5 Best UPS For LED TV

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Have you ever experienced an electric surge while watching your favorite TV show? Your TV blinks off and you get yourself in a dilemma, right? With a UPS, this will never happen!

A good Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) saves your electronic home appliances from damage. If you are a tech-savvy person, UPS utility is more like a necessity than a choice to you.

In this article, I have come up with the 5 best UPS for LED TV. Not just this but I am also going to cover some tips to preserve your UPS for a longer time.

I will also address some common mistakes often made by people. That decreases the longevity of the UPS. So make sure to read till the end!

Why does your LED TV need a UPS?

Connecting your LED TV to a UPS saves it from any type of electric or power surge. Even when there is a power failure. If your area experiences frequent power surge issues, then a UPS becomes essential.

The main issue with electronic gadgets/devices is that it tends to damage or corrode due to frequent electric surges. It also happens if you randomly switch it on/off. So a good UPS saves your precious LED TV from all these troubles.

5 Best UPS Comparison table:

UPSSpecificationAvailable On
APC SMT1500C1. Maximum power of 1000 watts and 1500VA.
2. 8 NEMA 515r surge protection outlets.
3. Automatic voltage regulation
4. Smart battery management
5. Intuitive LCD interface.
6. PowerChute Management Software
7. Amazing 301 mins of runtime.
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APC UPS Battery Backup1. Power of 330 watts along with 600VA voltage
2. Genset and inverter compatibility
3. Cold start capability
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Cyberpower AVRG750U AVR1. Holds power up to 450watts
2. Great voltage capacity of 750VA
3. impressive 12 NEMA 5-15R surge-protected outlets, where six of them also
4. offer battery backup.
5. RJ-11 connectors are available.
6. Adjustable placement
7. Affordable
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Cyberpower CP1000PFCLCD PFC1. Unique design with an adjustable LCD panel.
2. Automation voltage regulation and data protection.
3. 10 NEMA 5-15R outlets.
4. It has an excellent load capacity of 1000VA with a power of 600 watts.
5. 10 NEMA 5-15R outlets, five of which offer battery backup.
6. Bulky in size.
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Tripp Lite 1500VA 900W1. Quite affordable
2. A superb voltage of 900watts along with 1500VA! 
3. Solid battery backup runtimes
4. 10 NEMA 5-15R outlets, five of which give battery backup.
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5 Best UPS for LED TV

1. APC SMT1500C

Protecting your LED TV from random power fluctuation is a hard thing. Luckily, not with this smart UPS. At first glance, it is expensive but has tremendous potential. I have been using this for over a year and I must say that APC SMT1500C is one of the best for your LED TV.

Features and benefits:

High power and Voltage: The APC SMT1500C gives you a maximum wattage of 1000 watts! So using it, your LED TV will run for a longer period even after a power surge. It also genuinely provides an output voltage of 1500 VA.

With this maximum power and voltage, I find it super convenient to use. It covers your LED TV, PC, and other devices efficiently. In my opinion, this utility is one of the best surge protectors and battery backup devices available.

USB cable: This UPS includes a USB cable and VGA cable. You will also get an extension lead for the power supply and a three-pin Cal connection as well. 

Efficiency features: The APC SMT1500 is efficient with 8 NEMA 515r surge protection outlets. Along with that, it offers automatic voltage regulation and smart battery management.

I have observed that these two smart features increase battery longevity and performance maximization.

The automatic voltage regulator controls the voltage without resorting to the battery power capacity. And smart battery management takes care of the battery life while saving your total energy costs. 

Network safeguarding: This UPS is certainly the best one not just for your LED TV. But it also proves to be ideal for network safeguarding. My previous UPS wasn’t capable of protecting my switches and sockets. But this is a savior. It performs excellently in the protection of servers, routers, and switches.

LCD interface: Its features also include an intuitive LCD interface. It gives you real-time information about the device. You can check the power and battery level. You can also adjust and control settings on the LCD panel. 

Power-saving green mode: Additionally, this UPS has a power-saving green mode. It helps in minimizing the overall power consumption including the noise. So this directly helps in the life span of the battery. 

PowerChute Management Software: This UPS comes with a three-year warranty and decent PowerChute management software. This software ensures a safe shut down of your LED TV or other devices during a critical power surge. In my area, sudden power fluctuations always kept me worried. Until this software came as a rescue.

Brilliant run-time: Most importantly, it offers 301 mins of use at 50 watts while at 800 watts it offers 8 mins before it shuts down. Which is more than enough to turn off your LED TV safely. You even get a smart slot for the use of a network management card. Which altogether makes it a very nice package of highly useful utilities. 


  1. Longer runtime for your LED TV. So you can almost finish your favorite movie even when the power is down.
  2. It would also work amazingly for your PC and Desktop computers.
  3. The surge protectors prove to be the best among other UPS devices.


  1. The Powershot Management Software is not that great though. However, it gives a moderately satisfying performance.
  2. Including the batteries and other components, this device is very heavy. 

The APC SMT1500C is my personal favorite UPS. Even though it is expensive, yet it’s worth every penny. With such powerful runtime, you will never have to be sad about missing your favorite TV shows!

2. APC Backup UPS

This is a UPS device that offers a great combination of price reliability and features. So that its users never get worried about sudden power losses, possible hardware failure, and data corruption.

Features and benefits:

Genset and inverter compatibility: This UPS has got a Genset as well as inverter compatibility. So whenever you face any issue with the primary power, it will instantly provide power to your LED TV. Moreover, Genset technology keeps your electronic devices a step ahead of any serious technical issues.

Moderate power and voltage: It has an output capacity of 600VA/ 330 watts max. So it will be able to cover your LED TV smartly. If you observe the UPS, you will find a switch power button and battery server switch. You will also notice multiple power outlets. That means you can connect up to three devices simultaneously. However, if you want to add more devices then this might perform poorly. 

Cold-start capability: It also provides electronic overload protection and it is also cold start capable. Now you might be wondering what is a cold-start? In simple words, cold start capability determines the operating of a UPS without input power.

Basically, the cold start capability feature allows you to determine the functioning of your UPS in two ways. You can determine if your UPS isn’t operating due to a poor power source. Or if you need to turn it on during a power/voltage failure.

Strong battery backup and warranty: Moreover, it will give you battery backup and surge protection as well. Again, it offers you a two-year on-site warranty including the battery. So if you face any problem with the UPS or the battery, you can seek help instantly.

Official customer service: This brand comes with several models. You can check out their website where they will help you choose the suitable model for your LED. My friend owns this model and he had issues with the battery backup. When he informed their team directly on the website, they helped him sort it out easily.


  1. Cold-start capable.
  2. Plus it saves your device from fluctuation issues as well as motherboard sparking. 
  3. The settings are easy. There is nothing so complicated so you never need to stress over anything.


  1. This UPS utility offers no premium features. Only the basics performance but quality-full.
  2. If your LED TV is more than 43 inches or if you want to add additional devices, then you might not go for this UPS. As with 600VA, it might not cover it all. There are many reviews that do not recommend using this UPS for multiple devices.

The APC Backup UPS Battery itself doesn’t bring any premium features. Nevertheless, it comes supplied with all that is necessary for quality work.

3. CyberPower AVRG750U AVR UPS System

Suppose in your area, the power or voltage might fluctuate too much. Due to such frequent issues, your LED TV might face a breakdown.

If so, then this UPS would put an end to all your concerns. It is quite affordable. Feature-rich with a nice capacity and more importantly good performance. Let’s take a look at the essential key factors of this model:

Features and benefits:

Good power and voltage capacity: This UPS supports a maximum wattage of 450 watts. Besides, It has a low capacity of up to 750 VA. So it could be of instant help to your LED TV. Because it will prevent damage from sudden electric surges.

Impressive surge protected outlets: It has a great capacity and comes with the impressive 12 NEMA 5-15R surge-protected outlets. Six of them also offer battery backup. So it saves your gadgets from electric surges. Along with that, it gives you sufficient battery backup power for a safer shutdown.

Protection of phones: The Cyberpower AVRG750U AVR UPS System also includes three RJ-11 connectors for the protection of the phones. Not just phones but it will also protect your fax machines, printers, modem, and more. 

Standard overall performance: The overall performance of the Cyberpower AVRG750U AVR UPS System is quite standard. With a run time of 15 mins under 140 watts load and only a minute or two under full load. That is enough for a safe shutdown. Besides, it comes with other cool features. Such as Automatic voltage regulation, EMI RFI filters, USB connectivity, and a lot more.

Convenient adjustment: Another best thing about the Cyberpower AVRG750U AVR UPS System is that you can make proper adjustments at your convenience.

This UPS has a comfortable design that lets you mount it either vertically or horizontally. So you don’t have to take any hassle regarding the placement of your UPS. If you have a small table, then you can place it horizontally. 


  1. Affordable in range. Plus you enjoy a standard performance overall.
  2. You get more surge-protected outlets with a good voltage capacity.
  3. There are also RJ-11 connectors for your phones.


  1. Short-term power capacity. Won’t run for a longer period.

Certainly, if you are looking for a good ratio of price features and performance, then this UPS would make a great deal for you.

4. CyberPower CP1000PFCLCD PFC

Cyberpower CP1000PFCLCD PFC

If you have a high-quality solid LED TV, you need reliable UPS protection for it. The Cyberpower CP1000PFCLCD PFC might be exactly what you are looking for.

Not just for LED TVs, but this UPS is useful for network equipment, servers, and telecommunication systems.

It also works great on devices with active PFC or conventional supplies. Let’s take a look at its specialties:

Unique design: The Cyberpower CP1000PFCLCD PFC comes with a unique design. That way it doesn’t turn on while shipment. I have purchased one for my office which I had to charge for at least 5 days.

Why the design is unique? Simply to save your UPS from unwanted technical problems during the shipment. So when you’re using it for the first time, make sure to plug it in the power socket. Or your UPS battery might not turn on.

Adjustable LCD panel: This UPS also offers you It also offers you an adjustable LCD diagnostic display. You can adjust the LCD panel at your convenience. Keep it flat or lift and place it according to your adjustments.

Smooth surge-protected outlets with battery backup: Also, it comes supplied with 10 NEMA 515r outlets. Five of which have surge protection as well as battery backup. The other five offer only surge protection. That means whenever you run out of main power, there is battery backup to back up your battery power.

Numerous cool features: This smart UPS offers numerous options such as Automation voltage regulation and data line protection. So if your TV experiences an electric surge, it will divert or shun the voltage from the data line to the ground.

Thus keeping your LED TV safe and secure from damage. There is also EMI RFI protection that prevents radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. So you get improved sound and display. There are USB charge ports and a lot more cool features.

Amazing load capacity: Most importantly, its load capacity is 1000 VA while the wattage goes up to a decent 600 watts. In areas with frequent voltage issues, this UPS would work brilliantly. So if you are looking for a UPS with higher voltage, this could be the best one!

Power management software: Cyberpower lets you install their software FOR FREE! This power management software helps you to modify your LCD display settings as well as other UPS settings. So you can control your UPS system yourself!

Moderate runtime: It offers quite an amazing performance. With 9 mins of great runtime at half the load while that time limits to three mins at full load. This might not be great. But it’s still good enough for the safe shutdown of your LED TV.


  1. Excellent voltage capacity of 1000VA.
  2. It performs a promising performance with its 600 watts capacity.
  3. The LCD panel is adjustable up to 22 degrees displaying all the information you need.
  4. Works well on high-range LCDs as well.


  1. It is quite heavy. So you have to use a strong piece of furniture to carry its bulky weight.
  2. Not so great runtime.

However, if you are looking for a device that offers good value for the money. As well as a three-year warranty service, then this UPS is certainly one of the best options you should try!

5. Tripp Lite 1500VA 900W UPS

The Tripp Lite UPS performs a quality job at an affordable price. This UPS utility has a lot to offer you so make sure to take account of all of its benefits.

A smart blending of power and voltage: It has a nice and smart 1500VA load capacity with 900 watts of supported power. A perfect combination compared to the price! So if your area faces random power fluctuations and you are looking for a complete package of power and voltage, then the Tripp Lite 1500VA 900W UPS is definitely for you!

Complete basic features: Not just it offers a smart deal of battery and voltage! But it also provides intelligent battery management. So it sends you alerts on the remaining battery life beforehand. Besides, it also lets you use portable USB support.

Again, it includes Automatic voltage regulation, a green mode for reduced power consumption, and an easy-to-operate LCD interface. So you get all the basic features in this one UPS ensuring an impressive performance.

Moderate surge-protected outlets: With this UPS, you will get 10 surge-protected outlets, five of which offer battery backup. That means at an affordable rate, you are going to have enough surge-protected outlets. That too with battery backup capacity. 

Solid runtimes: Its battery backup runtimes are pretty much solid. Allows you 90 minutes of work for an entry-level device. While at 450 watts of load that time reduces to 10 mins or only 2 minutes or so at full load. So you get enough time to safely shut down your LED TV or other devices.


  1. Smart load and power capacity.
  2. Better battery backup runtimes.
  3. Runs smoothly with all the necessary features you need.


  1. Its durability is often questionable. Some of its users claim that it lasts slightly over its three-year warranty period. So you might have to buy another UPS after its warranty expires.

The Tripp Lite 1500VA 900W UPS might not be the perfect or probably the best UPS. But it is still worth the attention. Because it presents a good overall option. So you may want to try it!

Points that you should note down before buying a UPS for your LED TV

No need to mention that your UPS is equally important as your LED TV or other input devices. You determine the specifications of a UPS using two factors: Power range and Backup time. So make sure to check these two factors; complying with the specifications of the LED TV.

In this regard, consider the following aspects in order to have the best UPS:

  1. A UPS with a longer runtime means that you will have more time at your disposal before your LED TV runs out of juice. Therefore depending on the type and behavior of your LED TV, you should decide on a proper UPS utility. 
  1. The nature of the UPS device makes them even more vulnerable. So make sure you choose your UPS with the longest possible warranty.
  1. More outlets mean you’d be able to connect more devices. Of course, if the supported wattage allows that.
  1. Also, have in mind that not all outlets are equal. Some of them offer only surge protection while others also offer a battery backup. So pay closer attention to the details to find the best combination.
  1. I personally like things when they operate silently. Some UPS has fans that make noises while operating. Just like me, you could dislike the unwanted noise as well. Usually, UPSs having a power of more than 1000VA include fans. So if you are not having critical issues with the voltage of your area, consider buying a UPS under this voltage level.

Common mistakes made by people after buying a UPS

People tend to make some common mistakes after purchasing or while using a UPS. Although these mistakes are unintentional yet they hinder the longevity of the UPS.

Mistake No.1

In most cases, after purchasing a UPS, people connect it directly to their LED TV. Don’t do this. Instead, connect it to a power plug and charge for at least 9-10 days. This will boost the battery. As a result, it will be able to drive the best performance.

Mistake No. 2

What people often do is after the power shortage, they keep using the ups until it beeps and alarms you. This triggers the efficiency and longevity of the battery.

So NEVER let your battery drain out completely. Suppose if your UPS gives you 20 mins of battery backup, use it for only 20 mins. No more, no less.

Mistake No. 3

Another common mistake: People keep using a UPS for a year or two. All of a sudden, they feel like it is not working smoothly as before. So they opt to replace it and invest money again. But it is not the actual way.

If you feel like your UPS is not working well enough, open it up. Replace the battery. It will just take a few bucks. Re-installing a new battery is also easy. Just connect the red and black wires accordingly and you are good to go! 

Mistake No. 4

Often your UPS includes an LCD display, and it pops out after a use or two. This is because you carry the entire UPS, pressurizing on the display.

So if your UPS has an LCD display, don’t carry it or lift it using the LCD panel as leverage. Or else your LCD panel might pop out.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I’m gonna cover some basic FAQs regarding the best UPS for LED TV. These FAQs will help you perceive clear ideas on purchasing UPS on your device type.

What could be the best UPS for 43-inch LED TV?

Well, that depends on the additional input devices that you’d want to connect to the UPS. If you have no additional input devices, APC Backup UPS BX 600c would work perfectly! If there are more input devices, then the UPS might not cover all and shut down instantly.

What could be the best UPS for 55-inch LED TV?

Higher-resolution LED TVs to consume maximum power. In that case, I believe APC SMT1500C would be the right option! As it offers you a great power of 1000 watts and 1500VA voltage.

What is the best power guard for an LED TV? A UPS or a Voltage stabilizer?

Usually, these modern LED TVs have adequate input voltage already. So a voltage stabilizer is quite unnecessary in my opinion.

But in most cases, we see power fluctuation issues. That leads to the damage of TV for good. So I believe, a UPS could be the best power guard for your LED TV.


So this is it! I have broken down each and every detail in a nutshell. So you no longer need to search for the best UPS for LED TV. 

Oh yes, make sure not to commit the common mistakes that I have mentioned above. Avoiding these mistakes will increase the efficiency and longevity of your UPS. Also, note down the points to purchase your UPS matching with your LED type and resolution.

Good luck!

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