how to fix a cracked pressure washer pump

How To Fix A Cracked Pressure Washer Pump?

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You made up your mind to wash your vehicle after a long time and went to do it, with your Pressure Washer Pump. After all setup, you found that your washer pump is cracked.

Now it is not creating as much pressure as it should be, as well as it is splitting water everywhere. This is not what you made your mind up for. 

But believe me, most washer owners face this kind of problem. 

In this article, we are going to provide you with the solutions you need to fix your Pressure Washer Pump and make it work again.

These sequential steps will show results as you follow them as they are.

We always recommend professional advice and the steps we will be providing are recommended by experienced users and manufacturers.

Following the steps accordingly will show you beneficial results in no time. So without any further delay let us get on with it;

How to fix a pressure washer pump [6 Steps To Do]

You have your pressure washer cracked and now it is spilling water everywhere and you are very much upset.

Of course, you are and this is the most unwanted situation that most of the pressure washer owners face at least once in their life.

We are about to provide you with 6 sequential steps, which will help you with this cracked pump issue.

These solutions are recommended by pressure washer users and experts all over the world. 

If you are not in a hurry, then let us get on with the steps;

how to fix a cracked pressure washer pump steps

1. Change if….

The JB Weld could survive a crack in the low-pressure pump suction field.

There’s no hope for it if the break is in the piston or high-pressure places and we recommend searching for a replacement pump. 

When pressurized washing is finished, you will get used to pouring out all sweat.

When the hoses are removed and the starter cord pulls a couple of times or the motor runs for a second, much water is blown out of the pump.

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2. Try sealing the water intake inlet

The role of the inlet sealing should be to seal the inlet water. If the tube is connected, it is twisted into a coupling that binds the tube tightly and secures the attachment to avoid the leakage of water. 

This combination can wear or crack over time. If the water from the connection between the tube and inlet spills on the power washer, the seal and potential binding of the inlet are broken and must be replaced.

This screen and attachment can be disabled and replaced quite quickly.

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3. Bring out Frozen Water from the Pump

If water is left in there and freezes, the pump on a power washer will crackdown.

The freezing water spreads and destroys the pump, jeopardizing its density and water pressure.

It would have to be patched if the pump on your laundry is visibly cracked. Instead of maintenance, a broken pump can be patched.

So before you turn your pump on, be careful of the frozen water in the pump. Rather than putting all the pressure at once, try to melt that frozen water first.

4. Check If Thermal Release Valve is okay

The thermal discharge valve retains the water in the pump within a reasonable thermal range, to prevent the recirculation of the water within the pump mechanism from over-heating.

If the washing machine should not spray water, it is circulated to keep the water under tension and warm up.

If the pump can cause too hot water, the seals inside the pump can be jeopardized and caused extensive harm. 

Many pressure power washer has a thermal discharge valve on the bottom of the pump mechanism, which is intended to discharge water from the pump system when it gets too hot.

When the panel is damaged for thermal escape valves, the water can continually leak and the washer can lose pressure.

If the valve is compromised, it is better to change it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the machine could get damaged due to the heat.

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5. Check Piston Seals

If the power washer spills water directly from the pump and no visible harm is detected, such as a crack at the pump, the inner piston screens will usually be worn or damaged.

The pump has pistons inside it, which generate friction to draw and drive the water out of the intake of the pump.

For the pump to correctly pressurize water, these pistons must be sealed.

A leaked pump indicates that one or more of the seals have cracked or worn on each of the pistons and let water flow away.

Remove the pump from your box and open it to examine the pistons and o-rings within the pistons.

If any o-ring is missing, worn, or out of place, it can be replaced with new ones or fit in if in good shape.

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6. Check for Cloudy oil

Look for the glass at the edge of the press washer. The glass of vision reveals how much oil is in the oil tank.

If the oil is cloudy, use a siphon to siphon off the oil. Cloudy oil means there’s a combination of vapor. Siphon extracts all the oil then replenishes it with fresh oil. 

Pressure washing machines use unique oil — look for the oil specs in the owner’s manual. At home and in hardware stores, the oil can be stored.

Look at the loading line on the glass of sight to see whether the pump wants oil or not. 

Using your fingertips to loosen the oil cap from the glass of sight and fill the fuel tank with oil to fill the fill line.

Some Important FAQs About Fix A Cracked Pressure Washer Pump

Can it be used as a washer?

To get the water up to the pressure washer you need appropriate water pressure, and the pressurized washer pump will take over.

Does pressure washer pump issues?

Pump cavitation when the pump is not supplied with enough water and overheating due to prolonged bypass time.

Does a pressure washer pump last?

These pumps have a life expectancy of around 60 to 100 hours. The life expectancy of your pumps is nearer to 500 hours for higher-performing pressure washers.

Is it worth buying a pressure washer?

A pressure washer will dramatically improve your ability to protect and clean your property and appliances.


Not getting the work done due to bad tools or damaged tools, can be very frustrating. A pressure washer is one of the most important tools you need in everyday life. The breakdown of this tool can easily upset you.

Above mentioned steps can help you a lot. We believe among all of those any of them is causing you all this hassle.

Go through the steps, check on your washer and it is guaranteed that your washer will be fixed to be used again.

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