Whirlpool Duet Washer Won't Turn On

What Can I Do Whirlpool Duet Washer Won’t Turn On

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Whirlpool is very common and one of the most famous names in the world of washing machine usage. But even this renowned brand sometimes gets users in trouble. As we all know, this is a heavy electronic machine and requires a lot of power to operate. Sometimes it tends to get stuck.

Here, by stuck, we mean it won’t get started sometimes. There could be many reasons, including manufactural and technological difficulties. If you are using a Whirlpool Duet washer, then we understand how much it bothers you.

Every problem has its solution, and here in this article, we are about to present that to you. The reason behind the washer not getting started can be straightforward.

Sometimes the cause is so simple you would not need any help at all to get it fixed. But we always recommend if you wish to get expert assistance, then, of course, you should. The solutions we will be providing are going to be sequential and easy to follow.

Often, from previous use, you might have left the control lock on. The control will not work until the control lock is triggered. You can see the code “LoC” or “LC” when pressing buttons (depending on your model).

This is a reminder that your control lock has been set and must be removed to operate the laundry controls.

Like this, there could be many other problems, which are barely a technical issue and could be solved by yourself. Let’s get to know them;

What To Do To Whirlpool Duet Washer Turn On

What Can I Do Whirlpool Duet Washer Won't Turn On

Duet or not, if your washing machine is not getting started, it is a frustrating and disappointing moment. We won’t waste any more time and get you straight down with the steps, by following which you will be able to get your Whirlpool Duet Washer to turn on.

1. Check Power Connection

As mentioned earlier, the problem with your washing machine may not be any technical issue at all. When your washing machine is not turning on, please do check the power cord. You or someone may have disconnected it for any reason.

The power cord can be faulty if the electrical outlet is operated, but the washer is not starting. That’s unusual, though. You should use a multimeter to test it for power to determine if the power cord is faulty. Replace the power cord if the power cord doesn’t get the work done.

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2. Check if the Door is locked Properly.

As a washing machine owner, you might have an idea of the functionalities of the washer door. It only operates when the door is locked correctly. So if your washing machine is not getting started, do check if the door is closed correctly. The washer’s door lock may be electrically or mechanically failed.

Check for damage to the door lock. Check whether the door lock has been broken or not appropriately secured. Consult the washer’s diagrams to decide if the door lock has broken electrically and use a voltmeter to search for consistency on each door lock switch.

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3. Damaged Thermal Fuse

Every electronic tech faces overheating, which is why there tends to be a thermal fuse. If your washing machine is overheated, there can be a chance of the fuse being damaged.

If it is damaged, your washing machine is not going to be get started. To check, use a multimeter, and if you don’t see any continuity, nothing else can be done but to change it. Furthermore, the issue causing the fuse to blow should be investigated and fixed. The latest fuse will also damage if you don’t fix the underlying problem.

4. Check if there is a Water Line Problem.

Check if there is a Water Line Problem (1)

It is a drainage problem if any water occurs in the tank as water supplies turn off and it is greasy. What you see is wastewater from the drainage tank into your washer.

Please make sure the washer drain shaft is not put down the pipe too far. Just between 6 to 8 inches should be perfect. A significant block in the drainage line will also lead to a drainage water build-up pumped back into the washer.

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5. Too much load

Believe it or not, we have encountered many reviews like the users have the issue of the washing machine not turning on. But as soon as they have reduced some of the clothes they entered, the engine started working just fine.

The spin cycle is often thrown off balance by one big object in load, which reduces the spin speed. It might be useful to add some smaller items to balance the load while washing a big thing.

6. Misjudged Timer

Sometimes, there can be an issue of frequent misdiagnosis. Check all the most frequently faulty components before the replacement of the timer. Consult the wiring diagram of your washer and use a multimeter to measure your time and see if your time is defective.

7. Inappropriate Detergent

Inappropriate Detergent (1)

This might surprise you, but the wrong detergent usage may also be the cause of your washing machine’s “not starting” issue. Always use the detergent that is recommended for your washing machine.

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8. Faulty Deck Switch 

A deck switch is a defensive unit on top of the load washers beneath the deck. When the deck is open, the lid switch will not allow the engine to operate. The washing machine does not work because the cover switch is defective.

The turn is wrong but will fill with water and not spin. Individual lid switches also operate the water inlet valve on top loaders. 

The switch is most definitely low because the deck switch is pressing, and there is no energy supply to the washers. To test the turn, switch off the washing control and cut the wires from the deck switch. Test the multimeter consistency switch. Replace the lid switch if there is no consistency.

Some Important FAQs About Whirlpool Duet Washer Won’t Turn On

Even after the above discussion, we guess you might have some confusion. We have arranged some question and answer part, which is mostly asked by many users around the world. We hope this will be of great help. 

  • How to reset my Whirlpool Duet washer?

Switch the knob until you have three lamps: RINSE, Shower, and STOP lights lit. Turn your washer off then and unplug your washer for 10 seconds. It should be reset until you turn it back on. Without any clothes, you should run a test load to ensure the Reset works.

  • Does the Whirlpool Duet washer come with a filter?

Under the front kick plate is the filter on a Jacuzzi Duet. A cleaner for laundry absorbs lint that comes out of clothes when washing. There was a mistake. If the lint is not cleaned, the washing machine will be cycled back and the laundry trapped.

  • Whirlpool Duet washer last for?

According to User Surveys, washing machines last around ten years on average. Here are some signs that the washer crosses the mark or has had some issues.

  • How to clean a Whirlpool Duet front load washer?

Mix a mix of 1-gallon warm water with the 3/4 cup liquid chlorine bleach. Open the washer door and check for stains on the gray seal inside the unit. Wipe the screen with a clean, dry cloth and keep the door open until the screen is dry. In warm water, mix a little dish soap.


If your washing machine is not working, or stuck, or not getting started, it is a frustrating moment; we know that. But, we highly recommend checking before taking any action. Check for even the most straightforward reason why it is not getting started. Above mentioned steps are easy to operate and all by yourself. This will save you money and time. But as we always say, don’t hesitate to consult a plumber if you will too.

Good Luck!!

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