How to make a mobility scooter go faster

How to make a mobility scooter go faster In a Day ( Step by Step)

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In today’s world, mobility scooters are progressively getting popular day by day. It becomes the talk of the town because those individuals who have difficulty in walking are using it as the medium for movement.

This machine is a perfect auxiliary means of shifting from one place towards the other point. But what if you want to increase the speed of your mobility scooter in a day.

Well, in this article, I will put your heads together about how to make a mobility scooter go faster rather than the typical scooter. Make no late to start reading this explanatory article.

How to make a mobility scooter go faster In 6 Steps

Speed is not a factor, especially for mobility scooters. They are exclusively designed to assign proper mobility for those people who have physical disabilities. As a consequence, the speed of the mobility scooter is restricted in such a way that greater speed will not cause any kind of problem for the rider.

It is thoroughly not possible to raise the speed of the mobility scooter. Yet you may take some steps in terms of increasing the speed of the mobility scooter. Now we will focus on it step by step-

1. Add a powerful battery-

Add a powerful battery- make electric scooter faster

If you want to drive your mobility scooter faster than firstly think about adding a powerful battery. Generally, if you increase the power of the battery, it will help to raise the speed of the mobility scooter.

What happens as the electronic components may work rapidly while it is getting more power. When you raise the power of the battery, you may notice greater performance.

You can do it simply by the replacement of the battery together with a powerful one. If possible, add an extra battery with your scooter. Although sometimes it may not raise the speed.

Hence, it permits you to increase the speed of your scooter over a longer time. If the scooter has a speed limiter, you should remove it before adding the battery.

There are various types of batteries available in today’s technology. Lightweight but the powerful battery can serve your desire to drive the scooter faster.

Nowadays Lithium-ion(Li-ion) batteries are getting popular for serving with high power. So, a powerful battery can be the journey companion of a mobility scooter.

Check my recommended Lithium-ion(Li-ion) battery from Amazon.

2. Rewinding the motor-

Rewinding the motor-make electric scooter faster

The motor of any scooter contains a complicated mechanism. If you want to raise the speed level, you have to wind again the coil of the brushed motor. Speed level raises while you will reduce the windings that happen to the coil.

For this, you can easily get further revolutions per minute along with lesser torque. But it is recommended to be careful while doing this. Because it is a highly complicated and advanced technique.

Plus it will cause an effect on the motor. The overall process should be highly efficient. If not, then it may end up damaging the total mechanism.

3. Remove Speed Limiter if there is any-

Remove Speed Limiter if there is any-make electric scooter faster

Usually, your mobility scooters are equipped with a heavy motor. In spite of that, the speed of a scooter has a limit due to the laws and for mobility. Thus it will not go faster.

For that reason, the manufacturer company will add the speed limiter in it. But the speed limiter is removable. Yet, it is always not possible to remove if your technical knowledge is poor.

You must have to take help from the technician for this. Whenever you remove the speed limiter, it may drain the battery faster. Plus, you may lose the warranty because of the modification of the composition of the scooter.

Mobility scooter works as the companion for the physically challenged and disabled individuals for moving easily from one place towards another. Hence, you may consider the low speed as a hassle and can lose interest.

You may apply the above steps to raise the speed of a mobility scooter. If you will use these steps for increasing the speed of the scooter, you should be cautious.

Because you will lose all kinds of warranties whenever you modify the features of your scooter.

4. Change the tires-

Change the tires-make electric scooter faster

There are some kinds of tires that may give you additional speed to the mobility scooter. There are types of tires that are named “airless tires“. You may check some tires for your scooter. Check from Amazon.

Because it may reduce friction that’s why the scooter gets extra speed. This may not only provide additional speed, but it will ensure to get additional miles.

However, you will not make some big differences. Nevertheless, results can be visible definitely.

5. Change the Sprockets-

Change the Sprockets-make electric scooter faster

You should remove as well as install long sprockets on the front of the scooter. And shorter at the back of it. This will certainly include a few extra miles on every hour of riding.

But as a normal person, you may not have any thorough idea about sprockets. So before making the decision to replace them, consult with experts. In your surroundings, you can find people who understand that.

You may not have to pay for hiring him. Thus you may choose the perfect sprockets before replacing them. This may take extra cost, but it is totally worth it if the aim is to increase the speed of a mobility scooter.

If you tell me to recommend a specific Sprocket, then I’d suggest this Sprocket to use. 

6. Increase Aerodynamics-

Increase Aerodynamics-make electric scooter faster

If you are a beginner at using a mobility scooter, you may not be interested in getting the latest mechanical fixtures added with it.

This point is common in terms of working together with the software of scooters to disable the controller. Hence, you may gain a few extra miles of riding if you implement aerodynamics with a mobility scooter.

Firstly, you have to inspect the unit. Then determine any unnecessary features which you do not use. As an example, a basket rack located on the rear side of the scooter may reduce the speed.

The basic point of it is that you have to keep the scooter as lightweight as possible. Then it will travel easier with speed. It is also important that you have to monitor closely the weight limits of the scooter. 

Thus, the mobility scooter will go faster.

Let’s Wrap Up!

So, this is a brief explanation about making the mobility scooter go faster. I hope this is an interesting stepwise article. Above this discussion, I am sure that you will get enough ideas to increase the speed of the mobility scooter.

Let’s have a faster ride!

If you still have anything more to know, just feel free to ask us in the comment box below. And, while solving your problem, you may get into for buying your necessary equipment.  

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