Why My ac compressor shuts off after a few seconds

Why My Ac Compressor Shuts Off After A Few Seconds

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Nowadays without an AC in our home or office, it has become almost impossible to work or stay even for a bit. Especially during Summer. But as important as the AC is, the much of a problem it makes us face. It is a common problem that every Ac owner faces, for even once in their life, that the AC keeps turning off or the Compressor Shuts off. This system also is known as Short Cycling.

In this article, we are about to provide you with some sequential and important steps which will help you fix the compressor of your AC. These steps are recommended by professional mechanics and users all over the world. You could do it all by yourself if you have general knowledge of the mechanism of the compressor. But you can always take the help of professional mechanics you can find in your area.

Most possibly short cycling is the AC system. An AC system can be turned on and off many times due to dust, defective, failing, or technical causes. 

The shorter duration is where the cooling cycle of an AC system stops prematurely to be triggered again after a brief period. This will not take much of your time as you read through them. Doing as the steps say, you will see visible results. Without any further due, let’s get started;

Fixing AC Compressor Shuts Off After A Few Seconds

Fixing Compressor that Shuts Off After A Few Seconds

On a hot summer day, a sudden power-down of your AC will not only piss you off, but it will also make you suffer in the excessive heat. Believe me, we have seen a lot of complaints about shutting off the AC Compressor. Almost every AC owner faces this kind of problem.

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We have come up with 7 individual steps in this article, which will not take too much of your time to read. Going through the Steps you will have the exact idea about your AC compressor shutting off suddenly.  In any scenario, these repairs will not work, and they won’t repair an air conditioner that has a defective part. They’re worth testing, though before you call in an expert.

So, let’s not waste any of your precious time, and save you from this un-tolerate able heat;

1. Check the Thermostat Location

How home builders place the thermostat in the world is funny. Recall, wherever the thermostat is, wherever its indoor temperature senses and decides whether it is still cool enough. If the temperature is away from the windows, near an airflow, or on the house’s shady side, it might be your problem. It may just need to relocate your thermostat.

2. Check Thermal And  Internal Overload

There is normally two safety, one is thermal overload, which slows the compressor when the voltage is high and usually begins again after a minute. The other is an internal overload (not serviceable) which is heat-driven since it’s inserted into the winding of the compressor motor. It is surrounded by a massive volume of dense mass, it would usually be.

3. Trouble Shoot

A licensed, insured, and trained technician is advised to solve the issue. There are many items, including a dory condensing spiral, failed expansion system, power issue, failed condenser or failed compressor, and many more, which may cause such a condition. The only way you are sure is to troubleshoot on the computer.

4. Check for 24vac

The compressor turns off the fan. This ensures it is not powered by overheating and is not unlocked. I don’t think that this model is built-in with pressure safeties, so your contractor can have a problem. I assume it should be between 6 and 10 ohms to verify the resistance of the coil. 

Test the contactor coil for 24vac during service to see if the contactor slips below 24vac when it is discharged. When the voltage falls to 0 and the contactor checks properly, the voltage between R and C will be tracked. 

The transformer is likely the problem if this voltage drops with the outside unit. If even though Y to C falls, the voltage remains constant, the thermostat is poor. If the thermostat checks bad, make sure there is no partial shortening of the wire. The ground resistance of the Y wire is not separated from the status and the contactor.

5. Blank Thermostat Screen 

Your Ac Compressor might be facing a Short Cycling issue. Although the thermostat will be a small component of your whole system, this unit tests the whole home temperature, so it must operate correctly. 

It could be low in batteries and lose power intermittently when you note your thermostat screen is vacant or fading. This triggers your AC device to activate and shut down when your battery power is dropped. Take the battery repair and restart the thermostat.

 If your dilemma is not fixed by any solution, call a thermostat diagnosis HVAC professional.

6. Check for Dirty Condenser Coils

Check for Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils of your AC would likely be caked with soil and debris whether you are switched on or off outside of your AC systems and if you had no AC maintenance in a few years. On the outside, the air conditioning unit is the condenser tube, and heat is released into your house. You will overheat and turn off your AC system constantly if it is clogged with too much dirt and grime. Clean the condenser coils or do routine repairs. You could easily clean the coils just by spending some time rather than spending an extra cost for calling in some experts. 

In most situations, unless you are in an abnormally windy/dusty/dirty area where it can come into contact with more debris than average, the AC coils only need to be washed once a year. It will also have to be washed more often if you use your AC unit extensively. To clean the coils, you might use a cleaner, brush, or even a hand swap. But make sure the device is switched off and safe to touch until that.

7. Check for Frozen Evaporator Coils

If you have airflow problems with your AC system or a refrigerant leak, your evaporator coils can freeze up. Your AC system will turn off until the ice melts as this occurs and then switch on again. If you have not tested your air filters, then you potentially have a refrigerant leak. Check your outdoor AC device for ice accumulation. 

It could mean that a hissing sound emanating from your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant. The vents or the air conditioner itself can detect an odor of ether, chloroform, or sweetness. The leaks are detected and you can quickly patch the smaller leaks or leaks by inserting leak seals. But your HVAC specialist can suggest removing your refrigerant coil if there are several leaks or severe ones.

Some Important FAQs about AC compressor

After a few minutes, why interrupt my AC compressor? 

If there is something wrong with your AC that causes it to shut down after just 15 minutes, it’s normally because of the following problems: the machine overheats. This sometimes suggests that within the compressor device there is actually a buildup of grime, but it may also suggest there is a refrigerant leak or other reasons. A faulty thermostat.

How to Stop and Prevent Short Cycling

Have air filter testing. Believe it or not, a wide one will create a clogged air filter. The variety of problems with air conditioning. Test the placement of your thermostat. Verify the refrigerant levels in the air conditioner. Replace the control switch at low pressure. A compressor check.

What is Short cycling?

Short cycling is an HVAC concept used to describe a case where too often a furnace or air conditioner switches on and off.

Resetting my air conditioning unit?

For at least 15 seconds, unplug the device from the wall and plug it back in. Then, stay down and release the reset button for three seconds. Repeat this move if the machine doesn’t kick on. Locate the circuit breaker panel if this still doesn’t work, and consider flipping the one linked to the AC unit.


Through the article, we have enlisted 7 very important steps that will help you to check and identify the problems with your AC Compressor System.  It is disconcerting if AC shuts off all of a sudden and by following the steps you can have the exact idea of Why your AC compressor is shutting off and how to fix them.

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