Why my Garmin forerunner 235 won't turn on

Why my Garmin forerunner 235 won’t turn on?

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You may have this common question in your mind, does every electronic device have this problem of not getting on or taking too much time to get on.

Especially when you need them. Believe me, every Garmin user has this problem with their Smartwatch. 

But you don’t need to worry about a thing. You have searched for this article, that means you want this problem to be solved once and for all.

Then, we are more than happy to welcome you to go through the sequential steps that we are going to provide you in this article.

These 7 steps will show you results in no time if you follow them as they are. We always recommend professional advice. But this could be the situation, where you may not find any. Then without any delay let’s get it on with;

Fixing Steps Garmin forerunner 235 won’t turn on

Why my garmin forerunner 235 won't turn on fix now

1. Check if is getting power

Attach your computer to the original Garmin charging cable, which is displayed with a green checkmark.

Be sure nothing remains, such as a divide or other charging accessory, between your charger cord and your power outlet. Don’t carry a cable with a USB. 

Switch the power on. Toggle power on. On the other end of the power cord, check the light to make sure that it is illuminated.

2. Check for software problem

The computer could have run into a program “error,” “glitch” or other related forms of a problem if it “freezes,” on a single screen and does not respond to your touch.

As a vast number of tasks and measured every second are done by all electronic devices, it is often necessary for the system to remain in use at one stage or another. A software upgrade will fix this dilemma.

3. Replacing the battery if Dead

These units use a rechargeable, non-user-replaceable lithium-ion battery. It can be replaced by the Garmin RMA method when a new battery is required.

Electricity problems also do not have to do with battery failure. Try cleaning up the battery contacts on the back and loading if the battery does not charge or is flying away. 

Alcohol rubbing tools and a swab of fabric. Both residues will be eliminated. 

If there is already a battery power issue, it may be a device problem that suggests a software upgrade. Garmin Express allows the program to be modified.

You can charge the battery one hour before deciding that the battery is not functioning as intended, even if the monitor does not indicate the unit charging.

 4. Trouble Shooting by Soft reset

You can charge the battery one hour before deciding that the battery is not functioning as intended, even if the monitor does not indicate the unit charging.

A soft reset may be done in the case of computers that have power problems, such as not powering on or off or not taking a charge.

No information from the watch is deleted from a soft reset. When the system is attached to a computer, this reset is most effective. 

Attach the unit to a monitor using a charging clip to execute a soft reset. Press POWER/LIGHT for 25 seconds or until the system is charged. To the control unit, click POWER/LIGHT. 100 percent charging battery

5. Keep Checking on Battery Drains

Keep Checking on Battery Drains

Such features are obsolete, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to the Garmin Connect mobile app are used for downloading measures and events.

If you are constantly using the Garmin Connect smartphone app, you may well disable Auto Upload to help save battery capacity.

When a smartphone updates local weather, the barometer’s Storm Warning feature is another redundant drain of batteries. 

If the battery drain persists, attempt to return the watch to the default factory and see how long this battery lasts on full power, without pairing it again to the handset.

The battery drain will result in choosing a custom configuration on the watch or Bluetooth functionality, whether the battery is as long as the battery lasts.

6. Trouble Shooting by Hard reset

Attach the watch properly. It could be that easy. The battery cannot hold the charge as long as it is used to particularly when the watch is old. 

Link the watch to the PC. Like recharging the batteries, the GPS watch often resets simply by reconnecting it to a device. 

Allow a reset gently. This causes the GPS to reset essentially. This also avoids the leakage of knowledge. Make a rough reset.

This reset gives the GPS to look back to its initial factory predefined state, but Delete ON THE WATCH can do this including unsynced and customization tasks.

Use this as a last resort only. To do a hard reset, click the links below.

You may be interested in fixing a digital watch.

7. Try Clearing all the Data

On such reloads as the Garmin Forerunner 235, you can uninstall user details while preserving your log of operation.

This ensures that user-entry data such as height, weight, and age are deleted from the watch but your data on your behavior is maintained. 

Shut the system down to do so. Power on the watch while gripping the back button. If you wish to clear user info, you are requested to clarify that. Return the back button and pick Yes.

Important FAQs about Garmin forerunner 235

  1. Is Garmin Forerunner 235 water-resistant? 

While the Garmin Forerunner 235 is not designed exclusively for water, water is rated up to a depth of 50m.

  1.  Does Garmin Forerunner 235 battery last?

Forerunner 235 is going to last 11 hours for training mode costs, Garmin says.

  1. Can the battery be replaced?

These units use a rechargeable, non-user-replaceable lithium-ion battery. It can be replaced by the Garmin RMA method when a new battery is required. Garmin Express allows the program to be modified.

  1. Can Garmin 235 be charged while running?

You can charge the 235 when running, but we would prefer that you get a watch with longer battery life to prevent charge as much as possible.


It often happens if you are getting for your workout and your smartwatch is not even turning on. We know, this situation is very depressing. Moreover, you need it right now.

Above mentioned 7 steps are recommended by experts all over the world. We have elaborately presented them to you. Go through the process and we hope it will show beneficial results. Good Luck!!

How to reset or restart the Garmin Forerunner 235 / 230. In this video, I show you how to not only factory reset the Garmin Forerunner 235 / 230 but also how to turn it off and on.

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