Oven element keeps burning out

Oven Element Keeps Burning Out [Quick ways to fix]

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If the oven is not heating up, then it is possibly due to faulty elements of the oven. The common cause behind this is that elements of the oven have burned out.

Because of the high temperatures inside the cavity of the oven, it is common for the oven to burn out during long-lasting high temperatures.

But lacking the properly functioning elements of the oven, it may be incapable to heat up. This means, for cooking the oven is not usable. Therefore, here is some advice for you to do if your oven element keeps burning out. 

Before you are going to replace the oven’s heating elements, you have to be sure about the entire oven. Although, replacement of the oven’s heating element may be the only solution if it has burned out.

Replacing heating elements may cost you additional expenses together with installation charges.

As I mentioned earlier, firstly you must identify whether the heating element is creating the problem or the overall appliance needs to be replaced.

The heating element of the oven is situated at the bottom of the inner part of the appliance.

  1. What is a stove heating element?
  2. What can cause oven fires?
  3. How can you realize if the Oven element keeps burning out?
  4. 5 Signs of the heating element of the oven is broken
  5. What can you do if your oven component is burning?
  6. How can you replace elements of the oven?
  7. Wrapping Up!

What is a stove heating element?

In the electric oven, heating elements are also known as the baking coil. They are attached to the back wall of the oven and situated on the bottom. There is also a frying element on the top.

The electric range also contains burner coils. Restoring the stove coil is an easy process. It can be proceeded by unplugging the previous one and plugging in the new one.

And whenever you need them, these can be washed and dried as well as unplugged.

What can cause oven fires?

What can cause oven fires

1. Oven fires are daunting, but it can be prevented easily.

Now we will focus on some reasons behind oven fires-

  • Sometimes food items can remain in the oven and they may catch fire easily.
  • If you forget something in the oven, it will lead to burning foods. In fact, it can cause a fire.
  • If you cook something containing a huge amount of grease and fat, it may splatter and cause the flame to fire.
  • If you bake something, the batter can overflow. It then drips towards the bottom resulting in a small fire.
  • The oven can catch fire during the self-cleaning features.

2. Oven Fire – What to do-

  • Leave the door of the oven closed.
  • Switch off the oven and enable the oven fire to burn out on its own.
  • If it does not stop out, you should leave your house and dial 911.
  • If it does stop, then open the windows.
  • Cautiously open the oven door and try to remove the hot pan.
  • Enable the smoke to clear previously then determine the cause of the fire.

3. How to prevent oven fires-

  • Make sure the oven is properly clean before using it.
  • Do not leave the cooked foods for a long period of time.
  • During making pastries and cakes, you should put a larger baking tray under the baking pan.
  • Put a cover above foods that may splatter. After roasting, cautiously drain some of the hot greases by removing the pan from the oven within 30 minutes. 
  • For further evaluation, seek professional personnel to assess the surety of its working perfectly.

How can you realize if the Oven element keeps burning out?

How can you realize if the Oven element keeps burning out

This is one of your most common concerns. If elements of the oven have burned out, you will get an appearance that is often an apparent indication. It can be bright patches and spots which look as if it has burned out. By this indication, you can easily get an idea about the burning of any elements of the oven.

5 Signs of the heating element of the oven is broken-

For inspecting the signs of heating elements of the oven, you should focus on these points –

1. Element colors altered from bright orange-

If you think the oven’s heating element is broken then you should take a better look at the color of it. The heating element should have a bright orange color whenever it is heated fully.

This is the time after 10 minutes of setting to 350 degrees. This indicates that it is functioning properly.

But if it does not show bright orange colorfully or if it partially shows bright orange color, then it may indicate the element has already burned out.

And you have to replace it. An electrician or even you can confirm it by the continuity test.

2. Signs of wear on the element –

Another reliable thing you should notice to detect any abnormality of the heating elements of the oven is looking for any blistering, burns, or even cracks on it.

You may have to remove the element to inspect it more thoroughly. If you can find any burns, blistering, or cracks on it, your heating element is burned out.

So, it is an amazing way to find out perfectly about any damage to the oven.

3. Food is not cooked properly or partially cooked-

If the food is partially cooked by the oven, it is high time for replacing the oven’s heating element. Besides the replacement of the heating element, the temperature sensor probe needs replacement.

You can test the accuracy of the oven’s temperature and can adjust it according to the need.

4. The oven is dirty-

The oven is dirty

You should try to clean up your oven before the replacement of anything. If the grime becomes embedded but thick, you may need to replace the apparatus.

5. The electric bill has increased noticeably-

If your electricity bill has increased suddenly without any cause, then think about the oven. An unexpected jump in your electricity bill may be due to a faulty increase in the oven.

So, whenever you notice an unexpected electricity bill, you should verify the faultiness of the oven by an electrician.

What can you do if your oven component is burning?

If any elements have burned out already, what should you do! Unfortunately, you have no way to repair any burn element of the oven like the lightbulb.

But for you, we have an excellent selection of replacement of the elements of your oven for getting the cooker to revive and continue within the time. 

How can you replace elements of the oven?

It is understandable that it is a challenging process to repair your own oven. Yet it is not that difficult and you don’t have to spend any large amount of money. Thus simply you can replace elements of the oven by helping yourself or an electrician.

Wrapping Up!

Overall, this is an informative article about the oven element that keeps burning out and how to fix it. Above this discussion, it is clear for you to get enough ideas about these. If you want to get a better functioning oven, you should give priority to its brand.

Figured out that the place it plugs into the element came off and was arching. Of course, that burned up the wires. Snipped off the bad part and spliced on new heat-resistant wire and attachments. FIXED IT!

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