Best Soundbar With Wireless Rear Speakers

Best Soundbar With Wireless Rear Speakers

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Bought a brand new slim TV and all set to watch Netflix? But why is the sound so low and vague?

LED/LCD/SMART TV in today’s world tends to get slimmer every day. So they rarely get a loaded built-in speaker. And that is where the wireless rear speakers come to the rescue! Besides, they add elegance to your entire home theater system.

Dig into this article as we have a list of the 11 best soundbar with wireless rear speakers for your electronic appliances! From my personal experience, I believe that these soundbars would be perfect for your home. Plus well-enough as per your budget.

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Why do you need a soundbar?

Before knowing the best soundbars, let’s understand the necessity for them. Why do you need them after all?

Your projects and videos on youtube, laptops and projectors provide low sound quality. Plus the TVs also fail to be loud and clear as they get flatter displays. This is why you need a soundbar with wireless speakers. They are slim as well so they get synchronized with any of those electronic devices easily. Convenience and elegance together in one piece!

Wireless Rear Speakers are indispensable for your soundbar. They ensure that the soundbars provide true surround sound. So that you can enjoy a cinematic atmosphere. With the wires and all, it becomes difficult to set up. On the contrary, wireless speakers require no hassle. So you can adjust and place them anywhere in your room.

11 Best Soundbar With Wireless Rear Speakers

I have deeply analyzed the customer reviews and conducted extensive research. So here I come with a guide to the 11 best soundbars that come up with wireless rear speakers. Whether it is price, performance, or particular use, I have got you covered.

1. Samsung HW-Q950A

Features and benefits:

Free subwoofer: To begin with, you get a free subwoofer. So you would be able to hear the tiniest sound coming from your TV clear and loud. Plus, a pair of wireless rear speakers add a completely new vibe all over the house.

Access to the greater number of audio channels: The Samsung HW-Q950A is probably the only soundbar where you can provide access to 16 different audio channels! This is one of the best features that make it unique in the market. There is no other soundbar that could beat it in terms of delivering audio channels. 

3D audio format support: Then again, you get the 3D format audio support that lets you enjoy better sound resolution. Both from Dolby Atmos and DTS:X sources. Hence, enjoying real-life 3D experience has become easier at your home. 

Amazon Alexa assistant: This soundbar has an automatic built-in Amazon Alexa assistant. So you can make commands on the microphone of your soundbar and get things done in the easiest way ever! Plus there are these pretty large ‘bookshelf rears.

Boost the center channel: It uses two HDMI inputs and one output. Plus, it lets you monitor the background levels. And if the noise gets too loud, there is a feature that lets you boost the center channel. So you get the more transparent dialogue. 

Size and drivers: It is 130cm long. Neither huge nor too small. Plus, slim enough. So you can place it conveniently under your TV or sofa. There is a pair of surround drivers in the left, center and right channels. Efficiently delivering you 11.1.4 surround sound. The sub includes an 8-inch single speaker. Besides, the wireless unit has three drivers- one positioning towards the room, another upward and the last one to your seating position. So that totals 22 drivers!

Q-Symphony feature: Now if you already own a  Samsung TV, this soundbar lets you enjoy an additional feature. Even though this soundbar is already too good in surround sound. Yet you can combine it with the compatible internal speakers of your Samsung TV. This way, you will enjoy a more clear vocal in the front.

Game feature: So you must be a Game lover like me, huh? The Samsung HW-Q950A comes with a game preset feature that lets you enjoy a thrilling majestic sound. The surrounding itself gets excited and you find yourself immersed in the game. 

Trust me man, this soundbar would beat all the others in the market! It’s extremely loud and drives a bang-on performance in terms of the sound field. Whether you are watching a thrilling movie or some action ones, this cool stuff will let you enjoy the most out of it. A real cinema room you are talking about? Then this is it!


  • The greatest number of audio channels
  • 3D audio format support for a real-life experience
  • Dolby Atmos, HDR10+ and DTS:X experience
  • Q-Symphony feature creates a diverse focus on the sound on screen.


  • Those rears are discomfort material.
  • You cannot place it accurately if you have a small room with an inappropriate setup.
  • The price is really expensive.
  • The subwoofer is so-so. It is also huge.
  • Not works that well with the music.

The Samsung HW-Q950 is definitely a game-changer for your home appliances. If you don’t want too much hassle yet enjoy the most out of an action movie, then this soundbar would be the ideal one for you!

2. JBL 5.1 Channel Soundbar

Here comes my another favorite soundbar- the JBL 5.1 soundbar! Exhilarating sound with an impressive outlook will surely blow your mind! Now if you are using the 3.1 version, switching it to 5.1 is really simple. Just remove the side speakers and it becomes wireless!

Features and benefits:

4K device connection: This soundbar supports a 4K ultra HD connection. So just connect any device and enjoy a dynamic thrilling 3D experience right at your home. 

Supports Dolby technologies: This soundbar supports all the Dolby technologies including Dolby Digital audio, Dolby Pro Logic II as well as DTS:X. All these along with a spectacular subwoofer lets you enjoy the high-resolution sound, ensuring you a thrilling experience overall.

Multibeam technology: This soundbar has recently launched Multibeam technology, thereby making it extraordinary. This technology reproduces the virtual surround sound of your move and generates a more realistic experience!

Wireless Subwoofer: The JBL 5.1 soundbar comes up with a 10-inch wireless subwoofer. Again, this subwoofer comes with a room correction feature. This feature exclusively boosts audio performance. In other words, the audio reproduction takes place complying with the characteristics of the room where you are listening to the audio. So it changes the moment you shift to another room.

Connectivity options: This soundbar comes with a decent number of connectivity options. There are 3 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI Arc out. Plus, there are analog and optical options. You also get a USB port, wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Works smoothly with any device. Furthermore, it has a rechargeable battery that works well for up to 10 hours. 

No need for an extra remote: This is another feature that makes it convenient to use. You do not need an extra remote for controlling this soundbar. It works smoothly with your TV remote itself.

Soundshift feature: This unique JBL Soundshift feature allows you to switch automatically between different audio sources. So you can seamlessly switch the audio to another device, for instance, your smartphone! Besides, you can also stream media from other streaming networks such as Youtube!


  • Wireless subwoofer
  • 4K connection supported
  • Dolby technologies supported
  • The set-up is trouble-free.
  • Convenient to place
  • Plenty of connectivity options
  • Soundshift feature
  • No extra remote
  • Detachable separate speakers
  • Sleek design


  • The loud sound gets noisy at times.
  • Sadly, there is no Wi-fi.

The JBL 5.1 Soundbar is your ideal type if you are looking for an all-in-one solution! If you are a movie or music lover, especially a bass lover. Then this soundbar would be the perfect option to try!

3. Sonos Sub

Another powerful soundbar with excellent quality features! The latest Sonos Sub comes with wireless rear vertical speakers and impressive surround sound. 8 elliptical woofers and 3 silk dome tweeters make the surround sound bang loud and crisp. Experience pure bass with zero buzz, rattle, or vibration. If you are willing to purchase a quality soundbar , you can absolutely go for it!

Features and benefits:

Supports the latest Dolby technologies: One of the finest features that include the latest Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus sound. Besides, it maintains a top-notch sound quality from the leading streaming devices. In order to enjoy the Dolby Atmos surround sound, you need to encode your media into the Dolby TrueHD or the Dolby Digital Plus. This will also require you to use their smartphone app.

Impressive sound quality: With this soundbar, you will feel like sitting in front of the actual scene! Due to the Dolby Atmos object tracks, you get to enjoy a 3D experience. Thereby the majestic feeling of the sound coming to you from every angle at your home is really unexplainable!

Simple setup: The Sonos Sub setup is pretty basic. You also get a smartphone app so it becomes more convenient and easy. With the least cable connections and no extra hassle, this could turn into your favorite soundbar as well! Just download the app from the Google Play Store and connect your TV to Wi-fi, different streaming media channels, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and so on.

Connectivity options: Unlike other soundbars, the connectivity options for this soundbar are pretty basic. There is a power cable and one HDMI input, an Ethernet socket and a Digital Optical. In most cases, you don’t even need these options. Moreover, there are 11 built-in drivers to create your soundfield. And these drivers take care of traversing the sound through the wall and over the ceiling for a thrilling experience.

No separate remote: This soundbar doesn’t include a remote! So you just connect the soundbar to your TV’s Audio Return Channel (ARC) and control it via the TV remote. The same goes for your smartphone as well- via the smartphone app. In addition, there are built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa music-streaming platforms to follow your command.

LED light: The Sonos Arc soundbar also includes a simple LED light. This light adjusts automatically according to the brightness of the surrounding. It also blinks according to the operating buttons on the TV. 

Trueplay Tuning and Room correction feature: This is another feature that dictates the supremacy of the Sonos Arc. It is a soundscape tool of Sonos’s that balances the sound output according to the shape of the room. So that high definition audio appropriately scatters all over the room to ensure a real-life 3D experience. Additionally, the room correction feature optimizes the sound reproduction as per the overall size of the room. 

Portable speaker: Another distinguishing feature that makes the Sonos Sub unique. Its portable speakers give full coverage of audio sound for loud environments. The coverage is the same even when you cover yourself with pillows! However, this feature is accessible only for iOs users.


  • Bombastic sound quality with the latest Dolby technologies
  • Easy to set-up
  • No separate remote
  • Trueplay Tuning
  • Room correction feature
  • Portable speaker


  • Not suitable for smaller rooms
  • The setup lacks complete HDMI input ports
  • Lacks graphic EQ or presets

4. Sonos Beam Soundbar (Gen 2)

If you are looking for a soundbar that is budget-friendly as well as covers the latest features, then Sonos Beam Soundbar would be the best fit for you. Moreover, the size is compact and perfect to place anywhere at your home. The major features include:

Upgraded version: Since there are no major physical differences from the first generation, yet it is upgraded with the sound quality that you need the most! For the excellent onboard audio processing, Sonos Gen 2 lets you enjoy Dolby Atmos Interpretation. That’s the least price you would get for Dolby Atmos!

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant: Your life is easier via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. From setting your daily alarms to listening to a song to lift your mind, you can command anything using its 5 far-field microphones.

Compact size: Unlike other soundbars that cover up half of your room, this one comes in a compact size. Thereby this 25.6 inches soundbar is super convenient to place under your TV. Or you can mount it on your wall- it looks aesthetic. So if you have a small room, you can definitely opt for this soundbar. Compact size might result in poor audio quality? Nah! With 3 passive radiators and 5 class-D amplifiers, you can never underestimate its distinct and impressive sound quality.

Sleek design: This soundbar undoubtedly excellences in being sleek and elegant. So if you are into stylish stuff and want full-dose entertainment at the same time, there can be no better option than the Sonos Beam Soundbar. There is a polycarbonate grille that adds attractiveness to its stylish design. 

Improved connectivity options: Compared to the first generation, this soundbar comes with improved connectivity options for better audio quality. With 40% increased processing power, there is virtual Dolby Atmos. Although it doesn’t include the original tweeters, yet it never fails to impress you with its detailed and impressive audio quality. Plus if you are a music lover and do audio streaming, there is HDMI eARC compatibility. You also get options to customize sound using the LED indicator and control panel settings.

HRTF (head-related transfer function): The Sonos Beam Gen 2 uses HRTF technology. This head-related transfer function lets you enjoy incredible audio without any vertical expansion. That means it focuses on delivering audio according to the height without getting vertical. Literally an awesome soundstage with horizontal and vertical expansion!

NFC (Near field communication): This feature lets you pair your smartphone or any other device with the Beam soundbar. Plus, there’s a separate iOS app that makes it easier- Sonos App. Using this technology and the app, you can control and regulate your soundbar remote control using your phone!

Wireless multiroom system: With a tangible audio system, this soundbar also integrates into a wireless multiroom system. That allows you to stream to this soundbar from any device using Apple Airplay2. In addition to Alexa and Google Assistant, you get built-in Spotify as well! Moreover, in the upgraded version, there’s gonna be Amazon Music Ultra HD audio as well as Dolby Atmos Music.

Trueplay feature: If you use iOS devices, then there is an additional advantage for you! This amazing soundbar has this Trueplay feature that exclusively measures the sound over your room surface and tunes your rear speakers in a specific way. Now wherever you place your soundbar and the speakers at your home, worry not! Because this feature will ensure to perceive clear and great sound all over your home.


  • Compact size
  • Brilliant sound
  • Upgraded connectivity options
  • HRTF technology
  • Wireless multiroom system
  • Better streaming facilities
  • Quite affordable
  • Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Easy set-up
  • The rear speakers give you a true surround sound experience


  • The bass is noisy
  • No subwoofer included
  • The Sonos app is only for iOS devices
  • Absence of original Dolby Atmos audio
  • Doesn’t support DTS:X
  • Lacks additional HDMI port

If you are looking for a compact soundbar that fits into your room yet provides a smart audio experience, then the Sonos Gen2 would make an excellent choice! At this affordable price, you wouldn’t get Dolby Atmos in any other soundbar!

5. Sony HT-Z9F

This is another great soundbar that comes with wireless rear speakers. Whether you prefer Bluetooth streaming or wireless, this soundbar has got it both! Plus you get a subwoofer that gives your movie-watching experience a different new vibe! The other features include:

Dolby Atmos: Like every other great soundbar, the Sony HT-Z9F also includes virtual Dolby Atmos audio. The upward-firing drivers let you enjoy a true surround sound by integrating Doby Atmos and DTS:X.

Sleek design: The Sony HT-Z9F comes with a sleek design, making it easier to set up. Its length is around one meter. There is also a grille that is removable as well.

Connectivity options: This soundbar has pretty good connectivity options. There are two HDMI inputs. Plus, one HDMI cable with an arc. The HDMI inputs synchronize well with the Dolby Atmos as well as 4K HDCP. Additionally, there is also a USP port, 3.5 mm minijack stereo, and optical digital audio input as well. You can use a pair of Bluetooth headphones if you prefer to listen privately. Above all, it is 4K HDR-compatible so you can retain better image quality from all your HDMI sources.

Built-in Google Assistant, Alexa, and Chromecast: There is built-in Alexa and Google Assistant. Again, you also get a built-in Chromecast. That makes it easier to command readily. So keep streaming unlimited online radio, music- anything you want using the Cast button on your remote.

Touch control features: In addition to being a full remote control, this soundbar lets you control it via its touch control panels. So you can adjust the settings including the volume, power, and so on.

Easy to set up: The setup is straight and simple. You just need to make sure that the subwoofer and the soundbar are at a minimum distance for your listening convenience. Some users experimented by placing the subwoofer forward 16cm paper driver.

Impressive audio performance: Another best thing about the Sony HT-Z9F is that it offers incredible audio performance- more like a soundstage. The Vertical Sound Engine is especially notable for an enlarged sound field, considering both the height and width of the soundtrack.

So while enjoying a movie or some music, you’d feel the sound coming from all the sides around. Again, there is Dolby Atmos virtual processing that beats this Vertical sound with its overwhelming crisp audio performance.

Digital signal processing: Sony uses digital signal processing. This lets you convert all the audio into true surround sound. Thereby enjoying a tangible surround sound all over your room. Just by your remote control!

Different sound modes: With this soundbar, you get access to five different sound modes for an enhanced thrilling experience. For the movie, there’s cinema mode that lets you enjoy an incredible theater-like experience.

There’s the Game mode that gets you immersed and totally concentrated in your game. Then there is Sports mode that helps you feel mid-level action, avoiding all the unnecessary noise. News/Voice mode provides clear and distinct dialogue. Above all, there’s the Music mode that provides detailed things about the lyrics and the music.


  • You get wireless rear speakers
  • 5 exceptional sound modes
  • Easy setup
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Additional subwoofer
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Touch control
  • Built-in Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Digital signal processing
  • 4K-HDR compatibility


  • Some users complain about the subwoofer being cut out randomly. This mostly happens due to an unstable wireless connection.
  • The Dolby Atmos is virtual. However, the Vertical Sound Engine backs it up.

Overall, the Sony HT-Z9F offers you an incredible audio performance. So if you want something chic and stylish soundbar with all the cool features, then consider going for this soundbar.

6. Sony HT-A9 (Home Theater System)

Want to have a hall-like experience at your home? Then the Sony HT-A9 speaker system is right at your service. This soundbar is also a favorite to a lot of users for its distinct, versatile and flexible sound. The notable features include:

Comes in a compact size: Like most of the top-rated soundbars, the Sony HT-A9 comes in a compact size. You will find a small control box with round edges.  Pretty convenient to place in a small room. However, the speakers are said to be taller than most other soundbars. 

Wireless speakers: Another great thing is that there are four wireless rear speakers. These speakers are grey in color and give a subtle look to your soundbar. Thereby, you will feel the sound banging off your ceiling. Each of these speakers contains a tweeter of 19mm facing the front. Then again, there is a full-range X balanced driver and also an upward-firing X-balanced driver. Plus, you also get a hub that you can connect to your TV.

Satellite speakers: There are two satellite speakers. The front face of the speaker is protected by a matte grille and a plastic casing. And the rear is flat in a way that can be placed against the wall. Moreover, there is a separate hook for rigging easily. If you check the bottom of these speakers, you will notice the marks FL and FR. Both stand for front-left and front-right respectively.  The same way goes for the RL and RR as well. 

Simple setup: The Sony speakers are really easy to set up. No matter what height and vertical measurements you do, it promises to provide immersive sound that bounces off your ceiling, giving you a true cinematic experience. Irrespective of your random set up synchronization. Moreover, larger families with children prefer using this soundbar as it is compatible with the room size and other factors. But yeah, I don’t recommend placing the speakers on shelves or cabinets.

Audio codecs: The Sony HT-A9 has great audio codecs that particularly include Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, LPCM, TrueHD formats, wireless audio, and a lot more. So along with compact size. You get all the Dolby technologies at a comparatively affordable price.

Sony 360 reality audio: This is another distinguishing technology that Sony uses to transform surround sound from different music streaming platforms. Especially mentionable are Tidal, Amazon Music HD and the list goes on. There is also an ‘Immersive AE’ setting on the remote. Pressing this button creates a 3D version of your content synchronizing brilliantly with the speakers.

Brilliant Atmos performance: I have tried so many of these soundbars. Trust me, the Atmos works spectacularly in no other soundbar but this! There are also hundreds of reviews where its users claim to have the best Atmos experience from the Sony HT-A9 Speaker. The four wireless speakers act additionally to enhance your complete Atmos audio from the front. 

Connectivity options: The Sony HT-A9 also comes with decent connectivity options. There’s nothing excess yet everything that you would need for an ideal soundbar. The hub has an eArc output. Besides, there is an HDMI pass-through that can control 4K@ 60fps.

The HDR is available in Dolby Vision and HDR10 formats. You also get a remote for controlling the volume and settings. In addition to that, there are 0n-screen setup options too! Also, there is wi-fi connectivity, LAN socket, and a lot of other options that you can try out.

Sound optimization feature: This feature automatically calibrates and interprets the audio reproduction. And comes in proper synchronization with the acoustic features of your room. There is this ‘Standard Surround’ mode and ‘Cinematic’ mode which are pretty the same. And the ‘Music’ mode plays audio from the speakers on both sides.


  • Maximum cinematic experience
  • The best soundbar for Atmos
  • Sound optimization feature
  • Wireless speakers
  • Compact size
  • Sony 360 reality audio
  • Easy setup for being a compact size
  • No need for detailed setup instructions


  • The bass music is a little noisy and off the beat.
  • The additional subwoofer might cost you high.

To conclude, if you prefer the best Atmos experience but don’t want to end up stuffing your room, then just go for this soundbar as it delivers the best Atmos audio experience.

7. Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR (Home Theater)

At a very decent price, the Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR will offer great potential surround sound that will truly impress you. Besides, it also got you, wireless rear speakers. So there’s no doubt that you are going to have a quality sound stage with discrete and clear dialogue. One of the best options to doll up your entire home theater system. Plus if you are a bass lover, then definitely this is your soundbar!

Lightweight soundbar: This soundbar is notable for its lightweight. As a result, you can carry it easily and even mount it on the wall. It also includes a keyhole for the mount option. Being lightweight and slim in size, you can manage to place it at any corner of your home. 

Patented SDA technology: This is a special technology Polk uses. Stereo Dimensional Arrow (SDA) Technology brings to you a brilliant multi-dimensional soundstage along with a stereo detailed image. Thereby the audio signals will be traversing through your ears at the same time, providing the original stereo sound. As a result, you will feel like living at that exact moment. As if the scenario is taking place right in front of your ears!

Free subwoofer: Along with the wireless speakers, you also get a free subwoofer. It is also small in size, just 17.5 inches. So you don’t have to take hassle while positioning it. Hence it is convenient and raises the lower frequency to an optimum height. As a result, it adds more tangibility and high-definition to the overall audio performance of the soundbar.

Built-in features: The Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR also includes a built-in Google Assistant. That means, there is Google Chromecast for following your commands. This lets you just command only by your mouth. Totally hands-free and easy! Moreover, there is the very famous built-in Amazon Alexa, all waiting for your voice commands. Plus, there is plenty of music streaming services including Amazon Music, Pandora, FireTV, and the list keeps going on. Stream whatever you like- be it music, movies, shows, and TV channels wirelessly.

Dolby and DTS technologies: You can hardly skip the Dolby Technologies in today’s soundbars. Not in this one either! The Polk Audio soundbar comes with powerful Dolby technologies- especially the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Thereby you enjoy a diverse true surround sound from the audio of your soundbar.

Multipurpose wireless speaker with 4K HDTV: The wireless rear speakers also integrate with 4K HDTV. Thereby you will enjoy a real listening effect from the audio source, making it more lively. This multipurpose speaker has all the sophisticated features you’d expect.

Impressive connectivity options: This soundbar is really impressive from all points of view. Its users hardly complain about its performance. There are dual HDMI inputs and one HDMI output. Besides, there is Bluetooth connectivity as well as Wi-fi options.

Voice adjustment technology: An amazing feature that lets you customize the sound according to your understanding capability. People with hearing deficiency benefit a lot from this feature. As it lets you hear every minute audio in a clear form. You can raise the volume or lower it at your convenience.


  • Voice adjustment technology
  • SDA Technology
  • Lightweight and slim design
  • 4K HDTV supported
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and FireStick
  • Unlimited streaming services
  • Wireless rear speakers and a free subwoofer


  • You need to update it on a regular basis
  • Chromecast works only with the Music app.
  • The bass could improve.

8. Roku 4K/HDR Streambar

You might have a small TV at your home or office. Or you might have a tiny room for your TV. In that case, you probably skip the idea of placing a soundbar. Soundbars are usually huge and cover up a lot of space. So, is there any solution? Definitely, there is! Many of us face this issue and they purchase this Roku 4K/HDR Streambar. Let’s find out why:

Small petite size: That is one of the best things about the Roku Streambar. Its size is really appreciable- 14 inches with a weight of 2.4lbs. It can easily fit into your kitchen or bedroom and doesn’t require a troublesome setup. Regardless, the streaming level is mind-blowing. So you are wrong if you think that the small dimension will lead to an average audio performance. Especially the bass, it’s really good!

4K/HDR compatibility: Though it cannot be truly called a soundbar yet it is 4K/HDR compatible which is why it is one of my favorites. You pair it up with any television containing an HDMI input and it will actively support 4K/HDR streaming up to 60fps compatibility. 

Streaming services: Many users like to call it streamer-cum-soundbar. Provided the fact that it lets you stream unlimited from a number of UK premium streaming services. These include Roku Originals, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, and more.

Voice compatibility: The Roku soundbar has also voice compatibility that makes it easy to use and command. You can name the TV show, genre, or simply your favorite actor’s name. And it will show you all the movies and series of that actor accordingly! You can either stream for free or use a few bucks which makes it amazing altogether!

Great remote: To make things more accessible for you, you have the Roku remote where there are direct dial buttons for streaming Netflix, Google Play, and Spotify- separately! So if you are not comfortable using the built-in voice command, just press your desired streaming button and there you go!

Connectivity options: Though the Roku is more a streamer than a soundbar, yet it got amazing connectivity options to function smoothly. There are four full-range drivers of 5 cm. You also get HDMI 2.0 inputs as well as optical inputs. Moreover, there are USB inputs, Bluetooth as well as wireless connectivity options. You also get to use Alexa, Siri, Hey GOOgle. All this necessary stuff at an unbelievable price!

Wireless rear speakers: The Roku stream bar includes 4 wireless internal speakers that let you enjoy true surround sound. Thereby enhancing the movie-watching experience to another level. Apart from this, you also get access to Dolby Audio. Most importantly, there’s an integrated Roku OS System that synchronizes your audio content and gives you a majestic audio vibe all over.


  • 4K/HDR compatibility
  • Wireless rear speakers
  • Dial buttons on the remote for easy accessibility
  • Impressive connectivity options
  • Built-in Voice compatibility
  • Numerous streaming options
  • Compact size and easy setup
  • Impressive audio performance
  • Very affordable


  • Not too much of a cinematic hall-like experience
  • No subwoofer
  • Not the best Bluetooth speaker in terms of music

If you don’t want a high-end expensive soundbar yet are happy with all the basic features- including an incredible audio performance at an unbelievably lower price, then trying out The Roku Streambar would be the right choice!

9. Yamaha YAS-209BL Soundbar

They say that YAS-209 is the smartest soundbar from Yamaha at a reasonable price! In a compact size, it is gonna meet all your requirements for being one of the best soundbars. If you want a soundbar that includes a free subwoofer as well as wireless speakers, then definitely this is worth your try!

Built-in Alexa: Like some of the high-end soundbars, the Yamaha YAS-209BL has built-in Amazon Alexa for making voice commands. So you can stay hands-free and command Amazon for streaming your favorite TV shows and movies.

Unbeatable audio quality: Most of these soundbars are unable to beat the audio performance of the YAS-209BL. With two tweeters of 1-inch, four 1.75 inch drivers, and a wireless subwoofer, it is going to rock your ceiling with crystal clear and high-standard audio.

Moderate size: The YAS-209BL is in a moderate size to place underneath your TV about 37 inches.  If somehow your TV is not getting into proper setup with the soundbar, you can mount it on your wall maintaining the horizontal orientation.

However, the subwoofer is a little bulky. It is a 6.5-inch bass subwoofer so you might face problems while setting it up with the bar.

Surround sound: For the surround sound experience, you get the impressive virtual DTS:X. Besides, it lets you stream Music, Movies, TV shows, and more.

Its users claimed to have a better experience with the audio and loudness of the Games as well. Some of its users also reviewed positively about its bass output which is great compared to other soundbars.

Connectivity options: The connectivity options include an HDMI input- connection for the video player. And one HDMI (ARC) output for the TV connection. Besides, there are Ethernet, a number of EQ modes (movies, games, sports). You get optical digital and Wi-fi connections to stream Spotify Content and Amazon Alexa.

But few of its users complained about not having a built-in Google Chromecast. Another thing to mention: There is the Yamaha Soundbar Controller App that makes easy access for you both in Android version as well as iOS version! There is also Bluetooth connectivity so you can pair it up with your smartphone, laptop, PC, and whatnot.

Physical features: The users of the YAS-209BL reviewed its large remote to be easy and convenient for use. This remote is not just like any other typical remote. There are plenty of dial buttons that let you command directly via the remote.

Also, being concave behind lets you hold it properly. Additionally, there is a small LED display indicator where you can customize the settings using your remote. Although, it is hardly visible from a long distance.

Good-quality speakers: The wireless speakers are pretty good. You don’t have to be loud or scream while commanding. There are two microphones along with 7 speakers including the subwoofer. Using your voice in a normal tone, you can command and remain hands-free. Compared to other speakers, the YAS-209BL speakers tend to be more durable and smooth.

‘Clear voice’ sound mode: Yamaha nails it with its two sound modes. Its ‘Clear voice’ sound mode works brilliantly and lets you hear everything loud and clear. You get to listen to even the slightest moments in precise detail; clearly than anything else! That’s one of the favorite features reviewed by its users. And the subwoofer works will leave you impressed during the bass-heavy tunes and loud music.


  • Top-notch audio performance and crystal clear sound
  • Good-quality wireless speakers
  • Great subwoofer
  • An awesome remote (not those typical ones)
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa
  • DTS:X virtual surround sound compatible
  • Affordable to purchase
  • Control app for both Android and iOS version


  • No option for Google Chromecast
  • Small LED display (hardly visible)
  • No multi-room feature

The Yamaha YAS-209BL is a great soundbar at a very affordable price. If you are looking for a budget-friendly soundbar offering one of the best audio performances, then grabbing this would be the right decision!

10. Klipsch Cinema 600 Soundbar (Home Theater)

Klipsch speakers have been really famous for a long time. The Klipsch Cinema 600 Soundbar was introduced in 2020. So it has been a while now but already there are so many reviews that made this soundbar hype! Let’s find out why:

Dedicated audio setup: The Klipsch Cinema 600 Soundbar comes with an impressive audio setup. It is a true 3.1 surround system with 7 speakers for clear and discreet vocals. Whatever be the audio content, the dedicated speakers will let you enjoy a well-balanced and enjoyable sound.

Wireless rear speakers: This soundbar is also equipped with wireless rear speakers. So you get to enjoy true surround sound. Plus, it gives a complete look to your home theater.

Subwoofer: The Klipsch soundbar could be a boom to your home entertainment as it includes a subwoofer. The subwoofer is 10-inch  As a result, it will reproduce low-pitch frequencies and let you enjoy real-life surround audio.

That too in detail bass sound. So if you are a bass lover, then this soundbar is what you are exactly looking for. Besides, I have seen many reviews of its users belonging to larger families.

They said this soundbar is worth every penny as it covers a larger audience and performs superbly. That is extraordinary! Moreover, it has got voice adjustment features so that you can customize audio, movies- anything at your convenience.

Power output: With 45 inches size, this bar is really popular for its power output. It provides 600 power output, loud and clear enough to deliver true surround sound. Even for larger TVs, it delivers crystal clear audio so if you have a large TV, you’d still love it.

Built-in Dolby Digital Technologies: This soundbar offers you so much at such a reasonable price. It supports 5.1 Decoding. So it’s gonna provide a number of digital audio formats as well as a variety and loud sound field.

Moreover, it supports Dolby Digital Technologies which promises to deliver high-definition surround sound. So that you hear clear dialogues while enjoying a majestic cinematic experience.

Connectivity options: The connectivity options of Klipsch Soundbar are pretty basic and reliable. You get one HDMI ARC input for connecting different media devices. You also get an Optical digital connection as well as a 3.5mm AUX.

Not just this but there is a Bluetooth option for connectivity and pairing. Additionally, you get a smart and motion-sensing remote control feature as well as an LED indicator.

So it adds your thrill to another level while watching a movie in a dark room. If you want easier accessibility, connect your soundbar to Kplisch Connect App that is available for both Android and iOS versions.

Easy plug-and-play setup: For its smart and sleek design, you don’t need a lot of coverage to set it up. Thereby it is hassle-free. With a height of 2.9 inches, it can be perfectly placed under your TV. Besides, there is this wall mounting package you’d get separately. This package lets you mount the soundbar on the wall.


  • Easy setup
  • Smart remote with LED indicator
  • Klipsch Connect App 
  • Ideal for larger families
  • 600W power output
  • Great subwoofer for bass music
  • Affordable in price
  • Voice adjustment feature


  • Does not support Dolby Atmos
  • Bass adjustment is missing.

Except for the Dolby Atmos, if you are looking for an absolute soundbar with sassy music, then there couldn’t be a better option than the Klipsch Cinema 600 Soundbar.

11. Vizio SB36512-F6 5.1 Soundbar

If you are low on budget yet want to retrieve the best audio quality and performance, put your hands down on Vizio SB36512-F6!

This 5.1 channel soundbar is going to meet all your requirements and give your home theater a completely vibrant look. Besides, Amazon itself has tested this soundbar based on its performance. That gives you another extra reason to try out! 

Low cost: One of the best parts that I particularly love about this soundbar is it comes at a very reasonable price. Yet you cannot underestimate or neglect its audio performance. So at a very affordable price, you are going to enjoy all the premium features.

Wireless subwoofer: Another incredible thing mentioned by its users in many reviews. They love the additional wireless subwoofer as it gives a deep bass sound. You’d feel yourself sitting in the middle of all the immersed surround sound. As if the scene is taking place and you are experiencing it live! Since it is wireless and rectangular and tall, you can place it anywhere without worrying about transmission signals. 

Wireless rear speakers: It also provides free wireless rear speakers which essentially makes it one of the best soundbars with wireless rear speakers. With the help of the speakers, the sound could be as loud as 101db. Then again, it could be as low as 50Hz frequency! So both the high and low pitch works wonderfully. Thereby you never get to miss a blunt whistle or a deep sigh. Moreover, there is a dedicated center speaker that enhances delivering crystal clear dialogues. Furthermore, you can adjust these speakers separately. Many of its users especially love this feature because they don’t have to stress about setting it up altogether.

Connectivity options: The connectivity options will literally blow up your mind!! At this price, you cannot expect more! The Vizio Soundbar includes an HDMI ARC connection. Additionally, it supports both Bluetooth and Wi-fi. Hence you get to stream and pair up your soundbar with any device. Moreover, there is a built-in Google Chromecast that takes your streaming media to another level! Not just this but there is also Toslink Optical, RCA analog for mobile devices. When you end up messy after installing the cables, use the pre-cut Velcro straps to clean up. 

Vizio Smartcast App: This slim and sleek Vizio soundbar also includes a separate app that makes it easier to connect and adjust settings right through your phone. This acts as another alternative and enhances the ease of accessibility to another level.

Remote options: Like every other soundbar, the Vizio SB3651-F6 also contains a remote control to interact with the soundbar. Yet again, you can connect your TV remote to the soundbar. This reduces the hassle of using another remote separately.

Product testing: Amazon gives you a 90–day renewed guarantee so you get more than enough time to do the product testing and experience this great soundbar yourself. Plus, it provides you with all the essential stuff you might need for setup so you never gotta run here and there allocating things.


  • Product testing facility
  • Doesn’t need an extra remote
  • Vizio Smartcast App
  • Plenty of connectivity options
  • Wireless rear speakers for dedicated true sound
  • The speakers can be placed or adjusted separately
  • Wireless subwoofer added
  • Unbelievably reasonable price


  • There is no lip-sync feature with the 5.1 channel 

This is another soundbar that has all my attention since you get all the cool features including a brilliant audio quality at an exceptionally reasonable price. So you must try it out. I believe it won’t disappoint you.

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Comparison Table

SoundbarSpecificationAvailable On
JBL 5.1 Channel Soundbar> 4K device connection
> Supports Dolby technologies
> Multibeam technology
> Wireless Subwoofer
> Connectivity options
> No need for an extra remote
> Soundshift feature
Check here
Sonos Sub Soundbar (Gen 2)> Upgraded version
> Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
> Compact sizeSleek design
> Improved connectivity options
> HRTF (head-related transfer function)
> NFC (Near field communication)
> Wireless multiroom system
> Trueplay feature
Check here
Sony HT-Z9F> Dolby AtmosSleek design
> Connectivity options
> Built-in Google Assistant, Alexa & Chromecast
> Touch control features
> Easy to set up
> Impressive audio performance
> Digital signal processing
> Different sound modes
Check here
Sony HT-A9> Comes in a compact size
> Wireless speakers
> Satellite speakers
> Simple setup
> Audio codecs
> Sony 360 reality audio
> Brilliant Atmos performance
> Sound optimization feature
Check here
Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR> Lightweight soundbar
> Patented SDA technology
> Free subwoofer
> Built-in features
> Dolby and DTS technologies
> Multipurpose wireless speaker with 4K HDTV
> Impressive connectivity options
> Voice adjustment technology
Check here
Roku 4K/HDR Streambar> Small petite size
> 4K/HDR compatibility
> Streaming services
> Voice compatibility
> Great remote
> Connectivity options
> Wireless rear speakers
Check here
Yamaha YAS-209BL Soundbar> Built-in Alexa
> Unbeatable audio quality
> Moderate size
> Surround sound
> Connectivity options
> Physical features
> Good-quality speakers‘
> Clear voice’ sound mode
Check here
Klipsch Cinema 600 Soundbar> Dedicated audio setup
> Wireless rear speakers
> Subwoofer
> Power output
> Built-in Dolby Digital Technologies
> Connectivity options
> Easy plug-and-play setup
Check here

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I am gonna cover some frequently asked questions for soundbars. I believe these FAQs will solve your queries and confusion.

Are rear speakers worth it for the soundbar?

Definitely! If you want to enjoy true surround sound with crystal clear dialogues, then you should get a soundbar with wireless rear speakers. The rear speakers will not only deliver enhanced immersive audio but will also generate majestic 3D sound effects.

What is the best soundbar with wireless speakers?

From my personal experience, the Samsung HW-Q950A is the best soundbar with wireless speakers. It also includes a subwoofer and all the Dolby technologies to deliver you the true surround sound effects in the most effective way.


The traditional soundbars will not produce the desired audio resolution without rear speakers. So you wouldn’t be able to enjoy true surround sound. And I know, nothing feels more vibrant than a 3D experience.

So I believe you can choose the suitable one for you among these 11 best soundbars with wireless rear speakers. This list also includes some of the exclusive ones at an affordable price. Hope this helps you to make a purchase.

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