Oven Light Won't Turn Off

Why The Oven Light Won’t Turn Off? Reasons & Suitable Solutions

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The indicator light of your oven starts on or off according to the function. It requires more heat for maintaining the temperature setting.

Once the door opens, the light will turn on automatically. However, most of the electronic appliance systems facilitate special design for revealing any problem in the electric circuit.

The oven has many sensors and mechanisms in the system.

If some portions of them fail, the appliance won’t heat. So, your house will be safe from any unwanted situations. Whereas, the oven light may turn on automatically.

This can occur for many reasons. We are here to discuss the cause with the most preferable solutions for everyone. Let’s understand why the oven light won’t turn off.

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How do I fix my oven light? The Reasons With Easy Solutions

Issue One: May Turn On Any Hidden Switch Of Light

Solution: Find & Flip The Switch

Various types of ovens have different designs for the light switch. So, not everyone has the same design. Most of them contain a light switch functioning on the control board. In such a manner, you will be able to check the cooking food with no need of opening the oven door. It can save internal heat.

However, some ovens feature a switch with door-triggers so that the oven light turns on when you open the door. Besides, the light will turn off when you close the door. Also, some of them could contain a hidden switch inside or underneath the oven. This can be a major cause for your oven light won’t turn off.

Additionally, if a rack or pan bumped the hidden switch at the time of moving the food, the switch might still be on. There will be a great possibility of happening. For it, you should always check the user manual to resolve the issue. Even, you can explore the outside, inside, and underside of the appliance for finding a overturn light switch.


Issue Two: The Door Is Not Closing Correctly

Solution: Repair Hinges, Oven Racks & Posts

If the oven light is on at the time of opening the door, it indicates the door is not closed. This will cause a problem. The initial and easiest step is checking the obstructions. Inspect the oven pans and racks. You can keep them inside them for proper observation. So, any obstruction may be the reason for not closing the oven properly.

After this inquiry, checking should be done for any food debris close to the hinges. Then, observe the hinges correctly. Figure out the door must be in a leveled position. So that, it seems mounting securely. Also, if the hinges are not tight, align and tighten them with a screwdriver.

In case of any damage, you have to repair or replace the hinge. Here is some best oven door hinge from the market. Therefore, look up the brand and model of your oven. Then, replace the hinge according to the manual.

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Issue Three: Electrical System Error

Solution: Reset The System

Sometimes, power surges and blackouts can affect the behavior of your oven. As the appliance resets the microwave clock with flashing 00:00 whenever the power fails. Indeed, you may notice these symptoms in your other electric appliances. Issues can arise from the light bulbs. The electrical system may be affected which will cause the bulb to turn on.

The solution is very simple. You have to know the oven model. Then, look up the electrical system for resetting the oven. Most digital ovens have a display with this. Identify the reset process following to hold the buttons for a few seconds. And, observe if the oven light returns to behave normally. Thus, an electrical reset may solve the problem.

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Issue Four: Faulty Or Broken Door Switch

Solution: Replace The Switch

Faulty or broken door switches can be another common issue for turning the light on. Even, if you close the door properly as well as reset the electrical system, the problem may arise again. After properly identifying the main reason, the easy way of solving the issue is to remove as well as replace the switch of the oven door.

Therefore, look up the model and brand of the oven. Because you have specific instructions about removing the panels for accessing the switch.

At the same time, unplug the appliance by changing the switch for a new switch. Then, transfer the wire clip of the oven to the fresh wire harness. Lastly, close up as well as retry with the light.

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Here’s are some Door Switch that you can consider:

Issue Five: Wiring Or Control Panel Is Faulty

Solution: Replace The Electrical System

The electrical system is the final thing you should think about the light turns on. Also, when the wiring or the control board is faulty, it is advisable to consult an appliance repair expert.

Both of them are integral parts of your oven. As such, the electrical system should be replaced by a certified technician. This is the ultimate solution.

Besides, when you need to repair the control system of the oven, we will recommend considering a new one instead.

The primary point is that if the internal wiring or control panel is responsible, then the oven light will be the first indicator of the problem to come. So, a broken or faulty electrical system should be fixed properly.

Some Valuable Tips:

You have to figure out the main reason behind the light problem of your oven. Moreover, the most vital point is to work with safety. The oven should be unplugged always before accessing the electrical or internal components. Remember to wear protective gloves.

Again, the right tools need to be used. But, when the problem is not identifiable, you should contact the experts. Probably, you have no training in repairing. Appliance technicians will help you to solve the problem. They will ensure your oven is repaired safely and quickly.


This is all for now about why your oven light won’t turn off with the most preferable solutions. Indeed, the light indicates some important points on cooking. Firstly, try to find out the exact cause of this problem. Whether it is due to a faulty door or electrical system error, the etiology must be searched and fixed accordingly. If you have very little idea about the oven, don’t waste your time, effort, and energy to solve the issue. Let’s consult an appliance repair expert for correcting the problem. Happy cooking with your oven!

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