how to hook up a cb linear amp

How to Hook Up a CB Linear Amp (Step By Step Process)

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Today’s discussion will discuss How to Hook Up a CB Linear Amp Step By Step. Check our Four-step process.

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As a CB radio user, you should know that CB radios work in low frequencies. So, when you are tuning your CB radio in a large city, it seems almost useless. 

Then, what can you do to fix this problem? How is it possible? 

It is very possible in two ways. One is to go to the sea or out of town. You can listen to the radio quite well there. Another way is to use a CB amp. 

However, going out of the city or traveling to the sea to use a CB radio is not a very promising idea. Rather, it is more preferable to use a CB amplifier.

Honorable reader, you may ask then why you should use a CB amplifier? 

In fact, a CB amplifier is an extremely effective tool that can greatly amplify the signal from the CB radio. How helpful a CB amplifier is? 

Normally, CB radios work with a power consumption of 10 and 12 watts. Though it’s quite ok while you are out of the city, it may need more power supply at times.

Luckily, you will get a chance to use 15 or even 18 watts of power by using the CB amplifier. 

What’s more, while using the CB amplifier, one doesn’t have to go to another location, as the user seems to get a connection over 7k or 8k miles away even. 

That is to say, a CB linear amplifier is an extraordinary device. However, the amplifier is not legal to use everywhere. In the meantime, an amplifier is not illegal to use everywhere as well! 

If you are looking to buy a CB amplifier for your radio, then please read the below guide for a better understanding.

Are all the CB radios connected with the amplifier for enhancing power? 

Are all the CB radios connected with the amplifier for enhancing power

As you know, several CB radios have several power thresholds. Let, your CB radio is generating its utmost power but you can not connect an amplifier to deal with it.

However, it doesn’t seem that your CB is enough. So, first of all, make sure that your CB radio can perform appropriately as well as can be connected to an amplifier. 

If it’s okay, then you can come to connect a CB amplifier. 

Types Of CB Amplifiers: 

There are three types of CB radio amplifiers to use. The following are: 

  • CB Linear Amplifiers: A CB Linear amp can flawlessly recover the outgoing radio signal. 
  • Valve RF Amplifiers (Also called as tube amplifiers): Works great on professional radios. Best for Highly powerful radios.  
  • Common-emitter Amplifiers: Suitable for intensifying the weak incoming signal. 

Though there are three options out there, most CB radio users need the first option: a CB linear amplifier. But Why? 

Indeed, a linear amplifier is more preferable to the other two options for two main reasons:  

A) A linear amplifier comes with outstanding characteristics 

B) The amplifier enables you to cover hundreds of miles at the massive power supply. 

As you are ready to set your CB radio with an amplifier, now it’s time to get started with the below steps: 

How to Hook up a CB Linear Amp? Step by Step Guide

how to hook up a cb linear amp 4 step process
  • Step One: Connect the CB to a car or as a home base.  

In the beginning, you have to connect your CB antenna and ensure that the standing wave is accurate. Never connect a linear amplifier when your Standing Wave Ratio(SWR) is not good enough. It may damage your CB radio. 

  • Step Two: Put the amplifier in a position near to the unit.  

While You’re In a car, the amplifier can be placed on the floor or on the side mount brackets. On the other hand, while In a home, set the amp up on a table close to the unit. 

  • Step Three: Disconnect the CB antenna coaxial cable from the CF. 

Connect the coaxial cable to an input (or output) on the amp. But remember one thing, before connecting the cable, put the amp close to the radio. 

  • Step Four: Hook up the amplifier to the power supply. 

Next, you have to connect the standing wave ratio meter to the linear amplifier. To ensure that it hasn’t changed, you have to do an SWR check. 

Thus, you’re done! And we’re done with the guide on How to Hook Up a CB Linear Amp. Still, you have to keep some more information in mind. Let’s see why you need alteration while using a CB amp. 


Don’t use a linear amplifier purposefully to bleed over on anyone else. Random use of it may cause problems. 


You might be fined If you are arrested for using a linear amplifier. Yes, you will use the amplifiers, but still, you are to be cautious and careful while using them.  

Please search the information about the legitimacy of manipulating a CB amplifier in your country or state, make sure that you are not going to break the law. 

Thanks for reaching this far! 

If you still have any questions or problems while using the CB amplifier, feel free to comment below. We’ll be right back to you soon. 

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