car radio volume turns down by itself

My Car Radio Volume Turns Down By Itself: What Can I Do?

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During traveling, both passengers and drivers might be tired. So they need something for entertainment. Listening to music can be a very good idea for this purpose. 

To listen to music, they need a good soundbox. So almost every car driver sets up a quality soundbox in their vehicle. 

But it’s gonna be disgusting when the soundbox does not work properly or if its volume turns down by itself. So when it happens, this problem needs to be solved as early as possible to enjoy the journey. 

In this article, I will tell you how to fix the soundbox problem when your car’s radio volume turns down by itself.

When the Car radio volume turns down by itself

The radio volume turns down by itself even without any input from us. Sometimes, it goes up and sometimes goes down. The common observation is:

  1. It happens only when the car is in motion. Stand-still car has not faced this problem.
  2. You might face the problem while playing the radio, not the CD player or DVD player.
  3. You will not find a ‘knob’ for the volume in your car. 

It’s noticeable that the volume changing is happening only on the radio, not the CD or DVD player. 

Reasons Behind A Car Radio Volume Turning Down By Itself

Reasons Behind A Car Radio Volume Turning Down By Itself

There are many reasons behind the radio stops working or turns down by itself. To solve it, first, we need to find out the exact problem of audio.

The reason behind the problem of radio might be very simple like the fuse is damaged or it can be an antenna problem while the antenna is not getting the proper signal from the radio tower.

But sometimes the problem could be a tough task to fix. Like the battery or alternator is not working or it is fully damaged.

As we mentioned, sometimes the volume is turned down only while the car is in motion, not at a stand-still, the problem is obviously with the antenna.

So it can be said that the problem in the antenna is one of the major reasons for the radio volume turning down by itself.

Here I will describe the troubleshooting of the car radio volume step by step. If you follow all the steps accordingly, you are able to enjoy your radio without any difficulty.

How to Solve the Problem of Radio Volume turns Down by Itself

car radio volume turns down by itself step by step to fix it

Fixing a car radio problem is not an easy task to do all the time. As we are not an expert in this sector and have limited knowledge about car radio installation and repairs, we want to do it by using a few types of equipment and expertise.

We will always look for some common problems with the car radio volume.

Step 1

First, we need to locate the fuse panel of our car. If you don’t know about the location of the fuse panel, you can take help from your car’s owner’s manual.

There you will find detailed instructions. Now you have to open the fuse panel so that you can have access to the fuses inside. 

Step 2  

Now we need to remove and inspect the fuses which are controlling our car stereo’s power. Now, look at the ends of the fuses.

You can see that there are cracks in the small silver filament or burnt glass tubing near the silver contacts. Now it’s time to check the fuses by replacing any fuses with the same type of fuse.

After checking, you will be able to know whether the problem is in the fuse or not. If there is no problem, we will move to the next step.     

You can replace your fuse panel with CrocSee-250-Pieces-Assortment-Replacement

Step 3  

Now it’s time to check the amplifier. We will remove the amplifier from its place by using a screwdriver or hex wrench.

Different types of amplifiers may need some extra tools as the structure of all amplifiers is not the same. But almost all amplifiers need only a Phillips head screwdriver for removing it from their housing. 

Step 4 

After removing the amplifier, we need to check all the cables whether it is connected properly or not. If they are not connected properly, remove them from there and re-insert the cable again. Now taste the amplifier with a tester.

Loose cabling is one of the common problems of radio volume which causes low audio output.

Now, look around the edge of the amplifier. Because sometimes the housing may touch the metallic part. It can also cause a great problem for the audio system.

So if the housing is attached to the metallic part, we need to cover the area properly with fresh electrical tape.

Step 5 

If there is no problem with the amplifier or cables or fuse of the radio, there might be a problem with the antenna of the radio.

If the CD and DVD player or other players like MP3 are working properly, but only the radio volume is turning down while the car is in motion, you can be sure that the problem is in the antenna.

In this case, you need to get a new antenna. Check here to get a new antenna.

Because solving the problem of the antenna is tough and it will not long last. 

Detecting the problem of your radio volume is the first and very important factor for solving the sound problem.

So if your car’s radio volume turns down by itself, you have to detect it at first and then you can take the necessary step to fix the problem.

Let’s Wrap Up!    

If you face any problem as radio volume turns down or up by itself without any input given by you, it will be very annoying for you while traveling. Nobody will like to face this kind of problem.

So after creating this issue, one should solve the problem. To avoid the cost of repairing the sound system of the radio, you have to fix it on its own. 

By following the above steps, you are able to fix the problem of radio volume turning down by itself without the help of any experts. Thus you can save money.

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