI TV Sound Bar with Bluetooth 5.0 technology to enhance a quick transmission speed.

Besides, the DSP mechanism offers stable connectivity and a smooth transmission as far as long-distance is concerned.

Several sound modes: One of the best features in this model is the four varying sound modes.

They are; 3D, News, movies, and music; set it based on what you are listening or watching.

Different input options: You are free to use both wired and wireless connections in this soundbar. There are USB, Aux input Optical, and HDMI ASR plugin.

Check amazon customer reviews


  • Multipurpose
  • Four varying sound modes
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Powerful
  • Impressive design


  • It’s expensive

Don’t hesitate to connect projectors, Blu-rays, and computers to this soundbar because it is multipurpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the best Westinghouse TV?

I guess you are looking for a brand and not the dealer. What I could advise you is to check on the official website of the brand for reviews and prices whenever you want to purchase a certain Tv.

Are soundbars important?

Their major task is to intensify the TV’s audio. You may not get immersive sound by listening only to the TV’S voice.

Final words

Since we have varying preferences, you should be in a position to buy your favorite device. At least, with the reviews above you can now judge a certain Soundbar from the other.

The buying guide sector should also provide you with additional information to make a robust decision.

All the discussed products above are great and make the best Soundbar for Westinghouse Television.

If you are stuck with decision-making, maybe I should suggest purchasing the first or third options; they are outstanding.

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