FT-991 vs FT-991A

What is the Key Difference Between Yaesu FT-991 vs FT-991A?

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Yaesu FT-991 and FT-991A both are widely used all-band multimode portable transceivers. Both of them are extremely popular in the market and their popularity is increasing day by day.  

If you’re looking for the best transceiver for your ham radio, these two devices are worth considering. By using any of them, you’ll get an excellent outcome. 

But, when the question is which one is better? Choosing anyone from two is quite difficult. If you don’t have enough idea, you’ll face difficulties to select one. There might also be a lot of questions in your subconscious mind. 

Today I will discuss Yaesu FT-991 vs FT-991A from A to Z. By reading this article, you’ll get an in-depth idea about them. 

Let’s dig into the in-depth concern. 

First of all, The Yaesu FT-991 and Yaesu FT-991A both will bring powerful performance and access.

The Yaesu FT-991A is an upgraded version of Yaesu FT-991. It is the successor to the extremely popular FT-991. Let’s take a look into the features of both transceivers.

Let’s check our discussion parts…

Yaesu FT-991 vs FT-991A Features :

Yaesu FT-991 vs FT-991A Features


The Yaesu FT-991 and FT-991A  both come in the exact same size. The measuring size of them is 8.8”x3”x9.9”. Besides the same size, both of them are lightweight and not too bulky. 


The Yaesu FT-991 and Yaesu FT-991A both are compact in design. They are suitable for portable, mobile, and base installations. This portable device is ready to go when and where you are!


A large touchscreen display gives more visibility and offers superior operability. But, a large touch screen display isn’t often seen for ham radio. 

Luckily, these two devices have a full-touch 3.5″ screen display. By using this display, you’ll effortlessly identify your signals. These will also increase your usability.   

Along with this, the FT-991A has an additional multi-color waterfall display. This multi-color display makes it different from the FT-991. 

That chronological color differentiation will help you to recognize weak signals. 

Operating Power  

The Yaesu FT-991 and FT-991A both have exact same operating power.  

The operating power is 100 watts. By using these hundreds of watts, you’ll get excellent performance. 

Operating Modes & Bands 

They both are referred to as multi-mode operational devices. 

Both of them have all-band transceivers including HF, MF, VHF, and UHF bands. They both offer a variety of AM, FM, SSB, CW with digital modes. 

Automatic Spectrum-Scope (ASC) 

Both devices have spectrum scope with an automatic scope control. This can automatically switch and receive audio during tuning operations. 

Internal Antenna Tuner 

The two devices included an automatic internal antenna tuner. This antenna tuner can use a large capacity of 100 channel memory. And reduce tuning time during frequency changing.  

Digital Signal Processing 

Both devices also have a highly balanced receiver circuit configuration. This digital signal processing will ensure interference rejection. 

Both devices have also HF and VHF and UHF bands as well. 

USB Capable Compatibility 

The Yaesu FT-991 and FT-991A both have USB-capable compatibility. You can connect both of them to your computer by using a USB cable. 

Automatic Cooling Features  

The Yaesu FT-991 and FT-991A both come with an automatic cooling fan. During operation, this cooling fan prevents this device from overheating. It also protects the devices and extends their lifetime.


You already know that the FT-991A is an upgraded version of the FT-991. So, you have to pay a few extra pence. How much? Check the Price of FT-991 on Amazon. 

If you want to smooth tuning of single strengths, it is worth the extra cost. Check the Price of FT-991A on Amazon.  

Comparative Analysis: FT-991 vs FT-991A

Comparative Analysis-FT-991-vs-FT-991A

The Yaesu FT-991 and FT-991A both are almost similar devices. They both come in exactly the same size and large screen. 

Both devices also have the same (100 watts) output power. That power is able to bring enough strength for the reception. 

An auto internal antenna tuner can memorize 100 channels. This will also decrease the overall tuning time. 

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But, the question is what is the major difference between them? 

Although the two have almost similar features, they have some dissimilarities. Before choosing anyone, you have to consider these dissimilarities.   

Firstly, The Yaesu FT-991A has additional real-time spectrum scope features. These features allow the signal from the band graphically.

By using this, you can quickly tune and move the right signals. You will also be able to separate weak and strong signals. 

On the other hand, the FT-991 does not have any real-time scope features. So, it’s quite difficult to filter out during weaker signals. 

Secondly, the FT-991A price is comparatively higher than  FT-991. You have to extra pay for the smooth tuning of single strengths. 

Thirdly, the Yaesu FT-991A has an additional multi-color waterfall display. This chronological color differentiation will help you to recognize weak signals. 

Overall, the major difference between FT-991 and FT-991A are- 

  • Multi-Color Waterfall Display 
  • Real-Time Spectrum Scope  

And obviously, Price! Though FT-991A is an upgraded version of FT-991, so the price is a comparatively little bit higher.  

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Yaesu FT-991 vs FT-991A: which one is better?

No matter which one you choose, you will always get excellent performance. But, above from similar two devices, which one is the winner? The right answer is, the Yaesu FT-991A is better for quick and strong signals. 

Advantages of Yaesu FT-991

Yaesu FT-991
  • Lightweight, compact and portable device.  
  • 100-watt power output. 
  • All-band transceiver system.  
  • Large touchscreen 3.5” display.  
  • Built-in automatic spectrum scope control. 
  • Internal automatic antenna tuner. 
  • Digital signal processing. 
  • USB cable compatibility. 

Advantages of Yaesu FT-991A

Yaesu FT-991A
  • Lightweight, compact and portable device. 
  • 100-watt power output.  
  • All-band transceiver system.  
  • Large touch screen 3.5” display. 
  • Built-in real-time spectrum scope control. 
  • Internal automatic antenna tuner. 
  • Digital signal processing. 
  • USB cable compatibility. 


The Yaesu FT-991 and FT991A both are the same size similar devices. Both have equal operating power, internal antenna, mode and USB capability, and other features.  

The major difference between them is real-time spectrum scope and multi-color waterfall display. 

Therefore, I’d prefer to pick the FT-991A for better support.  

While choosing between the Yaesu FT-991 and FT-991A, just keep in mind that FT-991A is an upgraded version of FT-991. 

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