Why Stove Burner Light Won't Turn Off

Why Stove Burner Light won’t Turn Off? Causes & Solutions

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The stove is one of the most important kitchen appliances in any home. Once it starts any sort of problem, it’s shocking for anyone. You can expect further damage to the stove, but 

Hopefully, most of the stove problems can be easily resolved. 

Stove Burner Light won’t Turn Off is another common problem in stoves. In this article, we’ll discuss the causes and suitable solutions to this problem.

5 Common Causes of Stove Burner Light Won’t Turn Off:

It can be shocking once your stove burner light won’t turn off. Because an out-of-control burner is always a flame and security threat for the kitchen. So, at first, we’ll discuss the possible reason for this problem.

1. Possible Cause:  Bad switch:

The bad switch is one of the main reasons why the stove burner light won’t turn off. In this situation, you have to replace it.

 2. Possible Cause: Broken Knob:

Once the knob is broken down. it can’t turn the temperature control stick. Also, it seems the burner is switched off but actually it isn’t. You can use a couple of pliers to swerve the metal switch. Hopefully, the knob will work with it.

3. Possible Cause: Electronic or Control Pad Error:

An error in the electronics or control pad may cause the stove burner light won’t turn off.

4. Possible Cause: Faulty Surface Element:

This is another possible cause because the low surface element doesn’t suitably turn the light off. Once the electrical connections have a fuse or build a continual voltage to the burner, your surface element will need to be repaired. So,  disconnect the stove from the power and let the burner cool totally. 

5. Possible Cause: Faulty Surface Element Switch:

The surface element switch instructs the stove on how hot to warm, and when to turn it on and off. It’s like the temperature control thermostat inside your stove which regulates heat in the oven compartment. Your stove doesn’t get the “signal” when the switch is too tight, fused, or damaged. You can find your surface element switch by following the user manual for your stoves.

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Necessary Tools for Repair :

Some common tools are required to fix the stove. Below we listed some useful tools so that you can repair your own. However, you don’t need to buy it once you have the tool in your house. If you don’t have one, you can cheaply buy it from here.  

1. Heat Resistant Gloves

2. Protective Clothing 

3. Voltage Tester Pen

4. Cordless Drill 

5. Nut Driver Set

6. Wrench Set

7. Putty Knife

8. Element bake Lower  

9. Electric Range Switch

How do you fix a stove burner light that won’t turn off:

How do you fix a stove burner light that won't turn off

Maintaining your stove can protect against costly stove repair. It’s also the best way to save money on this equipment. Here we discuss the suitable steps to solve your stove problem.

Step 1: Firstly, you should notice on the control panel, on the knobs, or the knobs something like “RF” or “Right Front”. Moreover, you should see which burner is heated when you turn the knob “on”.

Step 2: The connection points are sliced jointly inside the switch. This usually suggests the switch will also fail. If the connections for the component stick jointly in the switch, the component will keep up on turning off the circuit breaker. Those switches are relatively simple to replace. 

Step 3: It’s most possible the switch for the big component because it is used the most. Slip the range out far sufficient to get the back off the consumer to key the switch. Look on the back of the switch on the lower right for the switch point noted “P”.

Pull the cable off the point and if the indicator light goes out, replace the switch. The switch is operated to discard the cables from the old switch. And replace them on the new switch one at a moment. 

Step 4: You can also pull one of the violet wires off of a burner switch.  Then tape the top of that cable space with electrical tape. It protects it from shorting to the metal board. You will go that cable daisy-chained to all 4 burner control switches, plugged onto each one on a spare. Rapidly fill in the range and notice the light turns off or not.

Step 5: Clean and Inspect the Burners.

Step 6: Turn off the electric span and then clear the power cable from the electrical portal. If you cannot enter the electrical pipe, turn off the breaker at the circuit panel.

Step 7: Lock the power cable around into the electrical portal or turn the breaker behind at the circuit panel.

Step 8: Too small pans can cause the burner to produce too much heat. This will induce the heating component to stay heated and the indicator light to stay on.

Step 9: Seat a bigger pan on the burner. Then notice either the heating component cools after heating the pan.

Step 10: Turn off the burner and place the hot pan in another region. Proceed with the burner to cool and notice the indicator light turns off. The indicator light will keep up until the stove starts to cool to a normal temperature.

Step 11: Lastly, recheck all of the parts of the stove and you’ll get rid of the problem once all functions properly.


You can enjoy cooking properly only with a properly functioning stove. Stove burner lights won’t turn off is one of the common problems in stoves. It’s important to understand the actual causes and take proper steps to solve the problem. Hopefully, our discussion and suitable solutions will get rid of this problem.

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