How To Trick Garage Door Sensors

How To Trick Garage Door Sensors?

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One of the biggest annoyances of a car owner is a dysfunctional garage door sensor. A faulty sensor might prevent you from entering or exiting your home. It becomes infuriating when the garage door sensor starts acting up when you’re late for work or in a hurry. Even though the remote control is an option, it seems to stop working properly in the moment of a crisis.

Today, I will give you some very easy tips, that will help you to trick your garage door sensor and make it work at your will. 

These sequential steps should be followed accordingly. Though we always recommend professional advice, yet this is something you can easily do all by yourself.

If you are not in a hurry, let us take you through the elaborated steps. Every step will have its visible result as you go through them. So without any further delay, let us get it on with;

How To Trick Garage Door Sensors With 6 Steps

how to trick garage door sensors

It can be very tiresome for any car owner to open their garage door by pressing the assigned button or even there is a sensor for it, and it is not working.

Controlling the sensor as you wish can be a thing for which you can give anything at that moment. Believe me, this happens with almost every car owner all over the world.

Now, let us take some of your time and introduce you to some sequential steps. Following these steps sequentially, you will have visible results. We also recommend taking professional advice.

Without any further due, let’s begin;

1. Inspect before changing anything

See if LED lights are triggered in the sensors. If a lit LED is present when the other lit is flickering or fully off the unlit sensor can be changed manually so that all lights are lit up again.

Then in business, you are back. See even when the lens is filthy on either or both. Clean the waste properly to make sure it doesn’t bump out of line to see if the issue is fixed.

You will continue to rearrange the sensor if none of these modifications work.

2. Reattaching New One

You can note that both sides of the garage door have sensors as you check the garage door. You can trace them easily because they are essentially little plastic sections with LED lights.

These parts are used as sensors that help you quickly open or shut the door of the garage. Releasing garage door sensors is a fast and simple job. Releasing garage door sensors is a fast and simple job. 

Use a cutter and cut about one inch of white and black cable. You can isolate your security sensors from the garage door through this phase.

Then, new sensors can be re-installed. You can find metal cabling inside the casting until you start the process. The ends of the wires you need to cut may be visible.

The black cable is soon to be identified in the latest sensor. The black cable then has to be rotated and connected to the wire you cut previously. Repeat with the white cable/wire the same operation.

3. Facing the Sensors at each other

Take the two sensors off, buckle the wires but leave it with the opener, tape the two sensors together and put the bobbed wire on the top of the opener. And that’s it!  

You should do so so that you can open the garage door for a few centimeters – enough space for the cats to hang out under the doors to avoid the dogs, or for some time to leave rain/sun/wind and rest while cats can do so.

4. Remote Fixed in Car

With a remote control that turns on the motorized trolley, garage door openers can be opened. The two innovations integrate the most advanced garage door openers for simplicity and allow you to use them. 

The machine uses an infrared radio to trigger the electric motor when the button is pressed.

The electric motor turns into a track and slide mechanism that unlocks the garage door or locks it. And it is what we all understand about the system. 

What we are recommending is installing the inferred system in the car. As soon as the car gets started, the remote sensors will send commands to the Door Sensors as well as at the time of closing also. 

5. Troubleshooting

Facing the Sensors at each other

Obstructed sensors are set up and door closure is stopped. Shift artifacts from the opening of the garage door and the sensors. If you do so, the door will open and shut correctly. 

Dirt and waste can block and prevent the lens in your sensors from functioning properly. A micro-fiber fabric would not stain the fragile face of the glass unlike rough cotton or wool rug. 

Tighten the wing nuts and make them rest squarely in the brackets on all the sensors. Make sure that the braces are correctly fitted to the doors of the garage. This means that the sensors are fully lined.

6. Going Manual 

Manual release cords are available for most doors. Typically this element is a red material next to the door motor in the garage. Pulling on this cord allows the door trolley from the automatic opening mechanism to be removed. 

This will encourage you to manually open and close your door. When you’re in manual mode, it’s time to drop the props or something for which you improvised and roll the door manually.

With the complete weight of the door on these sheets, it may be difficult to lift them from below and lock the door at the same time. 

Take the props away by hammering them out, while someone else holds the door. Lower the garage door to a close when done. When done. You converted to manual mode now successfully.

Some Important FAQs About Garage Door Sensors

Can You Bypass garage door sensors?

As most picture eye sensors are situated at this height of two inches, most of you know you can only move up the infrared light to bypass the device.

Does sunlight interfere with garage door sensors?

If the eye shines on the garage door sensor, a garage door will avoid closing. Therefore the answer is yes.

Do garage door sensors last?

This Garage Door Sensor uses 1 battery CR2032, with the average battery life of the sensor being three to five years.

Which Material should I use for the Door?

It all depends on user preference.

Which Initial reason makes garage door sensors fail?

Internal Damaged wire is the main culprit for garage door sensors to fail. Look if the wire is loosened or broken, fix it asap.


You are in a hurry and the Garage door is pissing you off as it is not responding to your door opening remote. Now you wish that there was no door.

Don’t be frustrated, it mostly happens to everyone. Garage Doors can be dangerous if not taken seriously.

Above mentioned steps will take some time to be working on your garage door as they need some work to be done. But it is guaranteed that these steps will help you a lot.

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