Why my car heater only works when accelerating

Why My Car Heater Only Works When Accelerating

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Car owners all over the world are facing many problems with their cars. A large part of them is from where it falls snow. You must have heaters in your car.

Otherwise, you could freeze to death. Speaking of freezing, your car heater is not working while you are not accelerating, not even if the car is on. This happens to most car owners and is the most common incident. 

But we would suggest you not worry at all. Because here in this article we are going to provide you with some essential steps that will help you a lot with this heater issue.

These sequential steps will meet you with your goal if followed sequentially and accordingly. Through the article, the steps will also help you to identify the problems and the cause behind it.

There are many reasons behind occurring this kind of issue with the car heater.  If the amount of coolant is low, the center is not running, or the machine has air, the heater of your car can not work.

An obstacle may also be the coolant itself. It could hinder the heating center from spreading hot air into the cabin if there are rust particles or other pollutants in the coolant. 

Now, we will be discussing the identification and solution of these problems.

Fixing Steps Car Heater Only Works When Accelerating

car heater only works when accelerating

While you are waiting in the car for someone or somewhere, you are freezing and eagerly expecting to accelerate. As the car heater is only working while the car is running. This commonly occurring problem irritates most of the users. 

Within the next few minutes, you will be reading through some most popular tips that will help you to fix your car heater.

You will never have to freeze to death while sitting in the car. While certain causes such as thermostats, worn hoses, leakage, etc. can be quick and inexpensive to repair, some causes such as water pump issues can be more difficult and need to be repaired at higher costs. 

In this post, we will take you through the key causes of a broken heating system and illustrate them. Finally, to get your heating system running again we will recommend the appropriate reparations by cause.

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So without any further due, let’s get started;

 1. Check Heater Control Valve

The heater control valve is accused of being responsible for this.

Quite potentially just partly opening. It allows hotter water to flow only partly when the power and RPM load are higher than when you accelerate, and otherwise not enough.

The heater control system does not show the air mixing doors as a further possibility. 

The circulation air tests the cold and warm air “mix” until it is released from the air, which results in very little hot air from the heater ducts.

On the output side of the heater control valve, pinch off the hose and push the engine at highway speeds.

You have discovered the problem if the blower keeps blowing hot air. And if with the hose clamp off the air conditioning runs hotter, the valve triggers the error. 

The valve should be automatically fixed if you have decided that the heating system malfunction is due to complications with the heating valve.

The heating valve fixation depends on the type of valve that you have in the engine. The mechanic will repair it by removing the defective parts if you have a manual valve. 

On the other hand, to ascertain the precise cause of the problem, an electronic valve must be diagnosed by an experienced mechanic.

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2. Coolant Level

Again, verify the level of coolant. The regeneration bottle should be tested and the radiator should be the heat pad. We feel that in your “closed” cooling system you may have air. This can occur outside or inside the vehicle. 

Any of these cars encountered problems leaking several gaskets. Check the state of your gasoline. It should look like oil rather than beige creamy. 

The smartest step is for you to stop driving if the coolant light alarms you when you’re driving. To keep the coolant from either hurting or overheating your engine, drive your vehicle over the side of the road and turn the engine off. 

It’s very a simple solution to this problem. What you have to do when the engine has not been working or is cold is just to top up the coolant to the full amount.

To produce a 50-50 mix, use both antifreeze and water, and refill the coolant to the amount required. Be sure to monitor your coolant level regularly for the next week to make sure that your low coolant level is not the real problem with a leak.

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3. Get Water Pump Checked

If the pump is not circulating as much coolant as is needed, it will not be moving adequate coolant into the radiator, so you will not have heat, but when the motor turns more rapidly, it would eventually pump sufficient coolant to make warm air out of the colder environment. We would suggest checking the water pumps. 

Really, replacing the water pump is not that difficult; the first step in performing some work on your cooling system is to decide whether it is appropriate to flush your system.

It is a smart idea to flush your system before removing any components to ensure the old coolant or corrosion doesn’t affect the new components if your coolant is dirty or you fear scaling in your system. 

You should go about replacing the water pump with a new and empty cooling system.

You will discover the right method for replacing your water pump by purchasing a car repair manual and it will also have the correct torque values for the installation of your new pump.

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4. Check the Heater’s Core

The coolant can not adequately move into the heater base, the air from a flower engine cannot access the heater or there is a clamp in the narrow tubing of the heater core.

The heating issues are most also connected to heat core problems. In short, the heating cores are device modules identical to lightweight radiators. 

A heart of heaters consists of brass or aluminum tubes holding the hot coolant and the heat released by the coolant is spread by the fans.

A heater nucleus is responsible for the freezing and heating steps of a car. Usually, heater cores are placed just behind the dashboards.

The temperature of the two heater core hoses can be sensed, and if one of them is cooler than the other, something could prevent the hot coolant from entering the heating core. 

Heater core issues can be solved by one of the following: flush the heater passage and the exterior to get rid of any dirt or contaminants blocking, if the cleaning did not fix the problem, you might need to repair the whole heating core.

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5. Check for Clogged Heater Controls

Check for Clogged Heater Controls

Often they will get rubberized and avoid working after using the control buttons for many years. You will have to change any control buttons or your heater control valve if the coolant levels are good and the heater’s heart doesn’t seem to be in trouble.

The heater valve is underneath your hood and serves as the key that triggers and disables the gas. If this piece doesn’t work properly, your car will get cold air stuck in the cabin.

6. Check for Water Leakage

A water leak is the last common issue with car heaters. There are several leaks on your surface, so make sure to search for damage to your tube, boiler, and water pump.

Your car heater would not work properly if either of these three leaks. A powerful heating system can make winter even more fun. 

Call a well-known nearby car repair shop for your heating system if you find these problems, or if you can’t get warm to blow off your windshield. The problem with car heaters is critical to deal with as soon as possible.

If you ignore the problem, it would produce a bigger and more costly problem down the way.

Once the leak has been detected and patched – if it is damp and you may remove it, remove it.

It is not especially hard to strip the chairs, carpets, and door panels and place them to dry in the heat. With something really absorbent, like kitchen paper towels, mop up as much moisture as you can. 

Just use a plug-in dehumidifier or a plastic tub filled with desiccant left in the car with all the windows locked for 24 hours until you get it as dry as you can. Some individuals even swear by leaving a cat litter tray in the car too! 

It will take time to fully dry the vehicle, so the heating is on while you drive the car and the windows open slightly to help ventilation.

Some Important FAQs About Car Heater

Here are some frequently asked questions which are mostly asked by many users on google. May these help you along the way.

How bad is it to start your car with the heater on?

Not a lot, but warming and blowing heat could take longer.

Does the car heater use fuel?

Yeah, the automobile heater needs fuel to work. The answer is yes. However, heat recycles, are still used to run the car from the engine, so there will be no extra fuel used for the heaters.

Cost to fix a car heater?

Many heating-related fixes vary from $300 to $1,000, he notes, but because of the multitude of issues that occur, it is hard to pinpoint an exact figure. One of the most common concerns is a drop in the coolant volume or a leak in the coolant system.


Does not matter how much you spend to buy your car, or how advanced the car is, you will always find some issues. And the owner who always faces heavy blizzards, for them it is a must to have always running heater whether they are running or not. 

In this article, we have described 6 different but essential and sequential steps that will surely show you the results as you will follow them. These steps are mostly recommended by professionals. So feel free to apply them as you will.

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