Why One Speaker Louder Than The Other

Why One Speaker Louder Than The Other? How to Fix It

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Speakers are widely used to amplify the enjoyable sound. You can not only enjoy music but also hear tons of sounds with the speakers. This device converts audio signals into sound. It gives you excellent audio output for hearing.

But, sometimes one speaker sounds louder than the other. Why does one of the speakers sound louder than the other? If you’re faced with such a problem, then there will be different reasons behind it. 

In this article, we’ll discuss why one speaker louder than the other. We’ll also illustrate so that you can find and fix the problem.

Why One Speaker Louder Than The Other?

Commonly, two speakers are installed to improve the entire audio system. They are connected to the amplifier, but sometimes one of them doesn’t work correctly. Many times one speaker sounds louder than the other. 

There will be different reasons behind one speaker sound louder than the other. It’s because of poor quality of speakers, bad wire connection or signal source etc.

First of all, you have to check out the speakers. So that you can ensure that both speakers are in good condition.

Then here we discuss all the reasons why one speaker sounds louder and what to do.

One Speaker Louder Than The Other Fix It

Major Reasons Why One Speaker Sounds Louder

Swap the Speakers:

The simplest way to check is to swap the speakers and also swap their cables. Once you swap the speakers, then you’ll notice either the problem is in the speaker or something else.

You can see either the speaker is faulty or the issue lies elsewhere.

Always be sure speaker wire ends are in good shape before swap your speakers. Also, make sure that stray strands of wire are not sticking out. 

Moreover, make sure that they’re solidly and cleanly placed in respective connectors.

Once you have confidence in the wire, then swap the speaker wires to the speaker. That could help you find the reason behind the problem.

Problem with Signal Source:

If you swap the speaker and the problem remains on, then probably the problem is in the signal source. Before it, you have to switch on your speaker and listen for a while.

Sadly most of the speakers do not have the best switch. On Amazon, you can find plenty of top rated speaker switches and you can check specific product recommendations. 

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You can choose your applicable one once you have a bad switch.

If the sound is roughly the same, that indicates the problem is with the signal source. But, why is an audio signal important? It’s important because it takes the audio signal from source to output.

This output of the amplifier is connected to speakers and converts an electrical signal into sound. If the speaker doesn’t get proper power, then it cannot produce a proper sound. 

The signal between the speaker with other devices failed due to the broken RCA cable. Bad RCA cable can cause a sound louder in one speaker compared to the other.

So, you have to check the RCA cable. Once you notice a broken RCA cable, then you have to fix it.

Keep into consideration that the quality of the RCA cable needs to be good. Because quality less cable wears out soon, and also harms the speaker.

Here is our recommended Best RCA Cable that you can buy with confidence.

Although there are a lot of options to select, Monoprice Premium RCA Cable would be the best. You understand that these cables are the best when you have done your research. 

Check The Wires:

Speaker wires are both positive and negative. They should be in the proper place and proper condition. If the wires between the speaker and amplifier break or loose, one speaker produce a louder sound than the other 

So, check your wiring to make sure of the connection of wires. If you look at the loose connection between the speaker and amplifier, then you should maintain the connection.

It is recommended that you have to check the wires of your speaker. If the wires were broken, therefore replace the broken one with a new speaker cable.  

You can check the polarity of your speakers with a multimeter.


If you find the problem in the polarity of wires, then correct them to get rid of this problem. So, check the polarity with a multimeter to make sure it is correct.

In the end, if there’s no problem with the wire, then there would be another reason. The possible reason for the problem is with the connections. 

Check The Connection:

You have to not only check the wires but also check the connection of wires. The connection between the speaker and amplifier is sometimes loose and makes tough quality sound.

The nuts which are connected through the wires may lose and occur this problem. You should maintain the connection when you find a loose connection between the speaker and amplifier.

Final Verdict:

Altogether, we discuss all the reasons behind one speaker being louder than the other. We also illustrated so that you can find and fix the problem. 

Always remember that only proper functioning speakers give you excellent audio output. So, you have to take steps when your speaker sounds louder than the other one.

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