2008 chevy cobalt front speakers not working

2008 Chevy Cobalt Front Speakers Not Working: How To Fix?

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As the 2008 chevy cobalt is a new carryover model it has added some new features to its system. This new model has a two-door coupe or four-door sedan offering both LS and LT variants.

In the LS version, it has a standard 4-door. On the other hand, the LT version has all the luxury equipment like leather seats and an upgraded sound system.

They also added safety equipment instead of SS trims in the model. Nowadays, all cobalt have airbags on their side. The StabiliTrak Electronic Stability is controlled by the Sport trims.

 Now, in this blog, we will let you know everything about the problem of the 2008 chevy cobalt front speakers not working. To know how to repair the cobalt front speaker, first, we need to know about its structure it.

So I will tell you about the structure of it in brief and then describe how to repair the speaker or its sound problem.

Let’s check the section.

  1. Structure of the Stereo System
  2. How to Repair 2008 Chevy Cobalt Front Speakers Not Working
  3. Detection of the problem Of Chevy Speakers
  4. Solving the Problem Chevy Speakers Not Work 

Structure of the Stereo System

The LS and LT versions have different types of sound systems. The coupe and LS sedan have a standard sound system with an AM/FM/CD receiver and a 4 speaker array while the LT sedan is featured with an upgraded 7 speakers pioneer sound system with similar types of stereo.

The common things of both versions are, both of them have an OnStar option. There is a pioneer amplifier situated above the driver’s kick panel. The system is powered by this amplifier. This system also has tweeters to the front doors and a subwoofer in the trunk of the car. 

How to Repair 2008 Chevy Cobalt Front Speakers Not Working

2008 chevy cobalt front speakers not working fix it

If the sound system has any problem like decreasing the sound or can not generate sound properly or volume problem, the speaker needs to be repaired. To repair the speaker, first of all, we have to identify the exact problem.

The problem can be with the wiring or with the amplifier. Loose wiring or corroded wiring is one of the major reasons for the volume problem.

But it’s easy to repair. If the problem is with the amplifier, then it’s a little bit tough to solve.

Sometimes you need to change the amplifier or the whole speaker for the damage of the amplifier. So we have to detect where the problem actually belongs.  So we can divide the repairing process into two steps. 

  1. Detection of the problem.
  2. Solving the problem.   

Here are the details about it.

1. Detection of the problem Of Chevy Speakers

To detect the problem with the speaker, first, we will check the wiring structure. For doing that, we need to uncover the door panel and check the loose or corroded wiring.

We will start the removal process by prying the sail panel away from its retaining clips. Now move the door latch assembly and then remove the single 7 mm screw by using a perfect screwdriver

A round cover hides the single 7 mm screw. Then we need to lift up the plastic cover and remove the remaining two more screws hidden there. Then we will see the wiring structure. If it is corroded, then we have to change all the wires.

If it is not corroded, then remove all the wires from their port and re-insert them again properly. If the speakers started to work after re-inserting the wire, then loose wiring was the reason for the sound or volume problem.

If the speakers don’t work even after re-inserting the cable, then we will check for the fuses of the speakers. To test it, we will hold the fuses up to the light and check the metal strip and wire inside the casing.

The casing may be created by glass or plastic. If we see that, the strip or wire is broken, then we can become sure that the fuses are blown.  

If the fuses are not damaged or burned then check the battery. If all of these have no problem, then we have no other way than to replace the speaker. 

Though replacing the speaker is a little costly, you have to do it to enjoy the music. After detection, we will move to our next step, solving the problem.

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 2. Solving the Problem Chevy Speakers Not Work

Solving the Problem Chevy Speakers Not Work (1)

If we find any problem with the wiring structure, then we will re-insert them, or if the structure is corroded, then we have to look for changing the damaged wire.

For changing the wiring structure, we will follow the guidelines for the installation of wire which is given in the manual instruction book. If the problem is in the fuses we need to change the fuses of the speaker. Check on Amazon to choose a fuse of the speaker.

We know that fuses are designed for minimizing the voltage of the amplifier when it produces too much voltage. 

So, if the fuses are blown anyhow, the speaker or stereo system can not work properly or maybe they will stop working. 

To remove the blown fuses, we will test the amperage rating of the fuses. The number of amperage ratings is the size of the fuse we will replace. Then we will insert a new fuse of the same size.

Insert the fuse into the chassis of the amplifier. Push it in the fuse socket to set up the new fuse firmly. Then reconnect the amplifier which was disconnected before starting the process. 

Then test the speaker. If it works, then it will be fine for you. But if it is not, then lastly we can check our battery and amplifier. 

Both problems can be solved by replacing the battery and amplifier. For changing the battery or amplifier, we will take help from an expert in this sector or follow the guidelines of the manual instruction book.

If none of the processes described above can solve the problem of the cobalt front speaker, then you have to change your speaker. 

For changing the speakers, you need to buy a new one and remove the previous one. For changing the speakers, it’s better to take your car to an expert and do it by them.  

To Conclude…

This is all about how to repair the 2008 Chevy cobalt front speaker. Overall, to solve the problem of the 2008 chevy cobalt front speakers not working, you just have to undergo the suggested tasks. 

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