Cyberpower UPS Turns off on Power Failure

Cyberpower UPS Turns off on Power Failure [Reasons & Fix]

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I have been using the CP1500VA UPS from Cyberpower for ten months. Like you, I have also faced some issues with it. Recently, it has been turning off and stopped working on power outages. When I asked for help on a forum, I found many people with the same problem. So, I decided to do my own research and find a fix. 

However, I have known about numerous reasons for UPS failure. Also, I have learned about their solutions. That’s why I decided to share these things with you. So, here comes this blog.

Why Cyberpower UPS won’t turn on after power cut

Cyberpower UPS won’t turn on after power cuts due to overload, exhausted battery, or faulty circuit. Besides, it can occur because of some in-built features or limitations of the UPS. For example, the UPS can stop working for a long switching period or green power.

Anyways, you won’t understand the problems if I don’t explain them in detail. So, let’s dive deep into it.

  1. Overload: Most of the time, the UPS stop working on a power cut because of overload. Every UPS has its own capacity threshold. So, it won’t turn on when you put in an extra load. But, how do you know the UPS is on overload? Well, take my Cyberpower 1500VA, for example. It offers 1500 volts as output voltage. It will be considered an overload if the load is more than one-fifth of the output voltage. So, in Cyberpower 1500AV, 300V is the load capacity. If the load exceeds 300V, the UPS won’t turn on.

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  1. Exhausted battery: UPS supplies power to your PC, router, or other devices for a while when there is a power outage. Here power is stored on a battery. So, if the battery is exhausted or damaged inside, the UPS won’t supply power to the devices. Thus, the UPS won’t work on the power cut.
  1. Charging system: Sometimes, the battery is fine. Still, the UPS fails to turn on. There may have been an error on the UPS charging system in this case. When the battery doesn’t get charged, it won’t run the UPS. It’s as simple as that.
  1. Faulty circuit: All the devices you use, whether desktop or router, run on Alternating current (AC). A UPS usually stores power in the battery as a direct current. There is a circuit work as an inverter and convert DC to AC. This is how a UPS work. So, when the circuit is faulty, the UPS will fail to convert the current. As a result, the UPS won’t work on power failure.
  1. Long switching period: If the switching is too long, the UPS seems to not be turned ON. It can occur because of bad output voltage. When the voltage is not enough, the UPS fails to take over the devices after power failure.
  1. Green power: Green power is a safety mechanism for UPS. It allows the UPS to turn itself off after 2 minutes or less after the power cut. It’s done to avoid excessive load on the UPS. However, green power is introduced to just save the working progress. If you want a long time backup, it’s not for you.

A quick fix to dead Cyberpower UPS

A quick fix to dead Cyberpower UPS

Before you get into any serious repair work, try to solve the problem externally. Here are some steps you can follow for a quick fix. 

  1. Firstly, check the switch of the UPS. Sometimes, you forget to turn the switch ON and blame the UPS. Make sure the UPS is on while using your desktop or other devices. Then, check out the connectors and power cables. Many times the UPS gets fixed just by plugging and unplugging them.
  1. Secondly, check the setting of the UPS. You can find it on the display of UPS. If there is no display, you must install the associated software(s). Then, change the setting as necessary. Keep the green power system turned off and set the switching period as low as possible.
  1. Thirdly, unplug some devices that you need least after power failure. As overload is one of the major issues here, it’s a must. So, keep the emergency devices like your desktop or router and unplug unnecessary devices like the sound systems or lighting.

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Advanced troubleshooting ups turns off on power failure

Why Cyberpower UPS won't turn on after power cut

I really don’t want you to open the UPS and mess up things. But, you won’t have any other option left if the UPS doesn’t get well after a quick fix. So, follow the advanced troubleshooting to get your UPS fixed.

Anyways, you should do the repair works carefully. Otherwise, things can mess up here.

Tip-1: Replace the battery

It’s super easy to replace the UPS battery, especially on Cyberpower UPS. Moreover, it’s more cost-efficient to DIY than giving it to a mechanic. However, let’s go step by step to do it correctly.

  1. Firstly, get the correct battery. There are many brands for UPS batteries. But, I recommend AJC Battery if you are using a Cyberpower UPS. However, you must check and match the output voltage and capacity of the new battery with the old one.
  1. Secondly, get a Screwdriver and unscrew the bolts from the backside of the UPS. After unscrewing the bolts, slide the cover and open the casing. Then, take batteries out of the UPS and unmount them. Do it carefully so that you won’t damage any wiring.
  1. Thirdly, bring the new batteries and mount them with the wiring. Before that, check if there is any loose connection or disconnection. If there are any connection issues, rectify them with a Soldering Iron. Now, mount the battery and close the plastic protection.
  1. Lastly, set the batteries to the previously allocated place. Make sure they have fitted correctly. Then, close the casing and retighten the bolts.

Tip-2: Rectify electrical faults

After replacing the batteries, the UPS should get fixed. To know if the UPS is okay or not, you will need a Voltage Tester. But, how to test the UPS?

After fixing the USP, plug it in and turn the switch ON. The display should light up. If it doesn’t, there may have a problem. Besides, check the inverter system. For that, go to the backside of the UPS and insert the tester inside the sockets. The tester bulb should light up for some particular holes known as phase current.

Anyways, if there is any problem, you have to bring out the circuit and rectify electrical faults. However, when I am talking about rectifying the electrical faults, I don’t mean to repair the circuit. It’s really difficult to rectify the circuit. So, I won’t suggest doing it yourself. Rather, you should take it to an expert electrician. Now, the question rises again. What did I mean by rectifying electrical faults?

Well, there are some problems that you can solve without messing up things. You can consider the switch or charger as examples. What you have to do is to identify loose or no connections. It can be either wiring or components. Reconnect them with soldering. Here is a simplified circuit diagram of the UPS. You can follow it to know about the flow of electricity on a UPS.

Google image

Frequently asked questions

How many years does a UPS battery last?

It depends on many factors like the load given or frequency of use. Even after, if you insist for an answer, it would say it’s around 3 to 4 years. Yes, a UPS battery can last about 3 to 4 years. However, it can last even more if you get a high-quality UPS. Other hand, a cheap-priced UPS comes with a low-quality battery that lasts only 1 or 2 years.

How do I know if my UPS battery is bad?

A UPS’s mechanism is like an inverter. So, a faulty battery on UPS shows symptoms like an invertor’s error. So, when there is beeping light on the display, you can assume the battery is bad. Besides, uneven voltage fluctuation also indicates a bad battery.

How do I reset my Cyberpower UPS?

It’s super easy to reset a Cyberpower UPS. What you have to do is to shut down the PC. Then turn the UPS ON again, and the UPS will be reset to its initial settings.


UPS is used to get a bit of extra power backup while there is an outage of electricity. It’s sometimes proven to be a live saver.

For example, if you are working on your desktop, you can save the progress even after a power cut. So, it’s disappointing and risky when the UPS is not working on a power outage.

Anyways, I have come up with a solution that can help you avoid this kind of inconvenience. It’s not only for Cyberpower users but also applicable for other UPS users.

However, It’s good to start with a quick solution. Most of the time, the UPS gets fixed after it. Otherwise, follow the advanced troubleshooting guide. I hope you will get a solution to all your problem.


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