Why Microwave Turns On By Itself

Why Microwave Turns On By Itself: Reasons & Suitable Solutions

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Microwave becomes an essential electrical appliance of our daily life. This uses electromagnetic radiation heat for cooking the foods.

The optimum frequency range of the microwave is exposed through your foods. This kitchen appliance makes various kitchen tasks easier.

However, microwaves may begin to show certain problems due to constant usage. Many complain their microwave turns on by itself.

Always remember that it becomes a safety concern once this occurs. So, you should understand some points to solve this problem.

Today, we’ll discuss why the microwave turns on by itself and the suitable solutions for it. So that you can detect and take proper steps to solve your problem.

Stopping The Issue Before Repairing [Quick Fixing Tips]:

When you haven’t time to diagnose your microwave, you may unplug the appliance. It simply means you are not taking risk of damaging the microwave.

Sometimes, unplugging the microwave as well as leaving the appliance unplugged for a few seconds may work kind of reset.

Again, there will be zero possibility of any fire hazard. Besides, you can keep the door slightly open. Nevertheless, this is something which is a sort of trying. Whereas, it will never fix the actual issue. 

After all, these are a few temporary solutions to this problem. The vital thing is, you have to find out the main reason.

Some reasons such as stuck switches, faulty control panels, or boards may be behind them. So, you have to know the aetiological factors the microwave turns on by itself.

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Top Reasons Why Microwave Turns On By Itself:

1. Keypad Membrane:

When the keypad membrane of your oven is malfunctioning or old, it can control the activation by itself. Remember that most of the membranes are activated by heat.

Once the microwave oven sits above the stove or is heated by a vent, the surrounded heat from these objects activates it.

For the heating issue, better to consider the reposition job instead of replacing it. When the appliance has been over the stove forever, there’s only manifesting the issue. Think about the heat resistance at this time.

It may be over the touchpad and worn down already. Therefore, replacing will be a reliable solution for your microwave.

You can consider replacing it with another model in case of a new microwave oven. This model must have to be featured with the heat sensor. It develops particularly for over the use of the stove.

While few models will allow you to remove the control panel of the microwave from the front side.

After doing it, replace the main membrane behind this. Although, many models need to replace the full touchpad without giving access to the actual membrane.

You would like to pull apart this part before ordering the replacement. So, find out which parts need to be replaced. It is an easy and effective solution to this problem.

Once you are looking for a membrane switch for your microwave oven, then we suggest Panasonic Membrane Switch. This is one of the best membrane switches for microwave ovens.

2. Control Board:

The control board is like the brain of your microwave oven. Because all the signals are received firstly, then relayed into the appliance from the board.

Once the board is starting to become faulty, it manifests many symptoms. One is the oven turning on by itself among them.

Due to it, the voltage is supplied through the cooking components. The control panel is sending signals at this moment. So, the solution is to replace the control board immediately and.

Whereas, many ovens need a new control board for the replacement. You have to buy a brand new control board for this case.

Once, you’re searching for a control board assembly for your microwave, you can consider it. You can also consider this control board for replacement.

When you can remove the control board, this means you can replace it. Therefore you can replace the part instead of the control board itself only. Once you replace your control board, the problem will not remain.

Although, it may seem difficult you simply have to unplug the cord harnesses from the previous one.

Accordingly, plug them into the brand new model. Also, be sure about the proper lining up and mounting.

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3. Stuck Switches:

Two important points you have to know firstly, the issues are not too much to do with the heat. Secondly, due to a higher extent of the light and electron spin.

Both of the cases may have an impact on turning the oven by itself. But, you don’t have to worry about that cause it isn’t a serious problem at all.

These two portions usually use energy. Whereas, they don’t use the energy at heat-producing portions. 

Moreover, the causes wear to these certain parts, so this needs fixing. The stuck of the interlocking door switch or the control panel’s interlock relay. These are the basic reasons behind it.

Apart from this, you may require to replace the full control panel for replacing your stuck switch. Also, you have to examine the interlock door switch. It makes sure that the switch is clean. If anything is wrong, you have to replace it with a new switch.

We suggested Frigidaire Microwave Interlock Switch. If you’re looking for a microwave door switch used with microwaves from multiple brands, then consider the ERP Microwave Door Switch.

This switch ensures that your microwave operates only when the door is closed.

Additional Information for Further Help:

Everybody is not comfortable replacing their microwave parts themselves. Additionally, the appliance can retain a dangerous charge in the capacitors when it is unplugged. Yet, the details of the above-mentioned repair don’t tell you for going close to the capacitors.

The professionals of the electronic appliance are experts for getting all the equipment fixed up rapidly. So, contact the expert for safe and correct replacement and repair. Ultimately, you will be able to use your microwave oven again.


Altogether, this is all about the reason and remedy for microwave turns on by itself. If the problem is temporary and can be fixed by you, then it is not a big issue. On the other, 

when it takes a long-term replacement, you need the help of a professional technician. 

Otherwise, the problem comes out with a dangerous fire hazard.

Sometimes, microwave oven issues are complicated. Because the appliance retains a dangerous shock while it is unplugged. Then, 

identify the main reason without wasting time, energy and effort. Accordingly, solve and get back to your cooking once again.

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