Why are my rear car speakers so quiet

Why are my rear car speakers so quiet?

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Car rear speakers produce a wide range of frequencies. Its entirety

higher tune in comparison with the center speakers. They deliver immersive sounds full of exciting experiences. But, sometimes the rear car speaker sounds so quiet. The question comes up to mind, why are my rear car speakers so quiet?

Once your rear car speakers are so quiet, you can’t enjoy the entire capacity of audio. Here are the two most possible reasons for your sound: fewer rear car speakers.

Either your midrange speakers have already been blown. Or, the audio system wasn’t enough to send the rear speakers. They are hardly focusing on the front speakers.

Your rear car speakers are so quiet because they do not match up the power of your audio. They need much higher output, so installing an external amplifier will be a useful solution.

You must have to be assured that it adjusts equal power when you choose an amplifier for your rear speakers. Because any overpowering will be a possible reason for the blow.

Once you select the appropriate car external amplifier to install, you will be required to get the applicable wiring kit. There are various types of wiring kits available with different setups.

Now we will show everything about installing an external amplifier to fix quiet sound from rear car speakers.

How to install an external amplifier in the car to fix quiet sound

How to install external amplifier in car to fix quiet sound
  • Run the red power and connect it with the plus on the battery. Always place the fuse holder on the car battery. It is secure and it will save the car’s wiring. Thus connect the other side of the red power wire into the terminal voltage on the amplifier.
  • Right now you’re on the ground of the car amplifier. Rubbed down the paint for the finest possible connection. So, connect the black wire into the bolt that’s fitted into a metal surface. Take into consideration that the amplifier will not start in case there is any paint on there. Now connect the black ground wire within the ground terminal on the amplifier.
  • Run RCA cables down the opposing side of the power wire to stop the speaker’s unwanted sounds. Again connect the blue wire within the end of the wiring and connect the other side within the car amplifier. When you switch on the engine, you can control the amplifier to power.

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  • Now, you have to connect the wires of the speaker. You need to cut different pieces of speaker wire. Also, run them into attaching the door to the speaker. You can use the existing wire already within it. It will save you time because of no need to reach each door to establish the connections.

Altogether, installing an amplifier to your speaker will deliver louder volumes than you expect.

The sound must be cleaner because there is limited distortion being produced in the signal. When you want to get the best sound, the nicest thing is to do it right early time.

How to increase the volume of rear car speakers

Maximum problems occur when you try to fix them with limited expertise and equipment. Basically without a strong background in repairs and installation.

When you will not be able to fix this trouble, there are several problems. It will be a difficult task because there will be several components responsible for it.

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Step 1: Find Out and Get Access to the Fuse Panel:

Find out the fuse panel in the car. While you don’t understand where it is, read your car’s manual for the right instructions. Open the panel to get access to the inside of the fuses.

Step 2: Inspect The Fuse and Replace the Damaged One:

how to increase volume of rear car speakers

Remove out the fuses as well as inspect them. So that you can control your car’s power. Search for burnt or cracks on the side of the fuses. Replace any damaged fuse before going to the next steps. 

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Step 3: Remove the Amplifier with a Screwdriver:

Remove the amplifier by using a screwdriver. You may require extra tools depending on the different amplifiers. But, the maximum car amplifier just needs a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove it.

Step 4: Check out all the Cables:

Check out all cables to plug them into the right place. In case there is anyone who is not in the right place, discard them from the plug and re-insert it.

Now, time to trial the amplifier. 

Why are my rear car speakers so quiet Additional Aspects To Think About:

Always remember that loose cabling is one of the most common problems in-car audio and it can always give a low output. Visibly inspecting the wire will be a difficult task.

It will be easier to check for continuity on your condition. If you can’t see continuity, that indicates the wire is broken anywhere. 

Another important thing is, amplifiers are always assumed to not touch the metal. If they touch, they will function at a very low volume. When the amplifier will touch the metal, wrap the region with electrical tape

Wrapping up!

Car rear speakers give sound full of an exciting experience. Once your rear car speakers are so quiet, you can’t enjoy the entire audio.

The reason your rear car speakers is so quiet is that they do not match the power of your audio. They need higher output, so a practical solution is to install an external amplifier.

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