How to Fix Bose Wave Music System Aux Not Working

How to Fix Bose Wave Music System Aux Not Working

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The Bose Wave Music System is an astonishing complete music system that incorporates Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, auxiliary input, and an AM/FM radio tuner all in one. But it’s a huge bummer when your favorite music system fails to output sound, right? Well, not getting to fix an Aux cable problem is a common one. Don’t worry as I am about to show you the best ways you can fix your music system’s aux cable-related problem in flash. 

5 Possible Reasons Behind the Aux Input Not Working

Let’s identify the most common reasons behind your Bose Wave Music system failing to output sound through the auxiliary output. 

1. When you are using a bad cable:

Most of the time we try to use any cable that we find lying around our home for our work. But due to negligence or some other reasons, the cable can simply get damaged and not remain in perfect condition to work. So, a bad cable may be the primary reason why your Wave Music System is getting no audio signals.

2. The port is blocked:

Another common reason the Wave Music System cannot output sound is that the aux input port is blocked due to dirt getting accumulated or something blocking the connectors. If the aux port is not used for a long time, it can simply get blocked due to dirt.

3. The source device is faulty:

When you are connecting the Wave Music System with another device like your TV or computer through the aux cable, both devices should contain workable aux input systems. If your other device has a faulty connection, the Bose Wave Music System won’t be able to produce sound.

4. Incorrect audio input source is selected:

If your music system is connected to the aux input, the aux button is supposed to be pressed twice to select the proper input stream. Otherwise, the device won’t connect via an aux cable. 

5. Faulty headphones are connected:

When you are connecting a headphone to the aux port, you need to check if the headphones are of good quality or not. Connecting a faulty headphone will not produce any sound. You can simply input the headphones into your phone or any other device to check their quality. 

Now, you have discovered the most common reasons behind the aux input not working in your Bose Wave Music System. Let’s try to dig deeper to find the easiest solutions:

A Quick-Fix Guide to Solve the Aux Input Problem

Fix Guide to Solve the Aux Input Problem
  • If your old cable is not working, try to diagnose if the cable is the issue by trying it on a different device. Or you can purchase a new aux cable.
  • Inspect the aux port of your Bose system. If you can see dirt inside, try to clean it using an air duster or a clean microfiber cloth.
  • Check if you have accidentally activated the Snooze feature. The system is supposed to remain silent when the Snooze button is pressed. Try disabling Snooze.
  • If you are trying to connect your speaker system to your TV, check if you are using the appropriate TV settings. Many TVs have separate functions that allow audio to be sent directly to speakers other than the TV speakers. In the TV menu, navigate to the Audio Output setting and select External Speakers. 
  • Try increasing the volume on your TV. Also, check the volume level on the Bose system. If the volume is too low, you won’t be able to hear anything. Hence, try increasing the volume both on your TV settings and the Bose system. 
  • When you connect an accessory like the pedestal or multi-disc changer, two aux inputs are available. Make sure to select the correct input to which your audio device is connected.

Still Not Fixed!? Try These Solutions:

Possible Reasons Behind the Aux Input Not Working
  • Investigate if your device has any signs of physical damage or not. Maybe it was an accidental drop or something fell on top of it. Physical damage can cause malfunction to occur in the device.
  • Check for any loose connections. The 3.5 mm jack requires a moderate amount of pressure to be inserted properly. So, make sure you are plugging in the cable correctly.
  • Try to examine if other sources of input systems are working properly or not. Try connecting your device via Bluetooth and check if your device is outputting sound. If it is, then the device is working properly. If it is not, then the device might have faulty speakers. 
  • Try connecting and reconnecting several times. A blocked connection may sometimes prevent your device from functioning properly. 
  • If nothing works, try resetting your device. Much like rebooting a smartphone or computer, it can help to solve a lot of minor software-related issues. 
  • If you are using the SoundTouch app for Mac or PC, try closing and reopening the app. Restarting the app can sometimes resolve connection and performance issues.
  • Check and install any available software updates for your product model. 

Don’t lose your hope if you fail to make your device work again after trying all the mentioned solutions. As with any other electronic device, it may simply have developed a hardware issue, which is not solvable at home.

You may contact your seller for any warranty claims or ask for technical support. An experienced technician can inspect the device and replace any faulty components to make it work again.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will cover frequently asked questions concerning your Bose Wave Music System. The solutions will be applicable for both Bose Wave Music System III and Bose Wave Music System IV.

Why is my Bose Wave Music System not outputting any sound?

Make sure you have selected the proper input sound source. Furthermore, check the volume levels of your device.

How do I use the Aux input in my Bose Music System?

After connecting a device via the aux cable in the back of the system, press the aux button and try to play something on the device.


I have tried to walk you through the solution process by identifying the most common issues that could occur on your Bose Wave Music System. I certainly hope one of the solutions is adequate for you to solve the issue. 

However, if you cannot still solve the problem on your own, you can always seek the help of customer service. 

Good luck!

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