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Best dishwasher for home bar in 2023

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The experience of sitting back and watching a dishwasher do the washing is exciting. You don’t have to use your hands to wash, dry, nor rinse the dishes anymore.

However, to arrive at this comfort level is to invest in the best dishwasher for home bar.

These items not only save time but also reduce water wastage. I know you are wondering where you can find the best option.

Don’t bother yourself with rhetoric questions because all the answers will be provided in this article.

Our guide offers you a total of the four best options that I am sure will serve you well.

Apart from the reviews, there is extra information like a buying guide and frequently asked questions to drive the nail at home. Here we go!

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How to choose a dishwasher for home bar –Buying guide


Built-in dishwashers remain to be famous and mostly used types. Their design allows you to install them beneath the kitchen counter.

They are then permanently connected to the plumbing hookups and their sides are sandwiched by drawer and cabinetry that helps reduce noise level while in operation.


Unlike built-in models, there are dishwashers that are portable. Manufacturers achieve this by the use of rolling wheels.

These options sit on wheels, meaning that you can change their position whenever you want.

Such units don’t come with plumbing connections, but source water directly from the kitchen faucet.

The available wheels should help you roll the dishwasher either for storage or close to a closet area.

An added advantage is that portable options can offer a kitchen working space because they aren’t installed beneath the kitchen counter.


Size is another factor that plays a vital role when buying the best dishwasher for a home bar.

Those fellows with small space should go for countertop dishwashers for convenience purposes compared to portable units.

Their water consumption is reasonable and connects directly to the kitchen faucet. However, their size won’t be suitable for a family with huge dirty dishes.

Comparison table

product/features Bosch (SMS8YCI01E) GE profile Miele G7360 Danby 18″
ColorStainless steelBlackStainless steelwhite
Materialstainless steelstainless steelStainless steelstainless steel
Controlsfull consolefully integratedFully integratedBuilt-in
Noise level43 dB44 dB43 dB52 dB
Weight54 lbs49 lbs57 lbs56.2 pounds
Dimension22.5 x 18 x 35 inches23.75 X 33.6 X 24.6 inches80.5cm(H) X 57cm(D) X 59.8cm(W)22.81 x 17.69 x 32.5 inches
Voltage240 V120 V240 V115 V

4 Best dishwasher for home bar reviews

1. Bosch (SMS8YCI01E) Series 8 Dishwasher

Bosch (SMS8YCI01E) Series 8 Dishwasher

Let’s officially launch our discussion with Bosch (SMS8YCI01E) Dishwasher that you don’t have to use your hands to dry the dishes.

It’s good to understand that Bosch is a top-rated Brand as far as electronics are concerned. I guess it is time to give a trial to this dishwasher a try.

Features and benefits

Half-loading setting: You will also find this feature suitable in the unit as it is responsible for reducing water usage.

This is therefore important whenever you wish to initiate quick cycles while the dishwasher is not completely full.

Cavity: On the dishwasher’s backside is the cavity which is essential in stowing the zeolite.

Zeolite is a great feature that absorbs water and preserves heat, making it an amazing aid for extracting moisture from the machine.

Sanitize cycle: Here is another unique feature in this unit that is ideal for cleaning even sippy cups and baby bottles. This makes the item super-cool.

CrystalDry technology: Here is another mechanism that many people claim is the best for drying your plates or dishes.

Some individuals affirm that they received 100% dry plates after using Bosch (SMS8YCI01E).

This technology is also responsible for extracting all the available moisture from internal Tupperware containers.

Powerful: Apart from dry-washing, Bosch (SMS8YCI01E) also boasts excellent power to eliminate stains.

This is a clear indication that you don’t have to worry when cleaning stained plates, greasy pots, or bowls using


  • Dries well
  • Holds heavy items
  • Has adjustable rack for holding dishes upright
  • Heavy-duty


  • It has a complex control panel

Bosch (SMS8YCI01E) dishwasher can be a bit expensive, but it packs excellent features like adjustable racks for holding pans upright.

Moreover, the unit can comfortably dry your utensils better than any other model on the market.

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2. GE profile (pdt145sglbb) 24 inch built in dishwasher new in box Black Dishwasher

GE profile (pdt145sglbb) 18 inch built in dishwasher new in box Black Dishwasher

How about this luxurious dishwasher from the GE manufacturer? It’s amazing as it boasts extra-huge capacity. Without wasting time, let’s figure out some of its features;

Features and benefits

Excellent capacity: The extra-huge capacity in this dishwasher makes it outstanding as it can support 15 place settings. Its spacious nature, therefore, makes it stunning.

Stainless-steel tub: Apart from the durable tub, the manufacturer also equips GE profile (pdt145sglbb) dishwasher with an internal third rack that gives you a chance to work on several items like serving utensils, few lids, and spatulas.

Fingerprint-proof finish: apart from it being attractive, the finish is finger-resistant with a stunning pocket handle.

On top of that, there are hidden controls, making it attractive in your kitchen.

Water jets: The manufacturer designs this unit in a way that it can wash bottles plus other items that might be hard to clean.

It does so by spraying the internal space of the bottles, jars, and narrow glasses that can force you to use your hands.

Above-average performance: You get what you pay for, especially with the above-average cleanliness from the item.

This is made possible because the device is equipped with three-wash levels, which make sure each of your dishes is sprayed with detergent and water.

Stainless impellers: On the other hand, the manufacturer provided the packed hard-food disposer with stainless-steel impellers, responsible for pulverizing food particles.

You will therefore not meet any food leftover on your dishes after washing.


  • Water jets clean bottles
  • Leak sensor
  • Average-cleaning service
  • Heavy-duty


  • Its clean cycle is short

The premium feature in this dishwasher makes it ideal for home bars.

The existence of the water jets mechanism is also amazing in allowing you to wash even bottles.

3. Miele G7360 SCVi Fully Integrated

Miele G7360 SCVi Fully Integrated

Dishwashers from Miele tend to be durable and I can suggest you consider this their option.

Their extended lifespan can stretch up to 15 years on average use.  Some of the features that make Miele G7360 SCVi unique include;

Features and benefits

Superior performance: Of course the best consideration in dishwashers is the performance which determines its importance.

Remember, you can program the unit for it to start working based on your settings using an App.

Stainless-steel front: Another stunning feature of the device is the log-free front. More so, the control panel of the unit is hidden, making it more stunning.

Adjustable racks: The racks in Miele G7360 SCVi Dishwasher are adjustable to allow you to insert anything practically inside.

I say so because the manufacturers coupled this unit with a third rack which is utilized to stow utensils plus silverware.

Three cleaning chambers: You will also find the bottom, middle, and top wash arms that help the dishwasher to clean your utensils thoroughly.

Auto-door: The door of this dishwasher slightly opens whenever the cycles are over to release moisture.

This act is useful as it allows you to dry and know when you have clean dishes.


  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Applies dishwashing detergent automatically
  • Auto-door release moisture


  • Compatible detergent is pricey

Despite its prices, the Miele G7360 SCVi Dishwasher is the best with a lot of futuristic features and a stylish design.

If you are unsatisfied with the above two options, I recommend you consider this dishwasher

4. Danby 18″ Portable Dishwasher

Danby 18 Portable Dishwasher

Our list won’t be complete without a portable dishwasher. Here is a portable model from Danby that can still serve you better.

Yes, owning such a unit uplifts your extended renting habit.

Features and benefits

Rolling wheels: The first feature to look at should be the rolling wheels. Such a feature is incredible in ensuring you transport the model easily; hence it’s suitable for both outdoor and indoor purposes.

For permanent installation, you can detach the wheels to achieve this.

Three cycles: Though some homeowners complain about these few cycles, Danby 18″ can still do best. The cycles you expect are Auto-sense, Normal, and heavy.

Quiet operation: We have some dishwashers out there that make a lot of noise, but Danby 18″’s noise level is reasonable.

I think it’s due to plastic tubs, and even their cleaning process isn’t complete.


  • 8 place settings
  • Durable due to stainless steel parts
  • It’s portable
  • Reliable


  • Few cycles
  • Consumes plenty of water

Nothing bad will happen if you opt for this dishwasher because it is of high quality.

However, this model only pairs well with threaded-sink faucet spouts. It lacks internal sprayers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a dishwasher last?

Averagely, a quality dishwasher should serve you for not less than 8 years.

But, you can still enhance this longevity by subjecting your machine to proper care and maintenance.

Do I require certifications when buying a dishwasher?

Of course yes, it’s advisable to consider certifications, especially when you wish to clean or sanitize dishes.

Some of the certifications to look at include; NSF/ANSI 184.

Final words

Know that you have gone through our article; my hope is that you get a suitable model for your kitchen affairs.

I don’t know the challenges you are going through while washing utensils using your hands; it’s hectic.

Thank God such items exist to make work easier for you and we have researched on your behalf.

Therefore, with the help of the above reviews and guide, select the best dishwasher for the home bar.

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