how to connect old bose system to new tv

How to connect old Bose system to new TV

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Bose systems are used to create high-quality portable gadgets and sound systems. Numerous Bose systems are compatible with home televisions.

The connection can be accomplished by the use of cables or using a Bluetooth (wireless) connection. However, the Bluetooth connection will work optimally with newly purchased televisions.

Bose systems make use of electromagnets and motors. They allow them to replenish electricity, making them highly controllable.

Bose systems produce a significant volume of sound. They can be fitted in tiny vehicles to enhance their audio systems, resulting in increased comfort within the car.

This article guides you on connecting an old Bose system to a new TV and what you’ll require to carry out the process.

The article outlines the connection of the Bose system to a new TV by use of both cables and Bluetooth. Find also responses to the commonly asked questions on the Bose system and TV connection. Here we start;

Connection cables and ports

Before connecting the Bose system to your television, it is always critical to check the port options. The manufacturer sells the cables separately.

As a result, a choice must be made regarding the type of cable to purchase for the connection. Choose the cable that is most compatible with the ports on your computer.

HDMI cables are the most commonly used connecting cables. It establishes a connection between the Bose system and the television.

Alternatively, one can utilize the manufacturer’s recently released HDMI Arc. It enables bidirectional communication between the connected TV and the system. An optical cable could also be used.

It is the most common and simplest way to connect your Bose system and television. Additionally, Optical connections can be utilized to connect devices such as Xbox systems and Blu-ray players.

Optical cables as well as HDMI connections offer the highest quality and are thus preferred.

An auxiliary cable can also be used to connect the Bose system to a Samsung TV. In speaker connections, auxiliary wires are widely applied.

Additionally, they can be used in automobiles to connect handsets to the vehicle’s sound using a standard audio jack. For Bose sound systems, an auxiliary connection is possible.

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How to connect old Bose system to new TV

connect old bose system to new tv wirelessly

What you need;

1)    HDMI cable.

2)    Optical cable.

3)    Auxiliary cable.

4)    Bose system remote.

As previously said, the first attempt will be to select the most appropriate cable for your connection. The physical link can then be established.

  • Before connecting the HDMI cable, switch off the Bose system as well as the television. The HDMI cable should then be connected to the appropriate socket on the new TV.
  • Connect the cable’s opposite end to the old Bose system’s output channel. Connect the system first, followed by the television. Select the ‘source’ option from the display, followed by the ‘function’ option.
  • Next, select the HDMI option to connect your TV to your Bose system. Fix one end of the optical cable to the optical output port on your Samsung TV when utilizing the optical cable.
  • After that, connect the other end to the Bose system’s digital audio input port. The cable can now be configured by selecting the ‘source’ option. After selecting this option, you will be prompted to choose the D.IN entry.
  • On-screen audio configuration options are displayed on the television—select an external speaker from the speaker output menu.
  • The connection will be a little easier if you use the auxiliary cable option. However, the sound quality is inferior to that of digital output.
  • Connect one end of the cable to the Bose system’s auxiliary input connector and the other to the audio out port on the TV. Ascertain that your audio connection is complete.
  • Select the source choice and make sure it is set to AUX on the Bose system remote. This brings the audio system to a satisfactory setting.

If the above stages were followed, your strategy should be ready to play. You may now switch the TV sound, which begins to play flawlessly over the Bose sound system.

Bose system Wireless Bluetooth connection Steps

Apart from auxiliary, HDMI, and optical connections, one can also connect the Bose system and a new TV wirelessly using Bluetooth. This is especially the case when establishing temporary connections. This approach may be used to prevent large-scale wired connections.

Connecting your old Bose system to your new TV is a simple process. The Bluetooth connection enables easy connection of the Bose system to the TV. However, when compared to the discussed cable connections, this connection provides lower-quality sound.

Simple steps to follow when connecting over Bluetooth

The following are simple steps to connect an old Bose system to a new TV with the use of Bluetooth;

1. On the Bose system’s remote control, press the connecting button. Alternatively, you can press it directly on the Bose system.

2. Power on your television.

3. From the menu page displayed, locate and select the ‘sources’ option.

4. Select the ‘connection guide’ option.

5. From the displayed list of Bluetooth devices, select the Bose speaker.

Generally, all of the devices displayed are ready for connection. As a result, caution is required when choosing the particular device to connect.

Ascertain that you select the Bose system. Selecting the Bose system completes the pairing process and activates the connection.

One of the benefits of this connection is that it enables multi-device operation from the same Bose system.

Additionally, you may connect your smartphone to the Bose speaker via Bluetooth. Thus, one can get superior performance from their TV streaming over the Bose system.

Frequently Asked Questions

My old Bose system can’t connect to my TV, what to do?

Reset the established HDMI connection by disassembling the devices and the cables that link them and resetting them. 

Ensure that the Bose system, the source device, and the television are turned off.

Unplug the HDMI cables from their respective ends and reset them to ensure that they maintain secure connections. Finally, plug in your source device, the Bose system, and the TV to power.  


Many people aspire to have the best possible home entertainment. One can get a new television yet be dissatisfied with its audio quality.

Getting a Bose system will assist you in optimizing the sound performance of your television. It may seem old, but one will enjoy the performance with the correct connection to the television.

Having the proper connection between your new TV and an older Bose system will assist you in quenching your thirst for high-quality sound.

Optical cables, HDMI cables, and auxiliary cables are all examples of hardwired connections.

A newly acquired television can also be connected wirelessly to the old Bose system through Bluetooth. Ensure that you adhere to the steps outlined above to ensure a successful connection.

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