How to fix yamaha keyboard that has no sound-quick solution

How to fix a Yamaha keyboard that has no sound

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You try to play your favorite music on your Yamaha Piano, but unfortunately, there’s no sound. It is frustrating as it ruins your musical world and desires. Will you throw away your loveable piano? Not going for a repair can be the best solution for such a problem so that you restore the normalcy of the device.

I know you might think that there could be no power. But there are several issues that can trigger the problem, leaving you with a soundless Yamaha keyboard. That shouldn’t be the end of your love for music because this report will provide you with the necessary information to contain the problem.

When the Yamaha keyboard doesn’t produce sound even after being plugged into a power source, try to inspect for the following considerations. We have several factors that might trigger a soundless Yamaha piano. Let’s explore more about the challenge.

Major reasons Yamaha keyboard no sound with quick solutions

yamaha keyboard that has no sound

1. You must ensure that nothing has been attached to the headphone port

This is the first step that you can do to determine the real problem as to why a Yamaha keyboard doesn’t produce sound. There might be items plugged into the headphone port like a pair of headphones, pedal cord, or conversation adapter.

You, therefore, need to understand that there’s nothing attached to the headphone port. Anything in the port may prevent sound from the product because it acts as an external speaker.

So I would advise you to check the headphone port before searching for many problems. Disconnect any detached item like a conversation adaptor.

2. Ensure the setting of the speaker is on “ON” or “Normal” mode

Check the speaker’s setting and switch it to “ON” or “Normal” mode if it’s on “OFF” mode. Yes, once the speaker is off, there will be no sound produced, no matter how hard you hit your Yamaha piano’s keys.

The following can be displayed on the instrument or keyboard:

– Normal: This symbol implies that the speakers won’t produce any sound once headphones or conversation adapter are connected.

NOTE: You need to understand that the word “Normal” of the speaker set can be referred to as “Auto” or “Headphone Switch” based on the model you’re using. Please, it’s advisable to revise your user manual and understand the type of keyboard with you.

– ON: the speaker means that the speaker is ready to produce sound.

– OFF: the symbol implies that the speaker won’t produce any sound. In short, the instrument’s speaker is on lock mode, allowing you to play the Piano via external speakers or headphones. You can plug in any external device through the AUX OUT ports.

NOTE: Based on the model of your keyboard, changing the speaker setting can be challenging. For this reason, the speaker doesn’t become the possible cause for the no-sound problem in Yamaha Pianos. Configure for more problems if the speaker setting is ok with your keyboard.

3. Ensure the master volume of your keyboard isn’t set too low

Here is another problem that might be making your piano produce no sound. Sometimes we overlook this issue, but it can be the best and simpler to solve the issue of no sound in our Yamaha piano. What you need to do is to check the level and adjust the volume using the knob or slider to an appropriate level.

Therefore, before inspecting for other possible problems, ensure the volume is set to your favorite level.

4. Try factory setting your instrument

Restarting the keyboard might be a suitable solution to a no-sound problem. However, before opting for this technique, try all the above options and ensure they aren’t the causatives.

More so, you need to understand that restarting your Yamaha Piano may delete previously saved files. It’s therefore advisable to save the files to a reliable external hard disk.

Besides, the mechanism might delete your backup settings from the instrument. Just like any other electronic device, this gadget will go back to its new mode (restoration). So to factory reset your Yamaha Keyboard;

Press the On/Standby switch while pressing the right-end white key (C7) to power the instrument.

How to determine that my keyboard speaker is problematic

Ensure the master volume of your keyboard isn’t set too low

You need to know that the speaker of your Yamaha Piano is problematic by plugging in the headphone and listening carefully for sound production. If there’s sound, unplug it and then rate the difference. If the keyboard still doesn’t produce sound, probably the speaker set is compromised.

Sometimes the headphone jacks might be problematic as even if you plug in headphones, there is no sound. You may realize that the headphone insertion is not smooth.

You should therefore ensure that the headphone header is completely inserted into the port. Adjust it by either pulling out or pushing it; twist it to sit properly in position. If it’s your lucky day, you may suddenly hear a sound from the speaker.

Try to wiggle the headphone jack pin and if it loses sound again, then automatically there’s a bad connection. Apply a little force while wiggling the headphone and push them into the port.

However, sometimes your keyboard might be facing a self-locking problem that’s always common when you wrongly plugged in headphones.

Frequently asked questions about the Yamaha keyboard

How should I reset a Yamaha keyboard?

Start by turning off the instrument and then press the right-end white key and hold it there. Wait until the keyboard turns ON. After powering ON the instrument, release the key. Your Yamaha Piano will restore and retain the original factory settings.

What is the meaning of a dead key on a keyboard?

A dead key doesn’t mean as it sounds (dead) because it’s kinda a special key used as a modifier on mechanical typewriters, computer keyboards, etc. it’s typically essential in attaching a certain diacritic to the base letter.

Check our guide about fixing piano dead keys.

Final words

Hopefully, the above discussion helps you to configure and handle the possible causes for your no-sound keyboard problem. We have exploited a variety of possible challenges and suggested possible easy fixes to tackle the problems. Connectivity is the main issue associated with Yamaha Pianos and you need to ensure that the volume level is not set too low.

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