DIY Dash Cam Battery Pack (Best DIY Method)

DIY Dash Cam Battery Pack That Need Every Car

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Nowadays, Dash Cam is used all over the world. In fact, if you have a dashcam battery pack, then you will be able to power your dashcam as well as give a different source of power from your car battery.

Let’s come to the point. Dash Cam is an instrument that can certify your every moment and can record your movement from where to where you are traveling.

Sometimes we must pay a large amount of money for compensation if we are involved in an accident. There could be a misjudgment. But if someone has a dashcam it will support him to find out the fault and who is responsible for the accident.

To let you know about the topic, first of all, we define the phrase word by word, and hereafter we will explain why you need a Dash Cam,  how you manage that, what’s about its battery pack, and how to operate all the things by yourself.

Today, in this article, we will give you an overall idea about DIY Dash Cam Battery Pack. 

Now we are going to discuss why someone should consider a battery pack for a dashcam despite plugging the system in the car.

Why You Must Have A Battery Pack For Your Dashcam?

Why You Must Have A Battery Pack For Your Dashcam

There are some reasons for which you must have a battery pack for your dashcam.

When you are on a long drive, you have to operate your dashcam for a long time too. To manage your dashcam for a long time you must have a battery pack. Otherwise, you will be in trouble because of the low charge of your car’s battery. 

On the other hand,  you may be obeyed to open your dashcam when your car is in parking mode due to several objectives.

There is a large number of clever thieves in our advanced society. Thus the risk of stealing your car is so high. That is why you have to keep up your dashcam.

Therefore, to keep up your dashcam you must use your car’s battery. The battery will lose its charge and you face trouble again. 

The other reason to operate your dashcam is whether any other car hits your car, you will be able to find out what happened.

Thus there is no doubt about the importance of a dashcam and to operate a dashcam continuously you must manage a battery pack if you want to avoid difficulties.

Till now, we have tried to make you understand what is the importance of a dashcam, why you should use it, and what might be its charging system

Now we bountifully like to inform you that there are some vigorous battery packs for a dash cam that can give you great support.

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Best Rechargeable Battery Pack For Your Dashcam:

DIY Dash Cam Battery Pack

In the following, we have attached some best rechargeable battery packs for your dashcam

1. Cellink Neo Battery pack: 

This is the best one for your dashcam. You can have several advanced features in this battery pack. There is a Compact smartphone app (Bluetooth),  lengthy battery life, two input options, and a fast-charging system in this battery pack.

Cellink Neo Battery pack can serve as a strong backup to manage your dashcam for up to 48 hours. Within 45 minutes the battery can fully be charged.

Additionally,  if the duration of the battery is not sufficient for you,  you can buy an extra battery pack that can be assembled with the main battery pack.

2. BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124X) 

This is another kind of vigorous battery pack with amazing features. There is no necessity for an extra hardwire to connect the battery.

If you plug the battery with your car cigarette adapter,  the battery will automatically be charged while the car is running.

Thus the battery will be ready to serve your pretty dashcam. It can approximately take 1 hour to be charged fully and performs up to 12 hours for your dashcam. 

3. Talentcell Rechargeable 12V 6000 mAh Battery Pack

This is an extraordinary battery pack for your dashcam. Let us inform you about the battery. We think you will have a clear concept about the battery from here.

This is a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack especially to accumulate with light bars, flexible LED lights, or most 12V DC-tool.

The Lithium-ion Battery Pack can be recharged unlimited because of its slow charge system which gives the battery a long life. The voltage range of the 12V output port is 12.6-9V, which is not fixed, consistent with most 12-volt devices.

You can apply some DIY methods to install a dashcam battery pack. 

At the end of our article, we like to attach some FAQs for your better understanding.

Frequently asked questions about dashcam battery

Do you need an external battery pack for your dashcam?

If you like to use your dashcam when your car is in parking mode, you must have an additional power bank for your dashcam.

When you park your car the engine must be off, then your camera won’t have a power supply. That is why it is important to have a battery pack for your dashcam.

What dashcam has the longest battery life?

A dashcam can have the power supply from your car or an additional battery pack. A dashcam doesn’t need to own a battery.

The main duty of a battery pack is to hold the video recording when your car is off. 

Can you replace your dashcam?

Maximum dash cams, which have a fixed battery can not be replaced. A battery, on a smartphone or a camera, can be changed.

But when the battery of your dashcam is almost ruined you must buy a new one.


Overall, it is not very tough to get a DIY dash cam battery pack but the thing is you have to maintain your homework properly. 

If you have anything more to know, please feel free to ask us below in the comment box.

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