Why Does My Freezer Temperature Fluctuates Possible Reasons & Solutions

Why Does My Freezer Temperature Fluctuates? Possible Reasons & Solutions

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Freezers are one the most useful electrical appliances of our daily life. It consists of a thermally insulated compartment with a heat pump. The inside temperature remains cool as the pump transfers heat from the inside to the outside. We can safely consume the food for a long time.

But, all of this will be possible only if it functions properly. Anything beyond never being able to keep the food fresh. If you are facing any problem with temperature fluctuation, today’s informative article can fulfill your inquiry. Let’s start figuring out why does my freezer temperature fluctuate!

Possible Reasons Fridge Temperature Keep Changing

Problem Due To Frequently Open The Door:

  • Every time you open the fridge, the cold air will escape. If you keep the door open for a long time or often, the appliance struggles to hold the temperature constantly. The freezer winds up very warm if you keep opening the door for a longer period.
  • Apart from this, if you open and close the door of the fridge frequently, it may lead the appliance to overcompensate. The fridge may feel the temperature which is rising. Besides, this generates the cold air. Also, this air will trap inside the fridge at the time of closing the door.
  • If you hurry in closing the freezer’s door, the temperature will drop immediately. Then, the outcome is a temperature that will fluctuate between an excessively warm and overly cold heat. It is the commonest issue to check. If you notice this problem, leave the door closed for many hours.
Temperature Fluctuation Possible Reasons

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Problem Due To Temperature Settings Alternation:

  • In this next step, you need to check the temperature settings of your fridge properly. You may not understand how temperature fluctuations happen. Anyone else who is using the fridge occasionally can adjust the thermostat. As such, the settings of the thermostat should be checked periodically to notice any changes.
  • If your thermostat settings are altering, then ask the other users why they are changing it. In case, you find nobody is adjusting the thermostat, at that time you have to reset the thermostat. This will help to shock the entire cooling system and keep the temperature constant.

Problem Due To Blocked Sensors Or Vents:

Blocked sensors or vents can be a conventional cause for fluctuating the temperatures of the fridge. To keep the food cold, your freezer requires cold air. Whereas, blocked vents or sensors can change the process. So, you should be considering this point.

Moreover, there are many vents in the fridge that will allow the cold air to come in. Besides, it enables the warm air to exit. When the vents remain clear, the appliance can keep everything cold. If they become locked, then the fridge struggles to hold the temperatures stable.

If you keep the food containers adjacent to the thermostat, it will make the appliance less effective. Hot food containers close to the thermometer will conduct the appliance to get very cold. Oppositely, if you keep the cold food close to the vent, the thermostat keeps the fridge warm.

To solve the problems due to blocked sensors or vents, the food should be rearranged in the fridge. Particularly, relocate them from the visible sensors on the ceiling or walls. Then allow the appliance to run for multiple hours. Observe the temperatures with Temperature Sensor whether it is stabilizing or not.

Problem Due To Dirty Or Clogged Compressor Coils:

If your food arrangement or thermostat doesn’t appear to be the reason, then start searching for any deeper issues. For creating cool air in the fridge, the appliance requires applying a refrigerant system for removing the heat coming from inside. Essentially, the other function works simultaneously.

In practical terms, you may think about why does my freezer temperature fluctuate? To understand this complex point, focus on the basic mechanism. A constant gas compression cycle and evaporation happen in the inside workings of the fridge. Moreover, the cycle heat is pulled out by the compressor coils.

So, they are metallic winding tubes on the bottom of the fridge. Compressor coils are required to remain clean for releasing the heat efficiently. A dirty, clogged, blocked or dusty compressor coil causes the temperature to fluctuate uncontrollably. They should remain clean or they can circulate back into the appliance.

How To Cleaning the compressor coils is as follows:

  • Unplug the fridge. Then, move it out of the wall. Therefore, you will get to the compressor coils.
  • Hold a vacuum tube that is attached with a brush. And, vacuum up the coil dust.
  • Then, you have to take some cloth. And clean the compressor coils properly.
  • Finally, plug in the fridge with the electrical connection. Make sure, it is functioning again.
  • By following this, you should control the temperature problems of the freezer.

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Problem Due To Faulty Door Seal:

The last thing you may consider behind the temperature problem of your fridge is a bad door seal. If the door seal is not reliable, there will be a good possibility of cold air leaking out constantly. This results in altering the temperature balance of your appliance.

You have to check the constantly running fridge’s seal by looking at the parts. If any sealed part near the door looks dirty, bubbled, or warped, then it may cause the problem. It can be fixed by replacing of Freezer Door Gasket by following appropriate instructions.

Problem Due To Bad Electrical Components:

Lastly, if the outlined solutions will not be able to solve the problem, you should think about the broken electrical components. Over some time, the thermostat’s circuits may go bad. Eventually, the compressor will wear out. The common result is hampering the normal function of the fridge.

However, it is better to contact an expert repair service for work on your fridge. If you do anything, it will void the warranty. Instead, the professional can replace anything in maximum cases. Besides, they will suggest to you what is the best solution for your freezer. Finally, relax without worrying about the problem.


This is all for today, ‘Why does my freezer temperature fluctuate?’If you want an extensive safe consumption time of food, you must keep the temperature of the freezer constantly running all over. 

Multiple conditions will affect the inner temperature of your appliance. Depending on the specific possibility, the temperature fluctuation will vary. We have listed some of them. Now, solve accordingly!

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