Why Cyclops Spotlight Won't Charge

Why Cyclops Spotlight Won’t Charge?

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Your spotlight, all of a sudden has stopped charging. But you need it badly tonight for, let’s say could be anything, like fishing, tracking, night hiking. And if you are a cop, then definitely you are in great concern.

But you don’t have to panic, because, with electronic equipment, that has to be recharged, often this kind of problem happens. It’s common.

But in this article, we are about to provide you with some very easy tips that will help you to get your Cyclops charged again.

There may not be any serious problems. There could always be disconnection due to impacts.

We will cover every possible problem due to which the spotlight may not be charging. 

Many signs may be provided of the need to replace the battery. Like the red LED light flashing as you connect to your cyclops.

You may think it’s the battery fuse on the left because you’re adjusting it, but it doesn’t. 

Maybe it may mean that your battery must be replaced and that the charge cannot be sustained. Just like this, there could be many issues.

We will try to cover as many as possible. Let’s get started;

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Fix Step by Step Cyclops Spotlight Won’t Charge Problem

Fixing Cyclops Spotlight Charging Issue

Facing charging issues with a Cyclops Spotlight is very common. We read a lot of reports about it and most of them are about the spotlight not charging.

The fun fact is there are also some reviews that they figured out on their own what the problem was.

Most report that they forgot the plugin, or the charging adapter issue, or something that is not a manufacturer defect. 

As you read through, you will get to know how many issues can be there with a spotlight that is not charging and their easy solutions.

These solutions are from experts around the world on both electronics and spotlights. 

1. Check the plugin

Make sure the connector is fully attached. The light is triggered as the controller loads.

The connector is faulty because the light is not triggered when the plug is correctly connected. To cope with the problem, the charging port must be replaced.

Most of the time due to bad plugins, the product could get damaged. So be careful about proper plugins.

2. Check the Battery with a minimum meter

The battery is fitted with a PCB that prevents the current from being full to the battery.

If the issue is an out-of-balance battery or a poor charge circuit inside the controller, it can or may not be supported by a micro USB and a .5 amp or less AC adapter.

It is worth checking out the micro USB if it can obtain 70% of the AC adapter. Just one meter into the battery is the way to tell for certain.

If the power is not guaranteed, you will be stuck with a maintenance bill that may or may not be equal to the expense of a new controller.

If your Spotlight light is not charging, do not hesitate to check it out with a minimum meter. It will both save your Spotlight and Money.

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3. Check if it is Hibernation

Check if it is Hibernation

There is a fair possibility the batteries are in hibernation mode. This could only happen if they’ve been in storage for a few months.

If you want to charge a battery that has been idle for a couple of months.

Most probably when you plug the battery no LED lights will be lit. Here is the way to get the cyclops spotlight battery out of hibernation. 

A solid red light will be reflected if you decide to power a battery in hibernation mode.

Keep on to the red light (then take about 5 minutes) and plug the charger.

Sit in for a few hours while the battery is plugged in and the hibernation mode can be worn off. 

If you intend to store the batteries for a long time, it is recommended that not only the Cyclops but also any spotlight’s batteries be kept between 40 percent and 65 percent.

And do check it every while and then with a battery checker.

4. Check if there is any short circuit

If a short circuit is found, the charger will stop charging the load.

You can tell you have a spotlight short-circuiting when the breaker trips as soon as you turn on the light or plug it in.

You might even hear the crackling of electrical arcing or see a spark. 

You must check the resistance among various points in the circuit to test a circuit board for a short circuit.

If there is no indication about the position or origin of the short circuit in the visual inspection, catch a multimeter, and attempt to map your physical location on the printed circuit board.

5. Check for a Damaged Charger

It could be because of a bad charger if your battery is not charging. Close inspection for signs of loose wiring or any other damage to each part of the charger you use. 

Try using this to see if the battery starts charging if you have another charger.

Try using a different battery if only the one charger reduces the problem as a charged charger that charges the battery, but not the other one would indicate that the battery is the problem, not the charging charger.

6. Dead Battery

As we have mentioned above, checking your spotlight batteries is a must.

Many reviews and reports have been gathered that users have found their batteries dead after several months of not using them.

This could be a major cause of your Cyclops Spotlight not charging. 

Just do this, put your spotlight on charge and wait till the assumed time when the battery gets fully charged.

Connect any micro-USB charger to the charging port in the battery.

During charging both the red and green lights will light up. Your battery is fully charged when the light on the battery shines a solid green.

If there is not anything like that, most probably your battery of spotlight is dead.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cyclops Spotlight 

Along with the above discussion, these questions and answers will also help you to fulfill your query. Go through these, they will come in handy.

Should a non-Cyclops battery be used?

No not that. And if you prefer cheaper, it is not a good idea to lose your spotlight for a few more dollars.

Is it bad to deplete the Cyclops battery to 0%?

As batteries lead to death after an amount of time of usage, it is better to recharge it before it goes all out.

How to develop firmware on Cyclopes battery?

The firmware of the spotlight is already updated for the firmware of the battery. You can’t just update the battery firmware.

Should the Battery be diagnosed?

The battery should only be disassembled by experienced professionals. The handling of spotlight batteries can pose a fire risk removal of your spotlight batteries without any authorization can lead to an invalid warranty.

Final Words

Being in trouble with “not charging” any electronic equipment can always be very troublesome. Does not mean if it is a spotlight or a phone. But we always suggest looking for the obvious flaw that may occur. 

In this article, we have tried to cover every possible problem that can be happening with the spotlight not charging. And we are sure of the process that will be beneficial in fixing the problem.

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