Differences between SVS SB12-NSD VS SB-1000

Differences Between SVS SB12-NSD VS SB-1000

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You might be having a small or a larger and yet you need a subwoofer to supplement your available audio system in the house.

Owning the best sub should guarantee room-filling sound to ensure you enjoy the real entertainment in your house.

This article sheds more light on the differences between SVS SB12-NSD and SB-1000.

I know maybe you have ever come across one of them and you have your own experiences.

Yes, it is true because we all have varying preferences and tastes about some products.

For this reason, I urge you to go through the article if you want to know which one is outstanding of the two.

What Major Differences I have Found [SVS SB12-NSD VS SB-1000]


This is the first and major factor that you need to employ while drawing differences between the two models.

You need to understand that these subs go at different price rates and that automatically becomes one of the differences.

SB12-NSD tends to be a bit cheaper compared to its expensive counterpart.

They have a price difference of about $150 or $200 based on your bargaining power or where you are making purchases.

SB-1000 sub remains a suitable budget for your small room and you can pair it with various speaker systems.

That’s if you intend to utilize it for an extended period.

Room coverage


Room coverage depends on your listening habits as if you prefer listening to louder sounds, then the NSD remains outstanding.

On the other hand, for your small room, the SB-1000 can be a substantial output.

Remember, this feature explains how loud you intend to watch your movies and listen to music.

Therefore, if you prefer playing below reference level, having the SB-1000 around will suffice.

This should therefore be based on the size of your room for the sub to deliver room-filling audio quality.

In short, the SB12 will offer deeper and louder sound compared to the SB-1000.

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Despite being a minor difference, these two subs slightly vary. One of them is relatively larger compared to the other.

Some consumers affirm that SB-1000 is a bit larger compared to its counterpart.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that SB12-NSD is powerless. Its price point and capability are still superior for louder listening.

Input options

Different subs come with various input options, responsible for external or internal inputs.

So based on the input options, SB-1000 remains substantial because it boasts speaker-level inputs.

Such a mechanism is handy in allowing you to pair your sub with your existing external speakers for a subtle entertainment experience.

On the other hand, I have seen many folks complaining about SB12-NSD not having the input options.

This implies that the device is a stand-alone, requiring no external speakers; it can’t accommodate speaker-level inputs.

You are the one to decide based on how you feel about the two subwoofers.


The body finish is another feature that we can use to differentiate SB-12-NSD from the SB-1000 subwoofer.

They tend to possess a black finish but they are slightly different as SB-1000 is black oak while the SB12-NSD is blended with either glossy black or piano/black vinyl.

With such finishing in your mind, you can easily spot the difference between the two and go with the one that impresses you.

But, you need to understand the Glossy black coating is usually superb; you can’t afford to leave it over black oak.


What grille type does the sub have? Though this part plays a minor role, it can enhance the subwoofer’s longevity.

With such a mechanism, SB-1000 is equipped with a cloth griller that looks stunning.

On the other hand, the SB12-NSD features a curved metal grille.

Now, when it comes to durability, we can agree that SB12-NSD is long-lasting due to the metallic grille.

Such a grill doesn’t absorb dust or water that could destroy it later.

Still, the metal is sturdy compared to a cloth grille; the SB-1000 may therefore fail to survive hassles and regular change of place.

Sledge amplification

svs sb 1000

Like other high-class SVS subwoofers, SB12-NSD and SB-1000 subs are equipped with a great amplifier, rigorously engineered to improve your listening experience.

SB12-NSD becomes substantial as it provides you with smooth, precise, and quick signal processing.

With advanced flexible setup and bass management mechanism options, the sledge amplifier makes optimization of any equipment easy.

SB12-NSD is rated at 400W continuous power and 800w peak power conservatively.

The device, therefore, pairs effortlessly with the driver to offer intelligent and powerful bass.

This might be different when it comes to SB-1000’S performance due to a little bit of weak amp. I would rather go for SB12-NSD because it’s outstanding.

Frequently asked questions

Are pricey subs worth it?

Of course, expensive subwoofers tend to offer better and unique features that won’t be compared to low-class models.

With this in mind, you will bag home the best model if you are searching for truly audio quality.

Remember, it’s wise to be sure those speakers will perform what they are supposed to do.

Which SVS sub room size?

Based on your room size, you will be able to determine whether you require SVS or PB.

However, you may save a lot of money, purchasing from their store.

Two subwoofers can still work for you if budget is your main concern. However, it’s advisable to buy four subs for a room.

Which SVS subwoofer is the best on the market?

SVS SB-16 Ultra remains the option speaker out there with elegant features to enhance your room with harmonic audio and less distortion.

Besides, many consumers affirm that the device is outstanding as much low-end bass is concerned.

It comes with an outrageous powerful amp with a stylish body design; your room will be full of deep bass, penetrating your bones.

Wrap it up!

There you have all that it takes to differentiate the SB12-NSD subwoofer from its counterpart SB-1000.

This report equips you with more than enough information to choose between the two.

You need to understand that both options are excellent, but now the above compliments make them quite different. It’s therefore advisable to decide wisely.

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