Why Vizio Soundbar Bluetooth Pairing Not Working

Why is Vizio Soundbar Bluetooth Pairing Not Working?

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When you think about an aesthetic home-entertainment system, you cannot skip the Vizio soundbars. Because they add elegance and comfort to your entire home theater experience.

Recently, I have purchased a new Vizio Soundbar for my TV and it was working great! With authentic surround sound and a subwoofer, I was able to enjoy the most out of it.

Unless one day, my Vizio Soundbar Bluetooth pairing not working. However, I did some research and got out of this issue asap. Consider reading this article as I am going to discuss all the concerns related to Vizio soundbar Bluetooth pairing.

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8 Reasons Vizio Soundbar Bluetooth Pairing Not Working

Bluetooth pairing allows you to connect your soundbar to any device wirelessly. Now the probable reasons for its failure might be:

Reasons For Vizio Soundbar Bluetooth Pairing Not Working
  1. Loose cable connections: The Vizio Soundbar fails to pair up if the connections are loose and not steady. While the entire setup, often the cables turn loose. As a result, it fails to pair up with the source device.
  2. Manual settings issue: Your remote includes some manual settings to pair up. There are troubleshooting steps as well.
  3. Inappropriate range: The soundbar and the connected device might not be in the minimum Bluetooth distance to respond. They should be at a minimum range of 30 feet.
  4. Pairing mode: The Vizio Soundbar or the source audio might not be in the pairing mode. To pair up, you must keep these devices in pairing mode.
  5. Power issues: Power issues often lead to this problem. If your Vizio soundbar or source device is not in power mode, it will fail to pair up.
  6. Faulty soundbar or subwoofer: Another reason could be a faulty device or the soundbar is faulty itself. Thereby, pairing up does not happen.
  7. Presence of wireless objects: If you place the soundbar and the source device with 30m distance yet it fails to pair up. Check if there is any wireless or metallic object in between them. This hinders the connection. Ultimately, they fail to pair up.
  8. Incompatible connectivity: Sometimes, the source device might not have the connectivity options of the Vizio soundbar. In this case, the source device fails to support the Vizio Soundbar connectivity

Now that we know the possible reasons, let’s move on to the solutions to fix this.

Quick Trick To Fix Bluetooth Pairing Issue

When your Vizio Soundbar fails to pair in Bluetooth mode, you need to troubleshoot it. But here is an easy trick that you can try:

  1. Before you think of troubleshooting, check what port of your soundbar is connected to your device. Also, verify that your soundbar as well as the subwoofer is in power mode.
  2. If you receive no audio after connecting a device with the soundbar, disconnect the soundbar and check if you receive audio. This is to inspect if the device itself is faulty or not.
  3. Then again, you gotta check the remote button of your soundbar. Whether it is muted or not. Also check the volume of the soundbar, if it is turned up or not.
  4. Make sure that the soundbar is on the correct input. You should always check the cables of your soundbar as well as your device to make sure that they are placed in the correct location. And also confirm to seal them tightly. Often loose cable connections lead to this problem. 

How To Fix Vizio Soundbar Fails Pairing To Wireless Subwoofer

If your soundbar has a wireless subwoofer and it gets difficult for Bluetooth to pair up, a few troubleshooting steps might come to your rescue! 

  • Firstly, check the Settings. Make sure that the sub-volume is turned up.
  • Place your subwoofer at a minimum distance from your soundbar. The closer, the better. Be it a subwoofer or any other source device, you should maintain less than 30 feet of distance between the soundbar and the device. If it doesn’t pair up, keep them within the one-foot range. 
  • Within this distance, check if there is any object blocking your Vizio soundbar and the source device.
  • Then again, check the power of your subwoofer. It should be plugged in and ON power mode.
  • If you notice the light of the subwoofer blinking periodically (slow), that means you need to pair it up with your Vizio soundbar. 
  • With the power ON mode, locate the pairing button. Usually, it is on the back of the subwoofer. Keep holding this pairing button for five seconds until the LED on the back of the subwoofer starts blinking.
  • Once it starts blinking, hold the power button of your soundbar for five seconds. This will make the LED indicator flash three times.

Now, your soundbar might vary in terms of the pairing button. Your soundbar might have a pairing button on itself. In that case, check your Quickstart Guide. However, the process remains unchanged anyway.

How To Fix Vizio Soundbar To Satellite Speakers Bluetooth Pairing Problem

Troubleshooting Solutions

In case you have a problem pairing your Vizio soundbar with the satellite speakers, consider following the steps below:

  • Start by checking on the wires. They might get loosely connected during setup. Ensure that they are tight and securely connected.
  • Moving onto your remote, look for the Surround option and turn it up. If it still doesn’t work, try switching the Surround option Off and check the 12 LED lights on the front of the soundbar.
  • From the first LED light to the fourth one and from the ninth to the twelfth one should be dim. And the middle four lights should be dark.
  • Now turn on the surround option to check that the middle four lights are bright.
  • There’s the subwoofer hardwired to your satellite speakers so you must check the connection of your subwoofer as well. Otherwise, the satellite speakers will fail to function. 

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How To Fix Vizio Soundbar Not Pair With Smart Devices

Follow the steps below if you want to connect your Vizio soundbar to your mobile phone, tablet, or any other electronic Bluetooth device.

Step 1: Take your soundbar to pairing mode. For this, you gotta turn it on. You will notice the light indicator.

Step 2: Turn your device ON. Hit the power button. You will get it on the top right.

Step 3: Move to the Settings on your device. Enable the Bluetooth button.

Step 4: On your remote, look for the Bluetooth option followed by the input button.

Step 5: Now hold the play button of your remote until the pairing indicator moves back and forth. This usually means that the soundbar is looking for a device to pair up with.

Step 6: Next, hit on the Device button of the electronic Bluetooth device that you want to connect to the soundbar. And there will be your Vizio system popping up on the list.

Step 7: Click on it and Congratulations! You are connected.

If it still fails to pair up, restart the source device that you want to pair up. As well as the Vizio soundbar. Now try to pair up again.

Sometimes your source device (for instance, a mobile phone) is already paired with a couple of devices, it might reach its maximum limit.

As a result, it fails to pair up with your soundbar. In this case, you gotta remove some of the paired devices from your source device.

How To Solved Vizio Soundbar Fails To Connect To PC

If your Vizio soundbar fails Bluetooth pairing up with your PC, then you might need to download and install drivers for that. How? Let me show you:

  • Check the Vizio official website for the drivers. If your PC supports Windows 10, you could easily get the required drivers for that in their website.
  • You can also search for these drivers on Google. Use the search words “Vizio PC drivers”.
  • Click on the first link that comes on the SERP. That would be their official link.
  • Look for the latest drivers.
  • Download and install them.

After performing these steps, you are all set to connect. Provided the fact that your PC has Bluetooth-enabled features.

At The End Troubleshooting Solutions

Suppose, you have tried all these steps and yet your Vizio soundbar is unable to pair up with any of these devices. In such cases, you need to troubleshoot!

Hard resetting the Vizio soundbar

Hard resetting helps the soundbar to get rid of any temporary issues such as software problems, power fluctuation issues, and so on. In this case, you can try the following measures:

  • Press and hold the POWER button of your Vizio Soundbar for 5 minutes. This will turn it off.
  • Next, remove the power adapter from the power source.
  • Wait for another 5 minutes.
  • Now re-plug the power adapter. Hold the power button of the soundbar and turn it on accordingly.

Factory resetting the Vizio soundbar

If the above resetting doesn’t get rid of the Bluetooth pairing issue, the only option left is factory resetting the Vizio Soundbar. While hard resetting helps to erase the temporary issues, factory resetting helps to get rid of all the existing settings and configurations.

  • Turn your Vizio Soundbar ON
  • You have to press and hold the Volume Down+Bluetooth pairing button together for at least 5 seconds.
  • Holding these two buttons will make all 12 LEDs flash three times.
  • Wait until the factory reset completes.
  • Once it completes, press the Bluetooth pairing button and reconnect the Vizio soundbar.

There’s the official website of Vizio that is always ready to deal with your queries efficiently. So If you are still stuck with Bluetooth pairing, consider contacting them on their website. However, if you want to replace or are willing to purchase a new one, consider checking it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I tell people about my experience on the Vizio soundbar and how I solved the Bluetooth pairing failure issue, they often ask similar questions. Thought of sharing these FAQs here to clear all your queries as well. 

How to connect the Vizio soundbar to the TV with an optical cable?

Follow these two steps:

  • Plug the Optical cable of your TV. Plug it into the Digital Outport. It transmits optical signals to any compatible device.
  • Now there’s another end of the cable that you need to connect to the Digital in port. You will get this port on the back of the soundbar.
  • Why is my Vizio soundbar not working on HDMI ARC?

    Vizio Soundbars usually have more than one HDMI port. So you might get confused thinking all of them to include an ARC. But not all the HDMI ports have ARC. You need to make sure to plug into the right HDMI port that has an ARC. In this case, you need to check both ends of the cable. Or else, you can use a different cable.


    Hope after going through these steps, you’d be able to overcome the Bluetooth pairing issue. Mine was the cable connection problem and I could get rid of it easily. 

    Even after following these steps, if you fail to get rid of this issue. Consider contacting them on their website.

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