Duralast Jump Starter 700 won't charge

Duralast Jump Starter 700 Won’t Charge[Fix it Asap]

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Imagine yourself in the driving seat of your car and it gets stuck on the road. How frustrating it is! 

It may occur for a drained car battery. So, what’s the solution? This is when a charged jump starter comes to play. 

That’s great. But that may not be great if there is a further problem even with your Duralast Jump Starter. Then, there might be tons of questions. Like, how to charge my Duralast jump starter easily and safely, what are the reasons for its not charging, etc.

Today, we will let you know what to do when Duralast Jump Starter 700 won’t charge.

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Gear Up Yourself: Safety Precautions before you start

It’s not about just taking the battery and the charging is done. Here you should maintain some precautions for safety purposes. Choose a dry, comfortable, properly ventilated place. Plus, always keep the charging area away from children. Follow these below factors:

#1. Keep eye protection while charging the jump starter.

2. You should charge your jump starter just after one use to extend the battery life. Plus, you should recharge the battery periodically to retain the utmost battery power.

3. While staying in cooler conditions, don’t recharge your battery. Before that, bring the temperature to 0°C at least.

4. Make sure all other processes of this battery Jump-Starter is off while you are restoring. Don’t perform DC appliances with your charger when the AC charger is recharging it. 

5. Prevent mashing, slashing, yanking, ensnaring, or endangering charging adapter cables to severe temperature or harsh edges.

6. If the charger is wrecked, never take it to charge.

How to Fix the Duralast Jump Starter 700 won’t charge? 

Duralast Jump Starter 700 charge problem fix

A Duralast Jump Starter 750 Amp has no AC charging adapter. So, one needs to buy a separate compatible AC adapter. Then, follow the below steps:

Step1: First of all, ensure that all the starter battery switches are OFF.

Step2: Bring your AC adapter node into the Duralast charging spot.

Step3: Make the adapter plugged into a power supply source.

Step4: There is an LED display in the Duralast battery. It gives a signal when the charging is started. If you still don’t get the charging started, then turn the power supply off as well as recheck the wired connections.

Step5: Once the charging is done, unplug your adapter and turn off the power supply. 

Step6: After that, detach the the AC adapter connection from the jump starter.

Step7: Take the AC charging adapter in a secured area.

Step8: Wait for a minutes before operating the Duralast jump starter.

How To Charge Your Portable Jump Starter [Step by Step]

  1. Take off the hood of your car and set the battery.
  2. Keep the positive battery terminal connection on the battery.
  3. Input the negative terminal on the battery.
  4. Make the power switch on the front of the jump starter pack.
  5. Turn on the key in the ignition as you usually would start your car.

The Final Decision: Replacing the Duralast Jump Starter with a New One

Replacing the Duralast Jump Starter with a new one

If you don’t find the Duralast Jump Starter working, or it’s no more possible to fix, then you need a replacement. Here we’ve come with three handy products that should meet your needs.

I try to recommend the best product that comes with rigorous quality control procedures to ensure safe, reliable operations for years to come. Here is our list of the three best Duralast Jump Starter 700 with a short description:

1. GOOLOO-Maintainer-Automatic-6-Stages Charger 

GOOLOO comes with an intelligent 6-stage charging along with many other great features like desulfation, soft start, absorption, battery test, better trickling and etc.

Besides, there is an MCU controller unit that helps the device to stop directly once charged. Another great thing of this charger is that it has excellent winter mode to charge properly in winter. 

Power Specifications:

  • Rated input voltage: 100v-120v
  • 6-stage charging
  • Winter mode

2. Clore-Automotive-Jump-N-Carry-JNC550A-Compressor

This portable car battery is named Jump-N-Carry jump starter. Offering reliable power, it helps to perform the jump starting function. Plus, it gives excellent cranking power, more cranking time, extensive jumps per charge as well as overall long service life.

Power Specifications:

  • Amps: 1100 Peak 
  • Power Port: 12 Volt 
  • USB Output: 2.4A

3. Omilik-Duralast-BP-DLG-BPDLG-Power Charger

Omilik-Duralast Charger is a non-OEM but 100% Compatible with a wide variety of devices. It comes with great safety mechanisms. For example, it protects short circuiting, overvoltage, overcurrent, and internal overheating.

Besides, the portable charger is compact and lightweight that offers enough convenience, portability as well as storage.

Power Specifications:

  • Output: 13.5V 
  • Input: 1A  
  • Volt Range: 100-240V 

If you want to do any work with a duralast jump starter, then the manual guide will help you to do your work easily and properly. Here is the maintenance guide for Duralast Jump Starter 700.

Final Verdict

To sum up, these are all the methods you have to maintain to solve this problem.  Hopefully,  this article was fruitful for you. We have compiled some recommendations for you from Amazon as well. You may check those from Amazon. 

Thus, when you find your Duralast Jump Starter 700 won’t charge, try to fix it asap or replace it with a new one.

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