best DVD player for Samsung smart TV

4 Best DVD player for Samsung smart TV

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A DVD player is widely regarded as the brains of a home’s entertainment system. Because of the advancements made possible by such gadgets, smart DVD players are now accessible on the market.

In addition to providing an outstanding listening experience, they are well-known for enabling unlimited access to movies and music.

These smart devices can effortlessly link to any wireless gadget and stream content wirelessly due to their advanced functionality and design.

Key Features to look for in a Smart DVD Player are as follows:  size, design, and quality of the sound, smart features, portability, and various other characteristics.

This article clearly explains the best DVD players for a Samsung TV. The article elaborates the specific features of each of the DVD players, including a comparison table for the same.

The article also contains the frequently asked questions and the best responses as per experts. Find also a buying guide for the best DVD player for your Samsung smart TV. Let’s start;

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A quick comparison table for the best DVD players

ComparisonSony DVPSR5 10H playerSony BDPS3700 Streaming Blu-ray disk playerSony DVPSR2 10P player Sindave compact smart DVD player
DesignCompact and powerful sound outputCompact-designedUltra-slim; mid-size formatCompact design making
PlaybackSupports slow playback with soundBlu-ray disc playback in 1080pHas Power Resume feature for previously paused media filesSupports low and quick playback
Connectivity optionsCan play files on USB Flash driveHas USB portMany alternative connectivity optionsA variety of output ports. Only accepts USB 2.0 Flash Drives with a capacity of up to 16 GB
PortabilityPretty convenient to carry everywhereIt is portable due to its compact designPortableEasy to transport and store
ViewingLarge screen for viewingHas TV Side View featureIt has a large viewing screenEasy to read, equipped with eye protection as a standard feature.
ComponentsIt comes along with an HDMI cable, AVI cable, and user manualTV remote, Batteries, and user manualA/V cable, AA Batteries, TV remote, and one-year parts guaranteeTV remote, cables, Batteries, and user manual
DisplaySupports high definition streamingSupports high definition streamingSupports high definition streamingNuanced variations of color and smooth transition

Reviews of the best DVD player for Samsung smart TV

1. The Sony DVPSR5 10H player, which has an HDMI port

The Sony DVPSR5 10H player, which has an HDMI port

This Sony DVD player is one of the top smart DVD players due to a variety of its features.

Features and benefits

Because it is 10.6 inches long, it has a slim and compact appearance. Your current home entertainment system will benefit from this elegant addition. You’ll get something close to HD without any distortion at the output in terms of picture quality.

Included in the package is a remote control. Different functions of your television sets and DVD players can be controlled with this device.

One can view DVDs at a speed that is approximately 1.5 times faster than standard playing. Slow playback with sound is supported, as is a pause between tracks. Watching the sports activity in high definition will be possible with this function.

Using this DVD player, you can play digital files stored on a USB flash drive, one of the most valuable features. Your USB can be used to access the music files stored on it, and you may choose how you want to access them.

Audio, video, and pictures are all supported as playback media types, as well as video playback.

Also conceivable is the transfer of your songs to a portable media player. As a result of its small size, it is pretty convenient to carry everywhere.

This HDMI DVD player comes with remote control, an HDMI cable, AVI cables, and a user manual, among other things.


  • Possible to play DVDs at different speeds using the remote
  • High definition
  • Can play files stored in external flash drives
  • Pretty portable


  • It is expensive to buy

2. The Sony BDPS3700 streaming Blu-ray disk player

The Sony BDPS3700 streaming Blu-ray disk player

Features and benefits

The Sony BDPS3700 is well-known for its ability to stream a variety of various apps and entertainment packages.

A speedy and stable Wi-Fi connection will allow you to enjoy high-definition streaming. Utilizing the Mira cast split-screen technique makes it easy to see smartphone material on a TV set.

DVD upscaling and Blu-ray disc playback in 1080p are two of the essential features. There would be no lag between the input and the output. This is because this music player has extremely fast booted up as well as loading times.

The powerful, fully customizable user interface provides seamless access to applications and features. Controlling your devices and navigating information from a mobile device is a straightforward process.

This is made possible thanks to the TV Side View feature. A USB port can be found on the front of the device. It enables you to view and listen to photos, movies, and music.


  • Supports high-definition streaming
  • Mira cast split-screen technique
  • Easy control and navigation
  • No lag between the input and the output


  • It is quite costly

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3. Sony DVPSR2 10P player

Sony DVPSR2 10P player

This device is one of the greatest smart DVD players available on the market.

Features and benefits

It has an ultra-slim design. Sony designed it in a distinctive mid-size format that is exclusive to Sony.

Progressive scan, JPEG and MP3 playback, a variety of TV remotes from various manufacturers, and multi-disc resume are just a few of the capabilities included.

Due to the many alternative connectivity options available, it is pointless to be concerned about connecting to external devices.

The Power Resume feature offered by this company immediately continues the movie where it left off when it was paused previously.

The way this technology converts your digital photo files into pleasant, musical presentations may take you by surprise at first glance.  Everyone in the room will enjoy the pleasure of watching on a large screen.

The Sony DVD player should not be placed too close to any heat source, such as stoves or radiators, among other things to avoid damage.

Several items are included in the box, including the DVD player, an A/V cable, two AA batteries, a TV remote, a one-year parts guarantee, and a ninety-day labor warranty.

This device appears to be of high quality and functions admirably right out of the package. Watching a wide variety of movies in high-definition has never been more accessible.


  • Possible to play previously paused clips.
  • Large viewing screen
  • Supports high-definition streaming


  • Quite expensive

4. The Sindave compact smart DVD player

The Sindave compact smart DVD player

Features and benefits

Its minimal compact design makes it easy to transport and store. Essentially, this device is an area DVD player that displays nuanced variations of color and a smooth transition between them.

This would result in a picture that is lively and natural. A variety of video output ports are available to you. The digital display is easy to read, and it is equipped with eye protection as standard.

Fast forward/fast rewind, CD ripping, previous/following track selection, resume/memory playback, a bilingual OSD menu, and parental control are some of the features offered by this minor DVD player.

Sindave DVD players are often found to be compatible with a wide range of televisions. You have the option of selecting either slow or quick playback.

It is relatively simple to add new functionalities to your entertainment system. Slow-motion, advanced zoom, skip, and single-step play functionality, for example, are all available.

Because of the anti-shock safety, you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted viewing enjoyment.

The fact that this DVD player only accepts USB 2.0 Flash Drives with a capacity of up to 16 GB should not be overlooked! Furthermore, it is capable of playing media files up to high definition via the USB port.


  • Different playback options
  • Capable of playing files high definition files


  • Only accepts USB 2.0 Flash Drives with a capacity of up to 16 GB

How to Choose the Best DVD player for Smart TV

Before making any choice of buying the best DVD player for your Samsung smart TV, there are some factors you must consider to get the best DVD player, and some include;

Network connectivity

Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable are commonly used to connect DVD players to your home network.

You’ll most likely gain access to a wide range of internet services and apps, such as YouTube or Netflix if you do this. Consider DVD players with network connectivity options.


Make sure that the DVD player has the essential ports you currently require for your existing TV.

Compatibility with your TV

Before making a purchase, double-check that the DVD player is compatible with your Samsung smart TV.


When it comes to portable DVD players, they come with an integrated screen, so you can get it all you want in a lightweight, convenient design.

With young children, it may be beneficial to have a portable DVD player for them to easily operate the DVD player.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a DVD played on a computer?

You must ensure that your computer, whether a Mac or a Windows PC, is equipped with a built-in and external DVD drive before you can begin playing a DVD movie.

You can use either the Windows DVD Player or even some third-party DVD playing program such as the VLC media player to play your DVDs.


In conclusion, with one of these top smart DVD players installed, you will have easy access to the audio-video entertainment you desire whenever you want it at your convenience.

These devices are available in various configurations, and they can play a variety of music and video files in various formats.

This article has discussed the best four DVD players you can acquire for your Samsung smart TV. Go keenly through it to determine the best DVD for your Samsung TV.

If you find it challenging to choose the best DVD player, seeking help from a knowledgeable person is advisable.

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