Why My Refrigerator Compressor Rattles When Shutting Off

Why My Refrigerator Compressor Rattles When Shutting Off

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Refrigerators are not silent workers. You may have heard different types of noises from your refrigerator. It may be a sound of groaning, sighing, or just a knocking sound. 

Though, all noises are not abnormal. The sounds may produce for the ice-making process. But, if there’s a rattling sound from your refrigerator, then there’s something you have to worry about.

However, if you know how to solve the rattling noise of your refrigerator, then there’s nothing much to worry about at all. 

Let’s get started with our guide. 

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What Is The Rattling Sound In A Refrigerator?

It’s a sound that comes from the bottom of any mechanical machine and it comes when the machine is working a little irregularly. Here I am going to tell you the whole summary of why the refrigerator rattles, what are the main causes of it, what’s the solution, here I will be discussing each and everything.

Why Does A Refrigerator Rattle?

Why My Refrigerator Compressor Rattles When Shutting Off Common Reasons

As we all know that is the compressor the main heart of the refrigerator. If it stops working so the whole refrigerator does not work properly, as the whole refrigerator relies on it. First of all, how will we know that our compressor isn’t working? Just go to the back of the refrigerator and just listen.

Is there any noise coming? If it’s coming so the appliance is functioning well but, the noise should not be so loud that it rattles. As it’s too annoying to continuously just listen to this noise, it takes just a few minutes to figure out what’s Is it.

There is a compartment on the downside of the refrigerator, so the compressor is also kept inside it, the rattling sound comes usually from the springs inside the compressor. Many of times the springs are broken and they start making noise.

Compressors are quite expensive and no one wants them to be changed because of expenses. It rattles because the compressor gets too much heat during the cooling cycle, but there’s a piece of bad news several cases are there that the compressor can be mended, otherwise you will have to buy a new one, sorry for that.

How Does A Compressor Work?

The compressor is mainly a pump that enables the passing of the refrigerant. When the pressure and temperature are increased of the vaporized refrigerant, so then the compressor starts functioning.

Why My Refrigerator Compressor Rattles When Shutting Off: Common Reasons

Why My Refrigerator Compressor Rattles When Shutting Off Common Reasons

We can never rely on a mechanical appliance or simply a machine. Because it is damaged any time anywhere so it’s totally on luck.

Issue 1: The first and very main cause that the compressor noises is that there is a problem with the DRAIN PAN. There is a clogged drain that can lead to the overflow of water.

How To Solve The Rattling Noise Of Your Refrigerator (Drain Pan Issue) 

We can fix this problem by just taking out all the things from inside the refrigerator and just clean it with the help of warm water and soap.

Issue 2: The second cause can be the condenser fan of the condenser. There is a condition that the fan must be kept running if the drain pan is filled and you see that the fan is not working so it’s totally out of order or damaged and burned.

How To Solve The Rattling Noise Of Your Refrigerator (Condenser Fan Issue) 

There is no instant fix for this one because what can you mend in a very small fan you will have to replace a new one from an authorized company of the brand of your refrigerator.

In addition to these issues, there can be many reasons for the noise, it can be the dishes that are touching the compressor fan, so we can check them as well.

There are springs inside the compressor so, many of the times they absorb the movement of the refrigerator, so that’s why the fan hits the walls and starts to rattle.

Do It Yourself Before Calling Someone To Fix It

Now the first question is how can we check it ourselves? Here is the answer to it. It’s easy, that’s why I am telling you to figure it out and try it on your own. 

Follow the below steps to solve your own:

  1. The very first step is to drag your refrigerator against the wall because you can easily do the work as most of us keep the refrigerator very close to the wall. And just unplug it.
  2. And afterward, you’ll have removed the panel with some screws. HYBRO-Manual-Electric-Duo-Screwdriver
  3. Inside it, there is a device called a starter relay switch, which you will have to unplug which is connected with the compressor. 
  4. Then hold the relay from your hand and shake it, if it rattles so the relay is not functioning properly.

By maintaining these steps, you’ll be able to figure it out yourself and then you can act accordingly.

Final Verdict 

In fact, this is a simple DIY task to solve the problem. Hopefully, you have already solved the problem of the rattling sound in your refrigerator.

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