vizio sound bar won't turn on [reasons & fixing]

Why Does my Vizio Sound Bar Won’t Turn On? [5 Tips For Fixing]

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Soundbars are a ‘blessing’ as they have given a new vibe to our home entertainment facilities.

I own a decent Vizio soundbar. My drawing-room looks tidy and cozy; no more of those scattered tons of wires around the TV and oh yes, I could get rid of a huge sound system.

But often you fall into annoying problems- in most cases, your Vizio soundbar won’t turn on! 

Fixing this problem is easy-peasy but before we directly jump into solutions, let’s find out the root causes of this problem.

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Reasons Behind Vizio soundbar won’t turn on

Switching to a new one isn’t always the solution! Ever wondered why your Vizio soundbar won’t turn on?

Number one could be the interaction/connection between the soundbar and your device (let’s say TV). 

If the connection isn’t appropriate and stable, it will never turn on no matter how much you try!

This mostly happens due to the inappropriate port connection of the HDMI technology.

Sometimes, you don’t notice but your soundbar becomes technically defective.

Due to this, it fails to align and receive signals from the remote control. This could be why your soundbar probably won’t turn on.

Again comes the Power button itself. With randomly switching it on and off, the power button gets weak or defective.

This also contributes to your soundbar from turning on.

What’s more often, if your soundbar is quite an older one! If it is like around 5-6 years, you should probably think about replacing it.

Since it is an electronic device functioning for over 5 years, it is more acute to internal damages- for instance, amplifier and circuit malfunction.

In that case, replacement is a better option than repairing. In that case, you can check this Vizio soundbar from Amazon.

Another reason for which your Vizio soundbar won’t turn on would be if your house has faced a massive explosion or fuse or a thunderstrike.

As a result, the circuit breaker to which your soundbar is connected might get damaged. 

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How to fix this problem for good- A Quick Fix Tip!

The power cables would be your quick-fix solution. If they are damaged (cut or loose), then your soundbar will never turn ON. 

If they look all good, yet you need to check the connections.

So, unplug them and hold the power button on the soundbar for at least 5-6 seconds.

Re-connect and make sure that it is tightly connected on both ends. Time to check!

5 Simple Steps to Fix Soundbar Trun On Problem

This problem can be easily fixed if you can adopt the techniques properly. No hassle because here I am going to break it down for you! 

1. Let’s start with the power cords

It gets unnoticed but the power cords are often neglected; you even step on them unconsciously (I wouldn’t blame you).

If they end up getting damaged, replacing would be the only option left.

In that case, I can help you. These power cables from Amazon are worth trying!

Oh yes! Make sure that your new power cables are standard 24-volt powered.

2. Work with the remote!

Vizio sound bars usually come with a remote to ease your accessibility with your preferred device.

Connect this remote with the soundbar by pressing the ‘Power’ button on the soundbar. Check if your soundbar responds to the signal of the remote

If it responds, then the remote control is meant to malfunction. Most probably, the batteries are drained.

In that case,  these batteries from Amazon would be a good option.

However, if the soundbar fails to respond, consider taking it to a technician.

3. Inspect the AC outlet

There is an AC outlet with which your sound plug is connected. Try connecting another device (let’s say, your mobile charger) with the same outlet.

If that device is functioning smoothly (that is, getting charged), it is confirmed that your soundbar is defective.

In such cases, replacement is essential.

But in case the new device isn’t working, then the AC outlet itself is faulty. 

What to do? 

Replace. Reconnect. Re-check

Similarly, you can also try connecting your soundbar to another AC outlet to inspect.

4. Eliminate blocking of signals

While connecting the remote with the soundbar, make sure to hold the remote at a minimum distance of fewer than 15 feet of the soundbar.

Within this distance, no element or object should get in between the soundbar and the remote. Remove, if there is any.

This is because the presence of an element within this distance particularly leads to the blocking of the signals. Ultimately, it doesn’t work out at all.

5. Reset the circuit breaker

If there are multiple devices connected to your circuit or your house is attacked by a thunderstrike, your circuit breaker is most likely to get damaged.

In such cases, check the circuit breaker and reset it.

If it still isn’t working, replace it.

If none of these tricks work for you and you are still curious to dig more into your soundbar, why don’t you follow simple steps and just open it up?

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How do I open up my Vizio soundbar?

Opening up a Vizio soundbar is easy if you know how to deal with screws and all. Let’s start already! 

Firstly, you will notice some LED buttons on the bar. There’s a subwoofer unit with a little blinking red light that stops receiving signals from the actual controls of the soundbar.

Hence no sound is coming out of it.

Pop this thing apart. Loose the ends with some thin piece of metal. Use some screws and pop off every three ends of the soundbar.

Pry the endcaps off gently around the edges. Slide it along and top it off. Do the same thing on the bottom side. 

Take the speaker covers off in the same way.

And then the hinged piece comes right off. There will be no wires attached to it so you can keep this aside for the time being.

There should be at least 20 screws that you need to pop out using a screwdriver.

You will notice a tiny little gap between the speakers. This is where the two pieces come apart and they need to be separated.

Be careful while taking them apart because you will also see a little ribbon cable plug on one end (just beside the LED).

We are working on unplugging, not damaging right?! 

Now gently unplug it and turn it in the correct direction carefully. Pull of the positive and negative ends of the speakers.

Go slow and disconnect all the speaker wires.

After you open the bar, you will see a board with all those amplifier stuff and the speakers on the right side.

Check the power supply right beside the speakers.

You will also see a white connector. That’s the AC input line. Check by hooking it up and placing a meter on it.

And you are done! Rearrange and check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since you would be dealing with the soundbar repairing yourself, at this point you would be facing some queries.

This is okay because I am going to share some of the prime concerns regarding this issue:

What if these tricks don’t work with my Soundbar?

If none of these tricks work for your soundbar, try resetting the soundbar.

The settings might not work smoothly unless you reset the soundbar itself. Resetting will make the soundbar switch to its original factory setting.

Once you are done resetting, press the POWER button and check if the power light indicator is blinking red light.

If it doesn’t light out, unhook the power cord from the device and firmly plug it in again. 

Can my Vizio soundbar hibernate/turn off automatically?

Ans: Yes, it can. If the Energy Star setting that comes with the soundbar is set to remain in hibernation after a certain period of time,

it will turn off automatically after that given time.

However, if you don’t want that, disable this option by pressing the Power and Volume buttons for at least 5 seconds.

I want my Vizio soundbar to remain ON all the time. Is that possible?

Why not? But if you seek my advice, I would rather forbid you to.

Keeping your soundbar in ON mode all the time is not a clever thing to do. That makes you waste a lot of energy for no good.

It causes overheating that ultimately leads to the gradual damage of the soundbar.

It also increases the risk of an electric fire attack so you should be careful if you are intending to keep it ON all the time.


No matter what, precautions are a must! Don’t start your repairing work unless you turn the main switch OFF.

Finally, I believe that these tricks will help you solve this problem in an instant.

However, if you are done applying the above tricks and yet your Vizio soundbar won’t turn on, don’t worry and contact Vizio support right away.

They got professionals to fix your hitches. So rest assured and seek their consultation asap.

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