Why Does My Infrared Heater Shuts Off Randomly

Why Does My Infrared Heater Shuts Off Randomly?

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An infrared heater is nothing but a machine. And as we know, where there is a machine, there are many problems.

Don’t worry guys. Don’t get panicked thinking Why my infrared heater shuts off! This is the place to solve all your mechanical problems. 

Today, we will discuss some problematic crises that an infrared heater can make and the ways to fix the problems easily.

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How does An Infrared Heater work?

Well, the working principle of an infrared heater is very similar to how the sun heats our earth.

As the sun uses all four modes of heat transfer, similarly infrared heaters use all four of them.

Let us see how? As the name suggests infrared heaters use infrared radiation (a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, wavelength ranges from 700 nanometers to 1 millimeter) to convey heat energy.

It transmits energy in the form of “radiations” to the floor, the energy is spread throughout the floor with the help of “conduction” and the floor then heats the air generating a “convection” current which then heats the whole space. 

That being said, we use many different gadgets and appliances which in turn make our lives efficient and comfortable.

One appliance that is not in the very spotlight but is very useful is an Infrared heater. We will discuss some problems related to them later as you are facing some difficulties with them.

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Advantageous Of Infrared Heaters

There are a lot of advantages. Some prominent ones might be:

  • Extremely cost-effective as it uses a lot less power than conventional heaters.
  • The radiations they produce are not harmful at all.
  • Are safe as the core temperatures never rise too high compared to conventional electric heaters.
  • Easy maintenance.

Where Are The Infrared Heaters Mostly Used In?

Due to their high performance and ability to cover huge areas they are mostly used in industries / in huge buildings like airplane hangers and production facilities etc.

Why Does My Infrared Heater Shut Off Randomly Fix It Asap

Common Problems Associated With Infrared Heaters

So some people might ask, why does my heater keep turning off?

Or many other similar questions so there are many different reasons for that, some of which will be discussed below.

1. Blocked Vents

In infrared heaters, vents are used mainly to take the combusted products.

It is likely to happen that the vents are blocked. Due to the blockage, heat is retained inside the vents.

As the excess heat is detected the safety devices will turn off the heater due to safety reasons.

#Easy Fix:

An easy solution to this can be to simply clean the vents by taking the help of a technician/professional. Or, you may do it yourself by using a vacuum cleaner.

2. Faulty Thermostat

One possibility is that the thermostat can be faulty.

Now, What Is A Thermostat?

It is a device that measures the temperature and maintains it to the desired set point.

When the thermostat is faulty and reads temperature high, the safety devices turn off the heater. Whenever a technician is about to look for a fault he will check the thermostat because it is more likely to be damaged.

#Easy Fix:

A simple thermostat change or repair can fix this problem.

Check this new thermostat. 

3. Electric Overload

Electric Overload

Now, whenever we are working with electrical infrared heaters, a component may experience an electrical overload and stop working.

#Easy Fix:

This scenario is more likely to happen. In this case, a technician should be consulted so that he can diagnose and change/Repair the equipment as per need.

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4. Un Cleaned Filter

Most of the infrared heaters that are used in houses, come with an inbuilt filter to collect dust.

In most cases, the dust in the filter coagulates enough to stop the air from going in and out of the heaters and disrupts the system(by turning it off).

#Easy Fix:

It is quite easy to fix this, just take the filter, wash it, and place it again.

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When Infrared Space Heater Will Not Turn On?

There might be different reasons for an infrared space heater not turning on. First of all, you should check whether there is any fault in an electric infrared heater. Make sure that it is plugged in perfectly and that there are no issues with the cord.

Again, if there is a thermostat, you should check whether the thermostat is set excessively low or not.

Then, make sure that the socket is plugged in appropriately. Then, check the circuit breaker or fuse box.

How To Fix A Infrared 1500w Space Heater?

There are few infrared heaters that work with natural gas or propane gas.

Here, you have to ensure the gas tanks are filled with the valve open. Then again, check for leaks by finding for bubbles while a spray jar is completed with soapy water.

Now, fix these leaks. Try to listen to the gas sound before igniting that.

Even after doing this troubleshooting, if you don’t find it’s working, then cut off tubes as well as make the air blow through. The system was supposed to work properly then.

Let’s Wrap Up!

To sum it all up, an infrared heater is an amazing invention but of course, everything comes with its very own set of pros and cons. We have managed to discuss some of the problems regarding an infrared heater. Hopefully, now you have got your question: why did my infrared heater shut off answered! 

If you still have any further queries, consult a local technician in your area.

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