Low Voltage at Outlet

Why Low Voltage at electrical Outlet?

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One of the most common problems that everybody is facing in this current era is the shortage of voltage. There are a lot of reasons that cause the voltage to lower down at an outlet. Today I discuss the reasons behind the low voltage problem at the outlet and how we fix that.

What is Low Voltage?

The basic definition of 50 volts or less than is called Low Voltage. Actually, low voltage definition depends on electric equipment, country standards. 

what is low voltage

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) defines supply system low voltage as the voltage in the range 50 to 1000 V ac or 120 to 1500 V dc in IEC Standard Voltages which defines power distribution system voltages around the world. Source of information Wikipedia 

Most common reasons for low voltage at outlet

  • Overloading is the primary cause of low voltages. If you are using too many cords in an outlet or if you are using the extension and has a lot of connections with that extension, then it can cause the burning of that cord or extension. You might notice a burning smell which is because of overloading. 
  • The size of the Cable is another reason for lower voltages. 
  • Failure in some phases  can also result in lowering down the voltages at your Outlet
  • Usually, in most cases, we have seen that cables that became rusty and worn out cause the failure of your appliances. 
  • Most of the time whenever we turn on lights or connect switches while connecting sometimes the connection is loose, which results in a lowering of voltages. 
  • Most of the time, during the afternoon there is more load on the system instead of any other time of the day because at this time of the day there is more demand for electricity. Thus, causing the system to overload and lowers down the voltages. 

These few are the main reasons which cause the lowering of voltages at outlets. 

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Can a bad breaker cause low voltage? 

First, we need to understand what are the points or signs that will show us that the breaker we are using is bad. These few are the indications that will allow us to recognize the low breakers; 

  • If you notice a burning smell, then definitely is coming out from the breaker. 
  • Hot to touch. One undeniable sign of a bad breaker is that it will heat up immediately. 
  • Ripped wires of the breaker can cause a severe problem like short-circuiting, which leads towards the fire.  

Now, we can clearly understand that the breaker which has these poor signs can also cause low voltages at the outlet. 

What causes low voltages in a circuit? 

Several reasons will tell us why there is low voltage in a circuit.  

  • The condition of the wire in a particular area is a significant cause of minimum voltages. 
  • Another reason for the least number of voltages in the circuit is the rusty and corroded wires. 
  • Not only this, in some cases the cause of low voltages is terrible insulation.  

How do you fix a low voltage at outlet problem? 

fix low voltage at wall outlet

How we can manage or maintain the voltages at our outlets and save our appliances from burning out. Let’s have a look at these few points which are explaining the solutions to handle these problems.  

Step 1: To tackle the situation of overloading outlets, use the least number of cords at Outlet instead of using too many at a single time. Further, to prevent a surplus of heat do not put the power cords onto your beds or rugs.  

Step 2: You can also fix your problem of low voltages by tightening the screws. First, you need to open the plate and then put it down on the ground. Now, check all the wires and screws attached to them, one by one tighten these screws because in some cases it might help fix the issue of low voltage at an outlet.  

Step 3: Thus, to avoid these issues of lower voltage you can increase your voltage by using this trick. You can increase the voltage by connecting primary towards the input and secondary in the form of series.  

We hope these will help you in solving your issues regarding low voltages. Follow these points and solve your problems.  

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