how to fix phantom 4 controller not charging

How To Fix Phantom 4 Controller Not Charging?

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You are about to shoot some travel video, but all of a sudden your Phantom 4 Controller is not charging. Of course, you did not charge it earlier.

And this is the most irritative situation a Phantom 4 Controller can fall into. We must say it is a prevalent situation and it happens for most of users.

We will be providing you with some professional steps by which you can recharge your controller again. Throughout the article, we will be describing these steps.

We can assure you you will have visible results as you go through all the steps.

If you are not in a hurry as you have to come to a solution, we recommend you to go through all the steps that we will be providing.

Follow the steps sequentially and we hope you will have the preferred result. Let get it on with.

Fixing Phantom 4 Controller Not Charging Issues

how to fix phantom 4 controller not charging fix

Even after pressing the charging cord to its limit, the controller is not showing that it’s charging, and now you are pissed as you were trying for a long time.

It often happens to this controller user due to using it for a long time or technical difficulties. 

Through the article, we will be providing you with some sequential steps. These steps will help you meet your goal.

We always recommend taking professional advice. But these following steps are recommended by professional users and experts all over the world. 

Without any delay let us get on with the steps. Follow the steps as mentioned and we hope you will have visible results.

1. Check the plugin

Be sure that the connector is connected correctly. When the controller loads, the light will turn on.

When the light doesn’t turn on when the socket is properly attached, the adapter is defective. The charging port needs to be replaced to address the problem. 

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2. Check the Battery with a minimum meter

The battery is fitted with a PCB that prevents the juice from being full to the battery (8.4v).

If the issue is an out-of-balance battery or a poor charge circuit inside the controller, it can or may not support by a micro USB and a .5 amp or less AC adapter.

It is worth checking out the micro USB if you can obtain 70% of the AC adapter. Just one meter into the battery is the way to tell for certain.

If the power is not guaranteed, you will be stuck with a maintenance bill that may or may not be equal to the expense of a new controller.

3. Check if it is Hibernation

There is a fair possibility the batteries are in hibernation mode if they’ve been in storage for a few months.

If you want to charge a battery that has been sitting here for a couple of months and when you plug the battery no LED lights are lit, here is the way to get the Phantom 4 battery out of winter. 

A solid red light will be reflected if you decide to power a battery in hibernation mode. Keep on to the red light (then take about 5 minutes) and plug the charger in.

Sit in for a few hours while the battery is plugged in and the winter mode can be used. 

If you intend to store the batteries for a long time, it is recommended that the Phantom 4 batteries be kept between 40 percent and 65 percent.

4. Check if there is any short circuit

Check if there is any short circuit

If a short circuit is found, the charger stops charging the load. If the 2nd LED blinks three times a second, you will know that a short circuit is a trigger.

It is very critical that you check the charger adapter and cable for fraying or exposed wires before trying to restart your battery again as this may have caused the short circuit. 

If the charger and cable seem well-worked the battery will be removed and plugged in to begin charging. Try another charging port if the short circuit continues.

5. Check for Damaged Charger

It could be because of a bad charger if your battery is not charging. Close inspection for signs of loose wiring or any other damage of each part of the charger you use. 

Try using this to see if the battery starts charging if you have another charger.

Try using a different battery if only the one charger reduces the problem as a charged charger that charges the battery, but not the other one would indicate that the battery is the problem, not the charging charger.

6. Bent Pins

The charger has pins and the drone itself has pins. If one of the pins is twisted on or corroded, the battery is likely to not charge. 

If the battery charges just well but does not operate accordingly, you can check the pins that are placed into the battery on the drone.

Some important FAQs about phantom 4 controllers not charging

  1. Should a non-P4 battery be used?

No not that. And if you’re cheaper, it doesn’t worth the few dollars to gamble your $1,000 drone for life. 

  1. Is it bad to deplete the Phantom 4 battery to 0%?

Yes. As LiPo batteries decrease their life and you can destroy one of the battery cells, you should never completely deplete them.

  1. How to develop firmware on Phantom 4 battery?

The firmware of the aircraft will also update the firmware of the battery. You can’t just update the battery firmware.

  1. Should the Battery be diagnosed?

The battery should only be disassembled by experienced professionals. The handling of lipo batteries can pose a fire risk and the battery is removed and your guarantee can be void.


Not only Your Phantom4 Controller but any device you are using, if it is not charging when it is needed, it is very common to get pissed off. But know this, it is very common to happen. Most of the users face this kind of problem.

Above mentioned steps are recommended by professional users all over the world. Go through all the steps one by one. Most of the time it reveals to be the problem of connection. So we would recommend you to not worry.

The 6 mentioned steps will help you have visible results as you go through them sequentially. Good Luck!!

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