How to wire 6 speakers to a 4 channel amp

How to Wire 6 Speakers to a 4-Channel Amp?

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Everybody loves to hear loud music while driving or traveling a long distance. Some people like to listen to loud music, and the rest like to listen to low volumes. It depends upon people’s choices. It’s tough to listen to loud music while driving a long distance.

So one should maintain the sound quality and equipment in their car to enjoy a sound journey. One can install more speakers with good sound quality when he/she needs a louder sound. Yet, you have particular ways of this.

For good sound quality, a person can prefer to wire 6 speakers in their car. To install it properly, you need to know the rules of equipment properly.

Some people prefer to connect more speakers to get a better sound whereas some others like to use an amplifier for that.

The amplifier system includes new speakers, an aftermarket receiver a 4-channel for the front and rear pairs of full-range speakers, and a mono amp for a subwoofer. Let’s start diving…

  1. Tools that you need to wire the amps
  2. Wiring the 6 speakers to a 4 channel amp step by step
  3. Let’s Wrap Up!

Tools that you need to wire the amps:

• A dual amplifier wiring kit

Distribution blocks

Speaker wire

RCA cables

Here I am going to let you know how to wire 6 speakers to a 4-channel amp audio head step by step. The below steps will help you to install it with ease.

Wiring the 6 speakers to a 4-channel amp: Everything you need to do (Step by Step)

Wiring the 6 speakers to a 4 channel amp Everything you need to do


Here I’m describing all the steps shortly below:-

Step 1: First take the audio head unit out of the dash.

One has to follow the specific rules for taking out the audio head from the dash because every car has a similar but different type of fitting in the dash.

You have to watch the user manual for taking out the audio head unit from the dash. You can use some tools also. Dash opener is one of them.

After opening the dash, open the screw of the audio head and move the audio head out of the dash. If you have already installed any speaker in your car, you need to plug out the power wire of it and reinstall the structure for fitting the new wire.

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Step 2: Then you need to place all the wire which is already installed.

If your car already has an installation of speakers, then you may have wiring installed in your car. Place them correctly and build a new structure according to your requirements.

Now think about your requirement. You require to wire 6 speakers to a 4-channel amp. So your car must have a four-channel audio head.

Here I want to say one thing, if a person wants to set two speakers, his setting must be different from others who want to set four speakers.

To install the wiring in your car in your way, you have to take out the dashes on the sides of your car.

If your previous wiring structure has a stock speaker, remove it from its location to recreate your new ownership structure.

Step 3: Thirdly, select the place for your speakers.

Selecting a perfect place for your speakers is an important thing for getting better sound. You have to find out the place for your speakers before installing the wiring for your speakers.

Most people want to install their speakers in the door or the trunk of their car. But I want to tell you the best place so that you have no hesitation in selecting his location.

I want to suggest to you that, the perfect way to wire six speakers in your car is to wire them in the doors and above the trunk.

Among these six speakers, you can wire four speakers inside the door and behind the backseat of your car, you can place the rest of the two. Thus you can find a better enclosure for mounting your speakers.

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Step 4: Then, wire with a proper architecture.

Wiring the 6 speakers to a 4-channel amp Everything you need to do

Now you have to know how you can wire 6-speakers with a 4-channel audio head unit. There are two types of connections for a speaker. Parallel and series. Here I am giving solutions to the problem of your parallel connection.

So as you remove the head unit out of the dash of your car very early, you can see now that, there are 4-channel ports situated at the back of the audio head unit.

As there you find four ports, you cannot install 6 wires there directly. So to power your 6-speakers properly you have to maintain specific types of wiring structures.                           

You have to remember that, you must not use speakers with high power because it might be costly. Try to use speakers whose power is 4 ohms or less than 4-ohm.

First, you need to connect two wires to the positive terminal and two wires to the negative terminals of the channel ports behind the audio head unit. Next, you have to route these wires to the selected place for the speakers.

After that, route the 2-channel wires from the left side of your car, and 2-channels from the right side of your car.

You must always route these wires behind the dash, to inside the door, to the location where the speaker should be mounted. Because if you do not do that, your passenger gets exposed to the driver’s feet while they are traveling.  

Now, look at the entire connection. What can you see? You can see that your four ports are busy powering four speakers inside the door.

But you have two more speakers to connect. So listen to what I say to connect the rest of the speakers which are located at the back of your backseat.         

Now we want to install the speakers situated above the trunk. Connect the negative and positive wire of the left speaker with the negative and positive wire of one of the speakers respectively installed in the left doors. 

Now we have another speaker to connect which is situated above the trunk. Connect the negative and positive wire of the right speaker with the negative and positive wire of one of the speakers respectively installed in the right doors. Thus you can complete the wiring of your speakers.

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Step 5: Finally, mount and test the speakers.

After completing the wiring, it’s time to mount the speakers properly inside their enclosure. To do it, we must use the required nuts, bolts, or screws to mount all the 6-speakers in your car. And thus complete the fitting.     

Finally, check the sound by playing music loudly.

Let’s Wrap Up!

This is all about how to wire 6 speakers to a 4 channel amp. If you have any questions regarding this topic, then feel free to contact us below.

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